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PGS Corporate Multinational Group partners combine over 30 years of experience in the Panama market place. Our firm combines Attorneys, Real Estate Agents, Business Administrators, Lobbyist and Negotiators that will most definitely positively influence all you transactions in The Republic of Panama. We are well inter-connected with all areas of business from Government to private sector.

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Gustavo Troncoso New 2013-14 PGS Corporte Multinational Group PDF Presentation

  1. 1. PGSMulticorp.comPanama Global Services GroupMaking Panama’s products & services available all over the world.
  2. 2. PGSMultiCorpcontentsabout us transport business zona libre corporationsvacations franchise paypty contact us
  3. 3. PGSMultiCorpabout us Who we arePGS Corporate Multinational Group partnerscombine over 25 years of experience in thePanama market place. Our firm combinesAttorneys, Real Estate Agents, BusinessAdministrators, Lobbyist and Negotiators thatwill most definitely positively influence all youtransactions in The Republic of Panama. Weare well inter-connected with all areas ofbusiness from Government to private sector.
  4. 4. PGSMultiCorpour teamCarolinaTroncosoCreative directorOver ten years ofexperience related tohealth & beauty.Gustavo T.FerrariHuman RelationsOver fifty years ofexperience, PHD inEducation, Doctorate.PGSTeamAccount ExecutivesDozens of well trainedprofessional working allover the world .GustavoTroncosoChief Executive OfficerOver thirty years ofbusiness experiencearound the world.The creativeteam of today& tomorrow
  5. 5. PGSMultiCorpproducts & servicesWhat we doBuy from us,Panama’s Corps.& Foundationsat absolute deadcostBuy Directly ONLINEfrom Zona LibrePanamaPanamaFranchisespayptysystemPanamaBusinessexpertsPanamavacationsSportware
  6. 6. PGSMultiCorpPanamatransportwww.panamataxitransport.comBusiness and Pleasure Transportation in Panama
  7. 7. PGSMultiCorpa new conceptIn Tourism Transportation in Panamacustomers’ goalAchieve his main purpose inhis trip to PanamacompanyOur goal is to makesure that happensassociatesDeliver professionalproducts & services atthe right priceend resultsHappy well satisfiedcustomer will multiplyour clientelegive therightadviceWith over two million tourist visiting Panamaevery year, the transportation system neededto undergo mayor transformation.PGS Business Transportation Servicesrecognizes that 95% of Panama´s growthcomes from the millions of incoming touristtransported every day from Airports, Portsand train Stations into Hotels, Offices andBusinesses, by the organized Tourist Unions.
  8. 8. PGSMultiCorpTourism Growthkeeps going upPanama’s tourism industry will nodoubt will reach over 3 millionincoming tourists a year in the nextyear or two. Panama’s population oflittle over 3 million will be surpassedby incoming businessmen andvacation travelers, unparalleledevent in Latin America’s history.2010 2011 20125%7%12%33%41%48% 48%44%35%15%8%5%conventions business pleasure family
  9. 9. PGSMultiCorpPanamabusinesswww.thepanamabusiness.comYour Business partners in The Republic of Panama
  10. 10. PGSMultiCorpexperience is keyA product or service is considered convenient if:ΣbenefitsΣresults
  11. 11. PGSMultiCorpactivities and deliverables30 year experiencein Panama team iscomposed of local & internationalpartners that together combineover 30 years of experience in theLatin American Business worldand Internet Transactions .teamworkWe work togetherto achieve absoluteresults for ourcustomers.We offer productsand services withinmarket price,eliminating wellknown bureaucracy.informationAllways at the veryedge of out cominginfo and updatedconnections.In Panama today,informations willsave you money andvaluable time.resultsWorking with a wellorganized team ofassociateprofessionals willbring no less thanexpected results.You can count on usto deliver no lessthan that.
  12. 12. PGSMultiCorpOnlinezona librewww.zonalibreoutlet.comConnecting the world Wholesalers to Panama’s Duty Free Zone
  13. 13. PGSMultiCorpworld commerce reshapedAdded valuesfor the users:• Consolidating Services• Shipping & Handling Services• Merchandize verification Services• Insurance and Freight• Local Customs paperwork• Entire Logistic SupportvalueLoweringoperating costs towholesalersonlinetrustworthyfastoffering delivery
  14. 14. PGSMultiCorpport to portfrom the republic of panama to the rest of the world
  15. 15. PGSMultiCorpmaking history ZonaLibreOutlet.comFirst ever wholesaler Online inter-connectionPanama ConnectionFor the first time ever, wholesalers all overthe world will be able to buy online fromThe Zona Libre de Colón, in Panama, andhave all their purchase, payment andlogistics taken care by our NEW SYSTEM,our NEW SOFTWARE, right here fromPanama.changing the ways wholesalers buy from panama
  16. 16. PGSMultiCorpPanamacorporationswww.panamacompanysale.comPanama’s corporations & foundations at wholesale prices
  17. 17. PGSMultiCorpoffshore servicesConditions for affiliation:• Must be an offshore services providerwith reputable refrences.• Must be able to buy and commit to sale amonthly minimum package of 10 to 15.– Initially, as second and third yearminimums might go up .• Sign disclaimer notarized agreement withour company, and return original .• Operate out of the Republic of Panama.• Collect yearly Director & Legal Residentfees and pay back to us.• Preferably Lawyers, Law Firms andorganized Corporate entities.Creating Offshore Affiliate Resellers for Panama’s Corps. & Foundations
  18. 18. PGSMultiCorpsimple wholesale systemBuy at Dead Cost; resale in your own countryAffiliatereseller• Buys for resale• Wholesale packs• Signs DisclaimerEndcustomer• Pays Reseller• Pays yearly fees• Sends Contact info• Interacts with usClass aptent taciti sociosqu ad litoratorquent per conubia nostra, perinceptos himenaeos. Praesent quisnulla turpis. Nunc laoreet dapibus orciet eleifend. Cras rhoncus sem sed duiporta molestie.
  19. 19. PGSMultiCorpabsolute privacyOur Privacy has avery strict Privacy Policy thatprotects the Reseller as well asthe End Customer. Under nocircumstances is information fromeither party revealed or sharedwith any one else but our owncertified personnel.
  20. 20. PGSMultiCorpoffshore affiliatesLuxemburg Switzerland Italy SpainColombia Venezuela Holland Dubai
  21. 21. - www.glassguard.comWe Develop you idea from Panama and multiply it thru the world
  22. 22. PGSMultiCorpwe do it for youBusiness StrategyideaYou must have aunique idea thatfills a market needand is easy tomultiplydevelopbrandGiving a name toyour idea is vital inthe franchise systemlocaloperationsEstablish localoperations andperfect logisticsengageOperate, relate tocustomers, test thelocal marketoptimizePrepare forduplication andoffshoremultiplication
  23. 23. PGSMultiCorpmulti-channel approachThe right mix for each programstrategies ad networksexchanges portals digitalpublishers video social mobile emailbrandingreachtargetinglead generationsponsorshipengagement• • • • • •• • • •• • • • • • •• • • ••• • • •
  24. 24. PGSMultiCorpPanamavacationswww.intertravelpanama.com30 years of experience in Panama’s Vacations and Travel
  25. 25. PGSMultiCorpwe cover it all55%of incoming touristspend US$.1,500 andstay 7 to 10 days21 percentare attending local andinternational conventions80%of all tourists arriving inPanama will take a city orBeaches tour8 percentwill come and visit theirfamilies and return home
  26. 26. PGSMultiCorpTourism servicesshopping• Visit the Malls• Multiplaza• Metro Mall• Albrook Mallcanal view• Trip to theMiraflores Lockswith lunchincluded• Canal Museum• Canal Shopscanal transit• Transit thePanama Canaland return tohome basebeaches• Beach Hotelaccommodationsor day passes• Pacific Beaches• Atlantic Beachesislands & more• San Blas IslandsEmbera• El Valle Trips• Boquete, Volcanand the interiorof Panama
  27. 27. PGSMultiCorpONLINEpanamapaymentwww.paypty.comPanama’s FIRST Online payment system for
  28. 28. PGSMultiCorponline usersA small snapshot of internet’s online trafficbetween 1984 & 2010by 2011by 20160 2016, 45% of the world’s population will be online, but the equivalent connections will be enough to give each citizen of theworld 2.5 connections per person, in other words, by 2016 Internet capacity will be more tan double for each citizen of this world
  29. 29. PGSMultiCorpour target clientsColombiaNo. 1 Zona LibrecustomerEither first time Zona Libre customers oractual ones, averaging purchasesbetween 50 and 100 thousand dollars .United StatesNo. 2 Zona LibrecustomerMost advanced country on OnlineTechnology, USA will be easy and fast toreach with our payment system.VenezuelaNo. 3 Zona Librecustomer44 million Venezuelans are desperatelylooking for a way to buy and pay for theirmerchandizes in US Dollars.
  30. 30. PGSMultiCorpfor more information on paypty.complease contact us at: info@paypty.comQ&A
  31. 31. PGSMultiCorpour contact detailsAddress2250 NW 114th Ave. Miami, FL., 33173, USA.Websitewww.pgsmulticorp.comEmailceo@thepanamabusiness.comPhone00 (507) 6552-9494
  32. 32. make sure to look for usonline before you visitthe Republic of PanamaThank for your time!