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Overview of GLOBE Claritas seismic data processing system

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GLOBE Claritas 2011-12

  1. 1. GLOBE Claritas™Powering, Connecting and Growing Your Seismic Processing Capability
  2. 2. Powering, Connecting and Growing Your Seismic Processing Capability A Scalable and Affordable Seismic Processing Solution
  3. 3. A solid processing framework… 2D/3D processing system Land and marine processing 290 processing modules Interactive analysis and QC Powerful batch mode Velocity Analysis Refraction Statics Wavelet Calculator
  4. 4. s te s si te + si 85 0 E; ;6 er RM ay :S tl 6 en 5. em s n te io ag si 1 an 01 rs 0… with a proven development track record… Ve ;4 -2 m s at a ns te tio si :D ra 25 5. 1 ig t; n lm or io le pp al 8 00 rs ar su Ve -2 :P rs 4. 3 te te m rts s us ys ed po gin io n cl ls as x e ux le nu t b 6 00 rs ro re -2 Ve in nt Li en :L co be d m 4. 1 h to an lop n tc n UX ve io ba io HP de 4 00 rs rs -2 Ve CS ng ve a, ics :J si ly ph h 3. 8 es on Al rap n oc D ec d g io pr st 2 ,D 2 00 rs n D la l y rt a Ve -2 : 3 he al 0 t ci po 3. is er s n 3 m lari io .1 m rs co - So 0 00 .5 -2 Ve n 2 ed .0 io ch V1 9 rs 99 -1 Ve un as la d 0 2. age n io ck ed rs pa 7 99 Ve e rm -1 ar fo ns e ftw nc tio 6 99 -1 So ie ta Sc ks or 5 NS 99 -1 w G M : IB rt po X NI tU 2 rs 99 -1 Fi ph ra 50 og /7 sm 11 ei X ls VA ne C/ an DE -ch a on 48 a d e se has es c oc pur pr r a so at td es ec 5 98 rs -1 Fi ed 98 4 pr -1 NS G
  5. 5. … and a commitment to supporting your team. Online Forum; interact with the GLOBE Claritas team and other worldwide users to discuss workflows and methodologies GLOBEClaritasGNS YouTube Channel : 6 video tutorials online, 4 more in post production. Step-though guides to using key tools and updates Tutorial Suites : full production examples for land and marine datasets, 2D/3D with walk-though guides, from field data to migration. Used extensively for graduate and post graduate teaching. Helpdesk : fast and efficient support via e-mail, supported by Skype or Webex demonstrations
  6. 6. Agile/XP Development techniques…. Users request functionality : stored in a • Daily 10-minute “stand-ups” to describe database (JIRA) and split into Features (big) progress, ask for support, and have “parking and Stories (specific) lot” discussions • Complete, new working functionality every two weeks We split out priority features for the and the team “sizes” them • Estimates continuously updated via “ burn down chart” User stories ALWAYS expressed in users • Developers demonstration functionality in terms! “close down” meetings • “Accepted into testing” at this point, if it Sizing done as Points, a measure of how hard meets user story the problem is that the team agrees on. • Monthly feedback loops : “What went well, what could go better” Individual tasks should be no bigger than 3P • Feedback on how well we estimated : both time available AND size of task • Reprioritise development ONCE PER MONTH Work in 4 week Sprints, split into two at most iterations. “How many points can we deliver this iteration?”
  7. 7. ..and Continuous Integration approach… Claritas built on *all* operating systems at once, Test results spinning up 32- displayed as bit and 64-bit “traffic lights” virtual machines “Hudson” Code updates checks forare “checked in” changes every 3 to subversion minutes Built-in automated Subversion testing also run; repository unit tests and integration tests Continuous Integration approach – code is built and tested automatically on all operating systems within minutes. Nightly builds available on support team’s machines each morning.
  8. 8. …drives user focussed, stable development.• V5.4 : 80 fixes, new features and updates• V5.5 : 85 fixes, new features and updates• V5.6 : 125 fixes, new features and updates• V6.0 : in development – Fully interactive linked 2nd and 4th order velocity analysis – Automatic land geometry checking and repositioning – Full parallel pre-stack 3D bin centring with interpolation – Adoption of HPC data format standard for seismic data
  9. 9. GLOBE Claritas is low footprint, portable software • Scales from laptop to supercomputer On board • Parallel multi-core processing of almost any sequence • Install on existing hardware systems • Supported across multiple OS (Ubuntu, RHEL, Windows) • Fits around your existing infrastructure • Linked toolkit environment using open formats Office based • Connects to existing queue systems (Torque, SGE) clusterClient Office In field
  10. 10. Key feature : Claritas Velocity Analysis Blue triangle on stack%age stretch mute is displayed in purple, picked mute in blue shows picked mute locationsSemblance (andstacks) automatically Pick on a fixedupdated as the increment andstretched mute is add locationspicked where the geology dictates, new functions interpolated automaticallyLive interval velocitydisplay, with optionsto show previous andnext functionsRapid recalculation ofthe fan and VVG/VVSpanels means younever miss the trend Activate mute picking; mute can be Choose to pick on additional automatically applied (default) or not VVS/VVG or CVS/CVG displays, side-by-side or with animated panel Toggle between picked and %age stretch overlays. mutes Many more features and options gives faster, more accurate analysis
  11. 11. Key feature : XVIEW Panels can be labelled by user for clear displaysInteractive gaincontrols for amplitudelevel Display data as variable density, wiggle and/or variable area plotsBasic on-the-flyprocessing : AGC,balance, filter, statics,NMO etc. with on/off Overlay seismic andtoggle attribute data, in this case interval velocities showing a high- velocity limestoneScroll-ridge allows for layereasy navigationaround large-scaleplots Click to toggle through colour schemes, with easy to use Interactive analysis palette system for windows include customisation frequency, amplitude, FK, radon, Tau-P, text headers, and zoom windows Create digitised horizons to act as constraints for processing orPanels let you toggle velocity analysisbetween differentversions of the samedataset, comparingresults Rapid comparison of data results and parameter choices
  12. 12. Key feature : Refraction staticsTogglecontrols allowinteractive Pick all shots, or exporttuning picking parameters to create aparameters batch job Test apply picking solution, or sort from shot Full XVIEW to common receivers graphical and analysis capabilityKill traces, flippolarities andpick muteswhile you pick Simple modelling interface lets you build up only the Unique four- complexity that is needed to tier auto picker get a good solution allows you to configure a picking algorithm that Extension to 3D utilises works with you triangle-based model surfaces data, and panel displayed layers for interactively a rapid and convergent solution Get to a better statics results on difficult data, faster
  13. 13. Key feature : Powerful, scalable batch modeEasy-to-learn jobflow builder hasmore than 290modules, withlogical branchingand the ability tocreate repeat testpanels for display Create a master job Spawn hundreds of and combine this with a jobs from the master spreadsheet of line or flow, to save, run patch parameters interactively or send to a queue Create large scale production runs with a few clicks
  14. 14. Key feature : Development environment Call a C or FORTRAN routine directly from the TRFUDGE module, or just add a few lines in FORTRAN. Call a PYTHON script, using the power of NumPy or SciPy directly from a GLOBE Claritas flow Add your own modules using standardised templates, or even modify the modules we provide using the supplied source codeWe can provide training and support in algorithm development, as well as acommercialisation pathway via our modular licence keys Unlock your own geophysical algorithm IP and use it in parallel
  15. 15. GLOBE Claritas : Licencing• Stand-alone or server based licensing• Scalable packages from Workstation to Worldwide• Discounted rates for multiple licences• Discounted expansion rates for Enterprise licences• Licensed based on number of users, not CPUsScale your business, and compete cost effectively
  16. 16. GLOBE Claritas : Licence TypesLicence Type Description Ideal for…Workstation Entry level; single interactive user will Field QC, training, small scale access to all Claritas functionality on a marine 2D, moderate scale land workstation; no parallel processing 2D projects or engineeringWorkstationPro Single interactive user with access to all Marine onboard processing, Claritas functionality, with parallel large scale land 2D, small- processes running on up to 8 cores at a medium land 3D, moderate scale time 2D marine processingCluster Adds the ability batch process on unlimited Small companies taking on large cores/machines in parallel at a single site scale 2D and 3D marine to a Workstation or WorkstationPro licence projects; full 3D onboard processingEnterprise A combines 6 WorkstationPro users with a Medium/Large scale processing Cluster licence, plus a reduced rate for centres looking to make full use adding additional users on site of their facilities and own technology
  17. 17. GLOBE Claritas : Worldwide GSC, Jordan Stillwater Group, USA GNS Science, GeoNodos, New Zealand Argentina Selected active sites; currently 87+ worldwide Agents and resellers Training locations