Opposing Themselves


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The Bible warns us of the habit of opposing the truth. There are people who seem to make it a hobby to oppose themselves to the way of truth taught in the Bible. Whatever God supports they oppose. Study the underlying danger of this evil habit.

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Opposing Themselves

  1. 1. SEARCH BLOG FLAG BLOG FOLLOW BLOG Next Blog»webmaster@solidrockfaith.com | New Post | Customize Wednesday, September 19, 2007 Opposing themselves ... The Bible says in 2. Timothy 2:24,25: And the servant of the Lord must not strive; but be gentle unto all men, apt to teach, patient, in meekness instructing those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth. There are those who constantly oppose themselves to the sound doctrine of the Bible and who'd rather hold on to their own imagination, understanding or private interpretation of some scripture. Those who oppose themselves usually seek strife and sedition, but as Christians all we can really do is with meekness present Bible truth. Then it is up to God to give them repentance or not. We can not convince or compel people into compliance with Bible truth. However, it is very interesting to observe how people oppose themselves. One of the ways that I know the Bible is God's inerrant word is that people naturally always tend to do the opposite of what the Bible says. Have you ever noticed that? By nature, man opposes himself to the truth of God. Many Christians in the shallow social club-type churches especially oppose themselves to Bible truth since they have largely turned themselves away from the truth and turned to their own little ways. It is amazing to see how people oppose the way of truth. Here are some examples: The Bible says God's people need to be separate (2. Cor. 6:14-18) and pure (Titus 2:14). People today and the professing Christian especially tend to be worldly and to follow every whiff of sin. They are totally addicted to fashion fads, sports, social habits, pagan holidays (Halloween), and ungodly television shows. Why do professing Christians oppose themselves? Don't they know the scriptures? Why do they make light of God's word? The Bible teaches the principle of self-denial (Mk. 8:34) or to be temperate (1. Cor. 9:25). It goes without saying that when you follow Christ you need to let go of something. So why do you find professing Christians of today doing all they can to have "fun", to participate in a megalomaniacal lifestyle of more-more-more and more- bigger-better, and misusing church as a place to strut their stuff and brag about their
  2. 2. status, degrees etc. ??? The Bible says it is a dishonor for a man to have long hair (1. Cor. 11:14). What does society teach? The opposite. Since they are blinded to the truth, the oppose God's ways by nature. The Bible says that a woman ought to be a keeper at home (Tit. 2:4) and to guide the house (1. Tim. 5:14). However, society, the feminazis and the backslidden church have deceived women and stolen their hearts from God's true calling and intention for them and misled them to oppose God's way, to turn from the right way described in Proverbs 31:10-31), and to take on the filthy character qualities of the woman in Proverbs 7:10-18. Why do they oppose themselves? The Bible says that it is not good to pile up debt (Prov. 22:7, Ro. 13:8). But society of today is deep in debt. The USA is over 8 trillion dollars into debt which endangers the stability of the dolllar and the economy. Households are in debt. Society has created a sick system where people are many times forced to take on large amounts of debt for education and to relentlessly exclude those without the proper education from jobs and other functions in society and therefore condemn millions to poverty. Shame on this society. The Bible says that a man is supposed to wear a man's clothes and a woman wears a woman's clothes (Deut. 22:5). In today's degenerate culture, however, people oppose themselves and men become cross-dressers and women have the audacity of wearing pants instead of skirts and dresses and cut their hair short in opposition to 1. Cor. 11:5 -16. Why oppose yourself to God's word when you know how to do right? Why do entire churches dodge this truth? Are they captive to society and its corrupt system it imposes on people? Be separate! come out! Be not partakers with them! Walk not with them! Don't be conformed, be transformed! The Bible says man was created by God and now is separated from God because of sin, is corrupt, depraved and doomed to hell without God. People today oppose themselves and believe the opposite. They believe man was not created, but is the random product of impersonal forces of evolution. They rather believe Satan's false promise in Gen. 3:5 that we evolve into gods and run the world without God. Isn't it strange that mankind buys into Satan's lies but opposes itself to God? God speaks of a 6 day creation work roughly 6000 years ago. People today oppose themselves and speak of billions of years of gradual development. You can pick on what the Bible says and be sure that people today teach and practice the opposite while they rebelliously oppose themselves to sound doctrine inpired by God. It is my prayer that the Lord sends out faithful servants into this world that will teach sound doctrine with meekness and patience to those that oppose themselves. It is always such a joy when God gives repentance and someone gets in on what God says in his word instead of holding on to what the world or even a church says. It is pathetic to see how many churches have emancipated themselves from the Bible and have purged those who still believe it from their ranks by denouncing them as "too strict". May the Lord pardon this folly. The Bible says that a woman ought to be characterized by a meek and quiet spirit (1. Peter 3:4) and submit to her husband since he is the head of the home (Eph. 5:22-33). But professing Christians of today are full of excuses and pretexts for not following sound doctrine in this matter. They oppose themselves and the women have become stubborn and loud (Proverbs 7:11) while they try to usurp authority (1. Tim. 2:11,12)
  3. 3. with a rude and spoiled spirit. Worldly churches cowardly hush on the scriptures on the role of the woman in order not to offend their members. That's why these churches are starched and uptight because there is no liberty to preach the truth. The preaching has degraded to a Sunday talk that does neither address reality nor sound Bible doctrine but just some sugar-coated, saltless half-truths about that mention God every now and then, but really show no love for the truth. Why do they oppose themselves? Jesus says: And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and so that day come upon you unawares. Luke 12:34. Jesus warns against surfeiting (overeating) and drunkenness. These bad habits will disable us from being sober, vigilant and godly Christians. But what do professing Christians do? Oppose themselves, of course! In America Christians have taken on the bad habit of going to eat in restaurants after church. In the cities restaurants pave the roads for miles and Christians wonder why few people come to church. Why, it is because all these people are at work running restaurants so the church crowd can come after service to eat. Worldly Christians have no regrets about stuffing fast food into their body and this same "Christian" crowd will not endure preaching on what the Bible says on nutrition. Among Baptists in particular I have found the hypocrisy of preaching against drunkenness but refusing to preach against surfeiting because that is the Baptists' dearest pet sin: overeating. Jesus actually recommends fasting to the church (Lk. 5:35, Acts 13:3). But people today oppose themselves. They shamelessly stuff one Happy Meal after another into their children and spend big money for eating out all the time and are to lazy to cook at home and eat together at a family table. The Bible says: fast, don't overeat. Society says the opposite: Don't fast, eat all you can. Have you noticed those gutless churches where they don't preach on fasting because they think it offends people and they are afraid that a church member gets sick while fasting and sues the church or gives it a bad name. Worldly people today who can't think for themselves but rather just believe their TV and their daily people have been misled to believe the stereotype that only "cults" fast. Too many Christians oppose themselves because they still hold on to stereotypes that the world has spread against the cause of Christ. Hopefully, some able servant of the Lord will instruct those that oppose themselves with sound doctrine! The Bible says: Flee also youthful lust. 2. Tim 2:22. Abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the soul. 1. Peter 2:11. People today do the exact opposite. Lust is institutionalized as the leading principle in advertising and sales. The appeal to lust through shameful displays of nudity and concupiscence are all over the place. Worldly music appeals to fleshly lusts. Why are they opposing themselves? Jesus says: Have ye not read, that he which made them at the beginning, made them male and female, and said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh. Mt. 19:4,5. But people today once again oppose themselves are are captive in Satan's web of lies and change the truth of God to the very opposite of what God said and changed the natural use into that which is against nature: and likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly. Romans 1:26,27. Why do they do the opposite of what God said. God created man and woman for each other. But man opposes that and starts the sodomite same-sex abomination. The Bible says that children need to be trained (Prov. 22:6) and corrected with the rod (Prov. 29:15), Society opposes itself and leaves children by themselves behind the boob box or an occult video game that never should have been bought. Then they refuse to correct the child, but spoil it to the point where it has a spoiled, rotten character of a fool who is too proud to take instruction. Why oppose yourself? There are thousands more examples where people by nature oppose themselves to the word of God. But it all boils down to this:
  4. 4. Opposition to God is satanic! If you are saved, you business is to OBEY God and not to OPPOSE what the inspired sciptures say. It is pathetic to see how people claim to be "saved" but their way of life, their opinions, their actions, their words consistently reflect the opposite of what God says. Best example: God opposes adultery and divorce. Folks today oppose themselves and get divorced left and right instead of getting ahold of the Blessed Book and DOING what it says. I personally have come to the point where I hate talking about the Bible. I despise religious chitchats and pious conversations. The only thing that matters to the Lord is this: IS IT DONE? Instead of talking about the Bible I put an emphasis on doing the Bible because actions speak louder than words. You can preach your heart out over worldwide radio, tv, web and all other global media. But talk is cheap nowadays. If you are just preaching something, but you and your family are still caught up in wordly habits, materialism, your wife doesn't submit, your kids won't obey, you still smoke, drink, overeat, you still listen to rock music and enjoy soap operas and TV talk shows then your preaching and worldwide ministry is vain because it is not DONE. Because you still opposing youself to sound doctrine in so many areas of your life. You are just talking about something you don't really now. Why is opposition satanic? Here is where it all started: Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God. 2. Thess. 2:3,4. When the man of sin (beast/antichrist) is going to reign in the great tribulation he is going to oppose and exalt himself above God. That takes us back to Lucifer, who was the anointed cherub (Heb 28:14-16), who wanted to exalt himself above God and be like God - a created being opposing the Creator. Then Lucifer fell from heaven and we thus know him as Satan who is now the prince of this world until Christ returns with his saints to remove beast, false prophet and Satan from the earth and doom them for eternity. It is Satan's work that so many people today always oppose themselves to God. The god of this world keeps people blinded but thank God for every servant of the Lord who can intruct those that oppose themselves, so they can get out of Satan's snare (2. Tim. 2.26). It is God's way to obey the truth. Opposition to that comes from the wicked one. Posted by Ingo Breuer Newer Post Home Older Post