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  • BS.Player is one of the worlds’ leading media players, with tens of millions installs it quickly cemented its position as the top web media player and tool. BS.Player includes a robust CODEC library and wide array of web tools to enable users to play rich media from the internet.
    The makers of BS.Players quickly identified a need to integrate the software’s features with browsers in order to extend its functionality to the web. Using the Conduit platform and our extensive API functionality was the perfect solution. The BS.Player now boasts full browser extendibility and functions across all major browsers. BS.Player’s unique functionality to play any kind of web media can now be accomplished directly from the browser using the Conduit Powered BS.Player community toolbar. Furthermore the ability to control the software functionality while surfing was also integrated into the browser.
    BS.Player ControlBar features:
    Control buttons (Prev, Play, Stop, Next, Volume control) integrated into the web browser – now you will be able to control playback of your multimedia content directly from your web browser, even while surfing!
    BS.Player Subtitles – find subtitles in every language for millions of videos!
    BS.Player search – find quickly and effectively anything from our search page by using advanced Google™ search technology in the browser.
    Listen to hundreds of different online radio stations from around the world.
  • Cross-promotion: a process in which two or more advertisers of a product or service associate themselves with each other to increase their profile, reach more people etc.
    Advertising a Web site using traditional media such as radio, TV and magazines. Also called "offline advertising" and "cross media."
  • Translation of Spanish notification:
    “We are upgrading the toolbar
    More games, new design and more functionality.”
  • Conduit Aug 2010

    1. 1. © 2005-2009 Conduit. Reach Everyone, Everywhere, All the Time Increase User Acquisition, Engagement, User Loyalty September 2010
    2. 2. Index and About Conduit - confidential -
    3. 3. Index I. Brief on Conduit  About  Trend  How Do I Conduit?  Technology II. Create a Great App or Toolbar  Apps & Community Toolbars  Personalization  Customization  Software Integration  Exclusive Content III. Distribute Your App  Conduit App Marketplace - confidential - IV. Optimize Your App  Analytics  Monetization Suggestions V. Promotion  Suggestions & Examples  2Go VI. Engage Your Users  Creating Engagement Opportunities  Alerts VIII. Additional Resources
    4. 4. About Conduit The free, award-winning Conduit Platform helps publishers of all sizes to create apps and toolbars that constantly engage their users with their own brand and content. More than 260,000 publishers already distribute their apps directly and via Conduit App Marketplace to more than 200 million users. - confidential - • 150 employees and growing • Offices in San Francisco, Tel Aviv, London, Germany • Founded in 2005 • Backed by Benchmark Capital • 23 new users per second in the Conduit Network
    5. 5. Join the Conduit Network - confidential - 200 Million Users 260,000 Publishers 1 Network
    6. 6. How Do I Conduit? Conduit allows web publishers to create apps on Conduit Platform to engage their own users constantly and get new users via the Conduit Network of 200M users through 260K publishers. - confidential -
    7. 7. Create an App and Reach a Network of Millions Create a Community Toolbar or a branded app and reach a network of millions. - confidential - With the Conduit Platform, publishers are able to: • Create free custom branded web apps and Community Toolbars, • Promote their web apps in the Conduit App Marketplace, • Engage with their users using Alerts, • Acquire new users by creating custom banners to promote on their own website, • Optimize their web apps and Community Toolbars by tracking Analytics.
    8. 8. Conduit Technology Breakthrough technology delivers publisher content directly to the user via web apps. - confidential - • Turnkey solution • Easy to create & manage • Send alerts & update content on the fly • Various promotion tools • Powerful analytics allowing you to optimize your apps • SaaS solution, hosted, 100% on-demand • Robust, mature platform that provides unique functionality: • Runs on all four major browsers • No engineering required • Safe, secure and private
    9. 9. Create a Great App or Toolbar - confidential -
    10. 10. Create a Community Toolbar Build your Community Toolbar using your own content and sticky content from other publishers • Increase usage of your Community Toolbar with the Facebook app • Increase lifespan with the radio player • Engage your users more frequently with games, TV and an email notifier. - confidential -
    11. 11. How to Build a Great App or Toolbar Great Content • Facebook integration into any app helps connect your brand to the biggest social media network in the world - confidential - • Multi-faceted apps: Le Tour de France 2010 offers access to video, live comments, multi-layer standings, countdown, stages, summit evaluation.
    12. 12. How to Build a Great App or Toolbar ebay App log-in provides personalized content feeds (updates on bids, items for sale, profile information). One click access on Community Toolbar to daily deals, progress rankings, and messages. Personalization - confidential - Over 240,000 Active Users! iBario Community Toolbar
    13. 13. How to Build a Great App or Toolbar Increase value with Facebook integration Drive re-engagement with real-time personalized stats and notices Cross-sell multiple properties Up-to-the-minute notification updates sent directly to the user’s browser. Users can switch between game applications on the toolbar. Toolbar displays dynamic real-time game play elements and promotions and allows users to jump back into game play at any moment. Driving traffic with a marketplace app One of the top five traffic drivers for Zynga games. Ongoing brand presence in users’ browsers - confidential -
    14. 14. Community Toolbar: Customization Increase usage: Messenger Plus Live added the MSN Messenger launch App using the ‘application button’ functionality for easy access to MSN directly from their Community Toolbar. - confidential - Extend lifespan: Realore Studio added a login functionality for constant game notification displayed on their Community Toolbar.
    15. 15. Community Toolbar: Software Integration • BS.Player’s unique functionality to play any kind of web media is available directly from the Community Toolbar. The ability to control the software functionality while surfing was also integrated. - confidential - • Control buttons - Prev, Play, Stop, Next, Volume control • BS.Player subtitles in every language for millions of videos • BS.Player search • Listen to hundreds of online radio stations from around the world
    16. 16. Community Toolbar: Exclusive Content • Veoh web player used the toolbar as an extension of their player application. . - confidential - Users are able to: • Launch the player • Download videos (only available through the toolbar) • Interact with other users using the Qlipso app on the toolbar
    17. 17. Distribute Your App - confidential -
    18. 18. Conduit App Marketplace Anyone anywhere in the world can create a custom web app using Conduit Platform and distribute it to millions of users - confidential - • Instant addition of relevant, valuable content to the user’s browser window. • Share apps in the Conduit App Marketplace and add valuable content with monetized apps.
    19. 19. Distribution in Conduit App Marketplace Free for publishers and end users, Conduit App Marketplace is an opportunity to reach over 200 million users and 260,000 other publishers with new, fresh content. - confidential - Conduit App Marketplace is also available on Chrome
    20. 20. Optimize Your App - confidential -
    21. 21. Analytics Track your progress on a daily basis by installs, active users, geo, usage, revenue and more. - confidential - App Usage Data in Analytics Now available: tracking system for core offering
    22. 22. • Sharing Apps - earn money by sharing valuable content with other publishers who take your content and share it with their users • Taking Apps - earn money by taking monetized apps and adding them to your Community Toolbar and sharing valuable content with your users Monetization - confidential - Apps with high content value can be monetized
    23. 23. Monetization Opportunities & the Power of the Network - confidential - Publisher A 500 Users Publisher B 1,000,000 Users Monetized App Publishers can distribute valuable content as monetized apps and earn money when other publishers take and share this content with their users. Publishers can grab great, relevant content from Publisher A to increase the value of its toolbar. Results Publisher A got 100,000 new users and the revenue the provide. Publisher B increased traffic 20% daily extended the lifespan of its users by 3 more months on average.
    24. 24. Monetization Opportunities - confidential - Pre-scroll ads in the Tripple Games App Pre-scroll ads in the MochiGames App Integrate ads in your apps
    25. 25. Monetization Opportunities - confidential - • Over 17 million users during the World Cup • Over 140K daily interactions Messenger Plus! Live World Cup App and Powerade Promotion Integrate cross-promotion or sponsorship in your apps
    26. 26. Monetization Opportunities Get paid to distribute apps, CPA model, and app sponsorships - confidential -
    27. 27. Promotion - confidential - Page #
    28. 28. Promote Your Apps • Effective promotion breeds successful adoption. • Successful adoption breeds increased engagement. - confidential - Publishers have seen incredible success with: • Newsletter and email promotions, • Social media promotions on Facebook, Twitter.
    29. 29. Promotion - examples - confidential - Creating unique opportunities to offer your app or Community Toolbar
    30. 30. Promotion - confidential -
    31. 31. Promotion - confidential -
    32. 32. Promotion – Thank you Page improves the TB download experience - confidential - This fast-forwards your relationship with your subscribers by already making them feel like you care! Encourage using the toolbar immediately!
    33. 33. Promotion - confidential - Publishers have also seen success with: • Creating an appealing download page • Creating an attractive uninstall page
    34. 34. Conduit-Powered Web Apps Offered 2go – available on Chrome! • Publishers can offer custom apps to their users “2go” directly from their own website. • Publishers can use this distribution method for acquisition, retention and marketing. - confidential - Auto detect feature: the user’s toolbar detects the 2go button on the publisher’s website and offers to add it to the toolbar
    35. 35. Engage with Your Users - confidential -
    36. 36. Creating Engagement Opportunities A user with your app spends 500% more time on your site • Users want the ability to choose how they engage with content • Publishers are offering content and functionality beyond the core website Browser apps and toolbars offer the most effective way for constant communication with your users no matter where they are on the web - confidential -
    37. 37. Conduit-Powered Desktop Notifications • For timely information, send your users notifications to alert them of sales, promotions, and other news. Average of 6% click-through rates - confidential - Coming soon! Html capabilities - customize text & color, online analytics and much more… Desktop alerts open in the bottom right-hand corner of your users’ screen, giving them instant visibility.
    38. 38. Additional Resources - confidential -
    39. 39. •Showcase •Resource Center •Case Studies •Premium Services •Making Money with Conduit •Experts Program •Our Community Additional Resources
    40. 40. Coming Soon for ISVs - confidential - Conduit will soon offer a new distribution opportunity, allowing ISVs to distribute software via apps, removing the download barrier.
    41. 41. Thank You!