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Rules driven-delivery Presentation Transcript

  • 1. ©2014 AkamaiFaster ForwardTM RULES DRIVEN DELIVERY WHEN A URL IS NOT ENOUGH Guy Podjarny (@guypod) CTO, Web Experience, Akamai
  • 2. ©2014 AkamaiFaster ForwardTM The URL: Uniform Resource Locator Consistently points to the same resource on the web (for a reasonable period of time) And Caching relies on that.
  • 3. ©2014 AkamaiFaster ForwardTM A Modern Dynamic Page changes content… - Over short time spans (Highly Dynamic Content) - Per client location (Geo-Targeting) - Per client device (Redirect to “m.”, RESS) - Per Browser Capabilities (e.g. WebP support) - If the user is or isn’t logged in (Access-Controlled content) - Per the user’s preferences or History (Personalization) - … We Need Something Better
  • 4. ©2014 AkamaiFaster ForwardTM We’re already doing something better… at the origin. We need to… - Structure our delivery definitions as rules - Reusable, hierarchal units, each defining delivery/caching criteria and behavior - Push the rules to the CDN Edge - To enable offload & improve performance Nginx Apache Varnish
  • 5. ©2014 AkamaiFaster ForwardTM Akamai Property Manager: Rules Driven Delivery on Edge Criteria: When to Apply it? Behavior: What to Do? Rule Hierarchy
  • 6. ©2014 AkamaiFaster ForwardTM Simple MD&R Detect Mobile Devices Redirect to “m.” subdomain
  • 7. ©2014 AkamaiFaster ForwardTM Complete MD&R Support “See Full Site” Cookie/Query Override Tell Proxies not to cache redirect
  • 8. ©2014 AkamaiFaster ForwardTM WebP Delivery Only apply to image paths Accept Header Negotiation Prefix path with /webp/ (also updates cache key) Mark downstream cache as private Only apply to image paths Accept Header Negotiation Prefix path with /webp/ (also updates cache key) Mark downstream cache as private
  • 9. ©2014 AkamaiFaster ForwardTM “Key” Header – Granular Downstream Caching Examples: - Key: user-agent;s="MSIE” - User-Agent header contains “MSIE” - Key: Accept;p=”image/webp” - Accept header as an item called “image/webp” - Key: cookie;n;w=”flagged” - The cookie header does NOT contain the word “flagged”
  • 10. ©2014 AkamaiFaster ForwardTM Override Origin Location Adaptive Delivery/RESS Detect Mobile Devices Cache By Origin Adaptive Delivery RESS Change Cache Key Forward Device to Origin
  • 11. ©2014 AkamaiFaster ForwardTM Summary - A URL is no longer enough - Delivery should be thought of as Rules - We’re partly doing it, but need to structure it better - Rules should be pushed to the Edge - To keep getting value from your CDNs and Caching proxies - Flexible Caching is critical - Currently in website-controlled cache, more broadly when Key arrives - “Responsive & Fast” Book Plug!