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Health and wellness leveraging an evolving market opportunity
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Health and wellness leveraging an evolving market opportunity


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This is a presentation from the FMI 2012 conference by The Well from GSW that I thought was relevant to put to Slideshare and embed in my blog for a discussion about what makes us change …

This is a presentation from the FMI 2012 conference by The Well from GSW that I thought was relevant to put to Slideshare and embed in my blog for a discussion about what makes us change behavior.

Published in: Health & Medicine

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  • 1. Health and Wellness—Leveraging an EvolvingMarket Opportunity The Well @GSW
  • 2. The Wellness Crossing:A movement with staying power.There are moments when thingschange forever.America has just had a momentand how we view our health haschanged forever. TheWell @GSW
  • 3. We talked with people across the country about their Wellness Crossings—here’s what they had to say. Seattle “Lived an unhealthy lifestyle as a college student and I felt like I was beyond that.” Chicago NYC “My family has a “Found out I history of diabetes and have elevated stuff and I didn’t want cholesterol to take part in that.” levels.” St Louis “Something happened to me that happens to my patients.” Atlanta “You get to that point where the light bulb San Diego goes off, like it’s time to make a change.” “One day I just got tired Ft Lauderdale of being overweight.” “The realization that I need to do something now rather than later.” TheWell @GSW
  • 4. What was your Wellness Crossing? TheWell @GSW
  • 5. • The Wellness Crossing is Young Adults a movement, not a segment. 25 mm – Wellness Crossings Proactively Healthy are happening across Young Adults age, geography, gender, 10 mm and life stage.• For all, the Wellness Sandwich Crossing is changing the Generation value we place on our 28 mm Proactively Healthy health and wellness. Sandwich Generation 5 mmSource: MARs 2010/2011 Doublebase OTC Study; Base (All Adults) TheWell @GSW
  • 6. They all share “proactively healthy” qualifications • Better informed about my health or friends come to me for advice on healthcare • Try to remedy an illness with OTC meds vs doctor or take OTC meds as soon as I get sick • People need more vitamins as they get older or vitamins make a difference in long Term Health • I try to eat healthy foods and maintain a balanced diet • I participate in preventative healthcare • Exercise twice or more a weekSource: MARs 2010/2011 Doublebase OTC Study; Base (All Adults) TheWell @GSW
  • 7. For some, it was the diagnosis of a condition or a healthissue of a loved one. “When my husband had a heart attack.” Austin, Lisa, 40 “Enjoy a nice long life and be able to enjoy our children and grandchildren as they grow up.” St Louis, Deborah, 51 “My family has a history of diabetes and stuff and I didn’t want to take part in that.” Chicago, Brandon, 25 “As I got older I found it harder to maintain my physique.” Ft Lauderdale, Randy, 55 TheWell @GSW
  • 8. Others simply woke up one day and said “Enough!” “So I started running and I started making healthier choices in how I ate.” Philly, Nicole, 28 “Lived an unhealthy lifestyle as a college student and I felt like I was beyond that.” Seattle, Stacy, 28 “When I got a divorce last year. And I started to assess my health.” LA, Louis, age unavailable “I changed ’cuz I decided I’m not going to be dissatisfied with myself how I am, I’m going to feel good, and then suddenly I liked doing healthy things more.” NYC, Lisa, 40 “The realization that I need to do something now rather than later.” Ft Lauderdale, Jim, 30
  • 9. Underneath all the many different reasons for theirWellness Crossings, they all had the need to make a change. “One day I just got tired of being overweight.” San Diego, Addy, 25 “You get to the point where a light bulb goes off. Like it’s time to make a change.” Atlanta, Thomas, 39 “My father died from cancer, and I saw, I witnessed his death. And I knew I needed to change my life.” LA, Jim, 47 “Found out I have elevated cholesterol levels.” NYC, Martha, 52 TheWell @GSW
  • 10. How is Life Changing? The Wellness Crossing puts food right in the spotlight food TheWell @GSW
  • 11. “I had to change my lifestyle andwho I was hanging with.” “I would really start paying attention to nutritional facts and also looking at prices.” “Just seems lately people have found out how bad food is for you.” “I definitely look at processed foods versus whole foods closer now.”
  • 12. GoodbyeWellness Crossers are saying goodbye to brands, categories, and companies. Theyidentified some brands they no longer feel good about buying. The breakup isn’t just aboutthe brand, it is also about what the brand says about them and their Wellness fluency. cereal Peanut butter Macaroni and cheese sodas regular pasta chips cookies margarine frozen foods High-fructose corn syrup ice cream fast food candy bars yogurt TheWell @GSW
  • 13. Remove a wellness dilemma.Brands win big by finding a pain point—and providing a way out. The rewards are loyaltyand a place as their go-to brand. TheWell @GSW
  • 14. HelloHealth heroes are emerging. Solving wellness dilemmas for consumers connects brandsto healthy intentions and self-perceptions, earning their loyalty and brand affection.• Special K • Nutri-Grain bars • Fiber One bars • Stevia• Baked chips • Yogurt Frooz • Kashi cereal • Breyers Natural• Baked Lay’s • Forever Yogurt • Skinny Cow • Kashi• Baked tortillas • Clif Bars • SunChips • Soy milk• Activia • Nutella • Barilla whole grain pasta • Smucker’s sugar free• Fage • Crystal Light • Naked Juice • Kind bars• “I Can’t Believe its • Blue Bunny ice cream • Vitamin Water • Pita chips Not Butter” • Cheerios • Butter • Hummus• Annie’s Naturals • Silk • Häagen Dazs 5 • Healthy nuts and grains• Morningstar Farms • Oatmeal • Veggie Straws • Salsa• Boca • Lucerne cheese • TLC • Dannon• Healthy Choice • Trader Joe’s • Almond milk • Quaker Oats granola TheWell @GSW
  • 15. Wanted—More Health Heroes “I wish there were healthier…” chips barsWhile some brands have been bratssorted into the Hello and Goodbye salty snackslists, lots of opportunity remains forbrands to solve wellness dilemmas. pizza cereals soups yogurt boxed meals sausage ice cream TheWell @GSW
  • 16. There’s still a gap between awareness— 75 % 50 % of US healthcare of the US population expenses are the result shops with a health of chronic conditions condition in mind TheWell @GSW
  • 17. —and what’s winding up in the cart 20 % of monthly US grocery shopping dollars are spent on health and wellness TheWell @GSW
  • 18. “The Wellness Crossing reallychanged my habits about shopping. I would avoid certain aisles wherecertain products were tempting me.”
  • 19. Autopilot shopping has been disrupted of purchasing decisions are made before shoppers go to the 64% grocery store—but that autopilot purchasing is disrupted by a Wellness Crossing Wellness Crossers are: > spending more time thinking > sussing out the health wannabe’s > taking the cart on a new route TheWell @GSW
  • 20. They are spending> more time thinking “Going to the grocery store now meant I had to look deeper into what I was buying. I was in the store looking for healthier options to my snack foods.” TheWell @GSW
  • 21. They are sussing out> the health wannabe’s “Company A bars, and some of those other oat bars and stuff that I thought were healthy and then I suddenly read an article or two, so I am no longer going to be getting those bars.”“I’ve always grown up with the “For instance, Brand C cereal. Theyimpression that Brand B cereal was say it’s healthy, but it’s loaded withreally good. But, then I find out, sugar. Even Brand D…”according to Yahoo! anyways, thatit’s not really very good at all sothat’s kind of a bummer.” TheWell @GSW
  • 22. They are taking the> cart on a new route “Avoid the middle aisles of the grocery store.”“I think I approach the grocerystore a little differently now thatI go to the produce instead of thefrozen section and just try to goto the healthier spots in thegrocery store.” “Try to stay away from the inside rings. You’ve got all the preservatives and the sugars, and all the stuff we don’t really need in our diet.” TheWell @GSW
  • 23. What happens when we ask people to shopfor a particular health issue? Your doctor just told you Your doctor said to keep that your fasting blood your cholesterol intake sugar is high at 115 below 200 mg a day TheWell @GSW
  • 24. Grocery storesare suddenlyunfamiliar territory TheWell @GSW
  • 25. Clues and cues> are in short supplyDIABETES OVERWEIGHT HYPERTENSION HIGH CHOLESTEROL“Radio in store “Nothing in the “Saw heart-healthy “Found a nutritionannounced store helped but was confused binder in producefree diabetes provide guidance” as to which to pick” on a podium but itmedicine but was no help forno rules of cholesterol”thumb on food” “No signage in the store to help” TheWell @GSW
  • 26. Health experts leave> them empty-handed DIABETES OVERWEIGHT HYPERTENSION “I asked the “Needed help to count “Went by pharmacy for how pharmacist what calories—a kiosk and to shop for hypertension— do you suggest recipes would be monitors and tests but no for diabetes?” helpful” food help or info” “Found an employee and asked if there was a section for hypertension. They gave me a dietitian’s card” TheWell @GSW
  • 27. Temptations interrupt> their mission DIABETES OVERWEIGHT OBESITY “It was hard “Wanted to stay on “BOGO on pizza— finding low-sugar perimeter of store—heard tempting! Resisted” salad dressings” that’s where it’s healthy— but the endcap was for mayo and that made me think of burgers for dinner” “Seasonal beer display looks so good! Again, display less healthy” TheWell @GSW
  • 28. They spend more time> shopping and leave with lessPRE-DIABETES HYPERTENSION HIGH CHOLESTEROL“What normally is a “Felt totally alone “Overwhelming,10-minute trip took and on my own” hard, time consuming”45 minutes!”“Not easy. Frustrating,10 minutes at thepharmacy, 30 minutesto put together only3 meals” TheWell @GSW
  • 29. how do I connect to theirhealthy intentions ? TheWell @GSW
  • 30. 4.Move intentions forwardwith actions.Brands can show Wellness Crossers how to closethe gap between ideal and real by offering a wayto practice the wellness they preach. TheWell @GSW
  • 31. What opportunities could trying on another role reveal for your brand or company? Health Heroes inspire new thinking TheWell @GSW
  • 32. Hero #1: Forges ahead to clear the way Sees white-hat possibility in transforming black-hat dilemmas Has the courage to be the first to explore new territory Makes reaching the “treasure” feel easier Doesn’t pursue “fool’s gold” TheWell @GSW
  • 33. Scratch: A path from boxed dinner to homemadeExample: Scratch brandtransforms convenienceby adding the emotionalreward of scratch cooking. TheWell @GSW
  • 34. Hero #2: Makes the right answer more obvious Has a special ability that adds H&W credit Evolves to beat the status quo with a meaningful “Aha!” Requires acute observation and thinking ahead Does not make big boasts out of small claims TheWell @GSW
  • 35. ShopWell: Solving personal nutrition mysteriesExample: ShopWellhelps consumers navigategrocery shopping basedon their personalmedical condition andpersonal preferences TheWell @GSW
  • 36. Hero #3: Shows up when/where it matters most Brings solutions at specific times or places of need Is energized by everyday eating dilemmas Requires both vision and timing Takes advantage of opportunity but is not an opportunist Understands its value is context-dependent TheWell @GSW
  • 37. Carrot vending machines: saving the snack momentExample: Bolthouse Farms, a group of about 50 carrot farmers, picked the Syracuse areaas one of 3 test markets throughout the country to try to push the bite-sized healthy snack. TheWell @GSW
  • 38. Hero # 4: The health and wellness crusader Finds a mission that matters Lets action drive its message Rallies troops around the cause Does not stray off course— stays true to the cause Understands the importance of authenticity TheWell @GSW
  • 39. Publix: making fresh fruits and vegetablesa mission of actionExample: Publix, inpartnership with UnitedFresh Foundation andProduce for Kids to fundsalad bars in 39 schoolsin Florida, Georgia,Alabama and Tennessee. TheWell @GSW
  • 40. Hero #5: The H&W supporting role Its higher purpose is fulfilled by how it interacts with others Combines with others to make them better Gains credit by empowering a new combination Does not take all of the shine; rather, it celebrates others TheWell @GSW
  • 41. Crystal Light Pure Fitness adds nothing but flavorExample: Helping the healthful benefits of water shine through. TheWell @GSW
  • 42. Avoid the “half-move.”Enduring Well Brands meet consumersat multiple points in the Wellness Crossing,building the consensus that allows themto put that brand back on autopilot shopping. TheWell @GSW
  • 43. “You cannot go into a store such as Whole Foods believing that every food on every shelf is going to beHow are Wellness good for you…I have educated myself. I have watchedCrossers finding documentaries, read articles, done research with websites and doctorsnew solutions? and nutritional information.” Ft Lauderdale, Crystal, 44 TheWell @GSW
  • 44. Food decisionsEnduring Influencers: my family me my store TheWell @GSW
  • 45. Making health decisions is a challenge. Brands that meetconsumers at multiple points in the Wellness Crossing buildthe consensus that puts them back on autopilot shopping. TheWell @GSW
  • 46. Food as a wellness decisionCircle ofInfluence my grapevine my news media my health my family professional me my system my store my health dr. guru google TheWell @GSW
  • 47. Is More Change Coming? “I want to enter into my 40s healthy, fit, feeling good about myself and really taking care of myself, making myself a priority.”Wellness Crossers don’t want to goback to how they lived before their Seattle, Maggie, 37health awakening. Instead, they arecommitted to continuing to go furtherinto health and wellness.Their journeys are taking themto new places. TheWell @GSW
  • 48. THANK YOU