Sentence structure
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  • 1. Sentence Structure By Gustavo Perez
  • 2. ObjectiveTo provide the studentwith pointers on how toconstruct sentences
  • 3. Simple SentenceA simple sentence has one subject and one predicate
  • 4. Simple SentenceObserve how a simple sentence isconstructed: We went to San Juan yesterday.
  • 5. Simple SentencePronoun Verb Prepositional phrase We went to San Juan .Simple subject Complete predicate
  • 6. Compound SentenceA compound sentence has more thanone part that can stand alone(independent clauses)Independent clauses are connected bycoordinating conjunctions, conjunctiveadverbs or a semi-colon.
  • 7. Compound Sentence We went to San Juan, andmost of us danced all night.
  • 8. Compound Sentence Subject Verb Prepositional phrase We went to San Juan, PredicateCoordinatingConjunction and most of us danced all night . Subject Verb Modifying phrase
  • 9. Compound Sentences My parents caught a severe cold;consequently, they had to canceltheir vacation. Conjunctive AdverbSome people like basketball;others prefer baseball. Semi-colon
  • 10. Complex SentenceA complex sentence has at leasttwo parts: one that can standalone and another one that cannotThe part that cannot stand alone islinked to the rest of the sentenceby a subordinating conjunction
  • 11. Complex SentenceSince my boyfriend and I wanted to have fun,we went to San Juan yesterday.
  • 12. Complex Sentence Since we wanted to have fun, Part that cannot stand aloneSubordinatingConjunction Subject Predicate we went to San Juan yesterday.
  • 13. Compound-Complex Sentence This type of sentence has more than one part that can stand alone, and at least one that cannot Notice how the different conjunctions link the different parts of this sentence