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Portfolio 2013
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Portfolio 2013


Published on

Gustavo Hernandez O.- …

Gustavo Hernandez O.-
Architecture & Design Portfolio
Urban Design & Regeneration
Interior Design
Refurbishments & New Projects
Institutional Projects
Health Care Projects

Published in: Design, Travel, Business

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  • 1. Gustavo Hernandez O.PORTFOLIO 2013
  • 4. Further co our permis Partnership any use m for which t All buildin 0 to topogra 44.5 Read with 0 45.2 7 45.0 3 44.4 KEY 47.2 6 4 4 Apro x Tree Heigh t 52 .3 0m 1 46.4 45.5 8 47.3 5 VEL S LE 7 EAVE .02 48.2 48 47.8 3 RID GE LEVE 51.3 3 L 9 0m t 48.5 e Heigh x Hedg Apro 0 48.5 3 47.6 47.4 6 47.0 1 46.4 0 THE COBBLES 6 46.2 0 0 45.6 46.1 0 48.8 0 48.4 7 47.9 46.0 1 2 8 8 53.5 L 8 LEVE 48.6 GE 9 RID 48.9 8 47.8 5 46.3 1 3 49.4 48.2 .00m 2a t 61 Heigh x Tree 6 Apro 48.1 5 1 47.3 9 48.6 47.3 0 46.7 3 48.2 5m 0.1 Dia 7 49.4 8 49.4 1 47.4 6 47.3 1 47.3 er Conif 5m Dia 0.2 .13m t 66 Heigh x Tree Apro 1 50.0 er 4 Conif 0m 48.4 Dia 0.7 1 49.1 2 50.0 5 er 47.4 Conif 0m 0.4 3 Dia 48.9 9 47.5 6 47.4 9 50.0 61 63 L 59 LEVE GE 9 1 RID 60.9 48.1 OUTLI 65 2 55.5 VEL S LE 67 EAVE Rev B 14.04.0 5 9 50.5 49.9 RevA 01.04.0 bin 6 49.2 bin bin 3 50.0 7 bin 49.0 7 48.6 bin VEL L 7 S LE LEVE 48.2 EAVE RID GE 2 5 56.2 58.8 SUTTER Ground Floor & Site Plan 69b PARTNERSH 49.9 4 49.9 4 49.3 5 69 69a A R C H I T E C Alton House Client Sand 77 4 7 49.3 48.3 48.9 1 83 Project MIXED 48.6 3 Care H 61-67 9 48.4 71 0 Sutton 49.5 ifer Con 0 6 49.1 48.4 8 50.0 49.3 6 Con ifer Stage Sche 2 50.1 5 49.7 49.25 48.94 6m .2 48.71 t 62 Drawing 49.59 48.89 Heigh 48.50 Tree 48.66 Propo 49.18 x 48.81 Apro 48.45 49.56 49.09 48.53 Drop Kerb Drop Kerb 50.00 48.36 Groun 49.50 Drop Kerb Drop Kerb 49.96 Drop Kerb 48.28 Layou 49.87 48.26 48.15 b 48.92p Ker 49.22 Drop Kerb 48.73 48.24 49.66 48.55 Drop Kerb 48.17 48.05 48.13 50.04 Drop Kerb Drop Kerb 48.30 48.09 Scale Job 1:250 86 Drop Kerb 49.14 48.88 Drop Kerb 47.99 49.56 48.61 49.25 48.89 Drop Kerb 48.64 48.07 49.65 48.43 48.96 Drop Kerb Notes: Drop Kerb 48.69 48.46 48.21 48.02 49.28 49.94 Drop Kerb 47.90 1. This drawing 49.69 48.57 drawing may 50.02 Drop Kerb 2. This drawing 48.25 48.14 3.47.97 proposa This 50.06 48.35 Drop Kerb Drop Kerb prepared by 4. This proposa 47.92 5. This proposa 47.81 PENNS 48.39 Sandstone G 48.15 48.02 whole in any 48.26 Partnership LANE Drop Kerb 6. This proposa other than st 48.28 48.08 tender or pro 48.10 47.85 Drop Kerb 48.23 47.98 Houses -East Elevation Houses - North Elevation The external appearance of the buildings has been carefully designed to offer found in the existing residential architecture. The traditional architectural form variation in roof lines, set-backs and projections that echo the local variation of pitched tiled roofing and brick with stucco elevations and simple proportional openings draws reference from the scale and detailing of buildings of merit in Variation in roofs, elevations and architectural elements add visual interest and rhythm breaking down the whole to human scale elements. This is achieved without compromise to the efficiency of internal operational practicalities as HEALTH CARE & RESIDENTIAL MIXED USE DEVELOPMENT demonstrated by the internal layouts. Houses - South Elevation Houses -West Elevation the locality.
  • 5. Care Home - West Elevation MIXED USE DEVELOPMENT HEALTH CARE & RESIDENTIAL Communal areas The internal environment has been planned out to offer residents generous, high standard living conditions across Operational areas both communal and private accommodation within a legible environment that meets a range of needs. Individual Bedrooms accommodation is sited to offer pleasant views in the main over peaceful, inner garden areas. Clusters of com- WC & Services munal space and activity within the central areas offer a more lively atmosphere. Circulation Ground Floor Second Floor Third FloorQuieter seating and leisure areas interspersed throughout the buildling offer rest points and a more intimateenvironment close to residential units. Main communal facilities, themselves areas of activity, will be centredalong the frontage and across the ground floor of the link building with multiple entrances to external privategardens and terraces and aspected towards the active frontage only at upper levels.Care Home - East Elevation
  • 6. Care Home - South Elevation MIXED USE DEVELOPMENT HEALTH CARE & RESIDENTIALThe 60 unit scheme set back from the road behind a generous frontage forms part of a mixed use development that uses toadvantage the natural features of the wide, deeply indented site. Local architecture of domestic scale dictates a low rise solutionand irregular footprint that responds to the topographical constraints. Generous space standards both externally and internallycombine with the contemporary design to offer a high quality living environment and promotes operational efficiency. Care Home - Section A-A Care Home - Section B-B
  • 7. LIVING WALLS We considered broad environmental concerns of climate change, resource use and impact on wildlife, and balances these against the need for a high quality of life, and a safe and healthy internal environment. We covered sustainability issues such as: • Energy • Transport • Water • Ecology and land use • Pollution • Health and well being • MaterialsURBAN REGENERATION ORPINGTON TOWN CENTREA contemporary, high density mixed use scheme for 80 residential units included 50% affordable units configured to meet the needs of the local community.The scheme consists of a 4-5 storey building orientated to make best use of the site area with new landscaping design which improves connectivity andamenity to contribute to legibility and a sense of place. Introducing a ground floor restaurant and shopping market with easy access to local amenitiestherefore less dependence on the car.Our main aim was to improve environmental performance through good design demonstrating sustainability credentials to planning authorities to assist asmooth passage through the planning process and increase the appeal for investment.The proposal minimises the environmental damage from the construction process using materials from sustainable sources in a more efficient way whichencourage their owners to live a more sustainable lifestyle. This creates less waste and also means the proposed development will have lower runningcosts through greater energy and water efficiency, and reduced maintenance as well as a healthy, comfortable and flexible internal environment.
  • 8. The scheme demonstrates a positive achievement in terms of environmental design and brownfield urban regeneration utilising sustainable design and resources such as "green roofs" and "living walls" which extends the natural environment into urban areas taking up little space URBAN REGENERATION and bringing with it many benefits: ORPINGTON TOWN CENTRE • Interior temperature regulation and reduction of energy consumption • Enhancement of photovoltaic performance • Façade protection, extended life of the waterproofing and stormwater management • Cooler cities and increase of quality of life • Noise reduction GREEN ROOF STRUCTUREPlants remove atmospheric carbon dioxide and emit oxygen during photosynthesis PICTORIAL MEADOWSand also release water vapour by evaporation or transpiration to humidify the air, GREEN ROOF SEED MIXand remove airborne particulate pollutants. Plants are key in the drive for good GREEN ESTATE GREEN ROOFsustainable practice. SUBSTRATEA provision of natural areas for wildlife can be sustained through the use of green FILTER LAYERroofs; viewed as complementary to the maintenance of green corridors for flora DRAINAGE LAYERand fauna within an urban setting. For certain species, green roofs could providehabitat stepping-stones in the city environment where any protected habitat is PROTECTION MATbecoming increasingly island-like in nature. Also, by careful plant selection and/ WATERPROOF MEMBRANEor inclusion of ‘brown’ roof space, timber and stone they can also be constructedto encourage the colonisation of selected plant and animal species, and provide INSULATIONperching and nesting places for birds. VAPOUR CONTRIOL LAYER PLYWOOD DECK
  • 9. 23 Steel frame and mesh supporting wall planting: 23a Lightweight frame adjacent brick wall. Suggested Solanum crispum and Clematis Armandii Listed grade II Off i es c disabled parking 12sqm Terraced rear solar gardens Existing trees panels set rear garden retained below Enclosure tree planting parapet suggested height to Sorbus cashmiriana f l t roof a with compact deck Existing section evergreen hedging sycamore inclined nominal 1.8m high retained & south lightly pruned 1 s 2 3 4 5 6 c bin 1.3m high dining store glass roof lght i shower solar timber roof 6x 3 Storey terraced house units panel deck (f l t roof) a cloakroom 4sqm solar panel inclined south rear garden dis w.c. lift cycles kitchen green roof deck bins New holly hedge 2m high Off i es c at planting Landscaped banking at c st. 3 storey rear of site to provide soft traditional form visual back stop with bedroom 3 bedroom 2 with pitched roof existing and mixed tree dining study Terraced front gardens with shrubs planting parking and access suggested 3 no. hornbeam and rhodadendron bathroom en suite bath bathroom cloakroom parking9.778 cycles living 9.80 kitchen bedroom 1 10.394 10.960 11.551 12.20 12.914 13.60 14.70 15.50 Off i e buildings traditional form c and scale with pitched roof to Planting strip consisting contribute to street setting. of ground cover selected Residential frontage structural tree planting in combination Contemporary residential terraced housing , f l t roof i g incorporating a n bins shrubs and columnar or with site-wide landscaping (see arboriculturist detail proposals) proprietary green roof. Central deck area enclosed by glazed compact trees, suggested provides signif i ant sustainable envireonmental improvement. c balustrade set back from parapet building perimeter with provision of roof form, eaves level ridge height Chamaecyparis thyoides with similar elevational materials Suggested Magnolia grandif l ra and Gleditsia tricanthos alternating o solar heating panels below parapet level. Rear glazed low prof ie l or Amelanchier lamarckii across frontage with selected evergreen shrubs and ground cover roof light housing with sliding roof section gives access to deck balcony balcony reference No. 21-22 to reinforce by amenity space. Rainwater harvesting system incorporated contrast the architectural character and detailing of No. 23 1F 2F 3F The development provides six three-bedroom town houses (130sqm/each) with accommodation set over three floors, MIXED USE DEVELOPMENT HIGH WYCOMBE visually configured to read as a group of three villas. The dwellings will comfortably accommodate a family. However, it RESIDENTAIL & OFFICE UK is anticipated that their contemporary design and adaptive layouts will appeal to a wider range of occupants. The dwellings have been designed to enjoy a variety of amenity space. Private rear gardens are sized between 35sqm and 130sqm. Additionally each dwelling will have two balconies, a roof terrace with green roof and a front garden that will act as defensible space. The proposal aims to preserve and enhance the historical significance of the adjoining listed buildings and contribute to the character of the Conservation Area, reason why the elevational design of the office building is configured to 25 harmonise with the existing streetscene and listed buildings along the primary active frontage. A traditional design approach, which complements adjoining buildings in commercial usage, has been employed which extends the existing terrace up to the junction with and around the corner.26
  • 10. Eaves level 16.814m Eaves level 20.227m Ridge level 22.093m 23 boundary 1.8m compact evergreen hedge screening simple metal railing over brick 9 wall earth retaining to accommodate terracing .0 22 change in level and selected trees rear gardens laid to lawn with small 23a timber deck area 0 selected small-medium trees and shrub planting .8 .2 16 20 B plant screening 2 storey boundary wall, green 2 .2 wall selected evergreen planting trained over 20 TOW = 13.799m lightweight metal frame supporting mesh. Listed grade II Climbing wall planting along boundary to screen Off i es c boundary wall for visual amenity and environmental improvement, suggested TOW = 12.955m Solanum crispum and Clematis Armandii 72m = 13.1 TOW Existing trees retained disabled parking 9.65A Off i es 3-storey c total 596.50 sqm GIA A Designed to offer f l xible provision e of accommodation, for either single rear garden Enclosure tree planting suggested 11.60 11.70 12.80 13.00 14.10 14.20 occupier, subdivided into seperate Sorbus cashmiriana with compact f l ors or part f l or areas o o evergreen hedging nominal 1.8m high provision of second deck entrance for future Existing sycamore f l xibility e off i e parking c retained & lightly pruned 9.60 1 2 3 4 off i e waste c s 5 6 Provision for c 2 x 1100L eurobins bin dining store shower datum level datum level datum level datum level datum level datum level + 11.70 + 11.70 + 13.00 + 13.00 + 14.20 + 14.20 9.75 +9.75 cloakroom ease of accessibility Cycle store. internal secure storage lift Bike rack storage cycles cupboard for min. dis w.c. kitchen 2 bikes storage cupboard for Lift, wc and shower with full disability access 2x140L wheeled bins bins with space over for sac recyclable storage Vehicular drive at max 1:12 gradient provides access to off i es, parking c Off i es c and service area 4.5m 11.50 parking 9.778 drainage pavement channel 9.80 10.394 10.960 11.551 12.20 12.914 13.60 14.70 16.00 15.50 Planting strip consisting of ground cover 1.2m pedestrian walkway B Terraced front gardens step down across site frontage with selected Landscaped banking at rear of site to selected shrubs and columnar or compact Residential frontage structural tree planting in combination provide soft visual back stop with with site-wide landscaping (see arboriculturist detail proposals) surfaces and planting providing trees, suggested Chamaecyparis thyoides approximately 75% permeable surface existing and mixed tree with shrubs or Amelanchier lamarckii provides signif i ant sustainable environmental improvement. c planting suggested 3 no. hornbeam and Suggested Magnolia grandif l ra and Gleditsia tricanthos alternating o area. rhodadendron across frontage with selected evergreen shrubs and ground cover Boundary brick enclosing earth retaining terrace within garden frontage Reinstatement of selected semi mature 1.2 wide paved pedestrian entrance mixed tree & shrubs to provide path with levels and gradient adjusted landscape frontage and rear landscape to accommodate ambulant and mobility back drop impaired users with barrier free entrance thresholds. 2.4m wide parking bay with permeable surface. Low level light bollards at head of bay. Parking provision allows transfer space for the mobility impaired.MIXED USE DEVELOPMENT HIGH WYCOMBE Parking limited to 1 bay per householdRESIDENTAIL & OFFICE UK with enclosing 350 high clad, concrete retaining wall with step level change to planting strip 1.8m wide planting strip with shrubs, ground cover and structural tree planting within front boundary wall to def i e frontage; n 2.1m compact evergreen hedge delineates site boundary. 25 26
  • 11. Timber windows and block/brick render finish support frames 2 1 and walls to details. High performance doubled glazed casement window D2.01 D3.01 and frames with paint finish and incorporating draft seals; timber sill and decorative timber moulding soffit projection over render finish 300 block cavity wall with partial fill insulation below sill (continuous) brick, min 150 above ground and dpc level. Structural engineer to provide details for any steel post and beam req. Window to appear as EDG09 fixed closed. 1 EWG.10 D3.04 EDG.09 EWG.11 EDG.08 EDG. 12 rwp & F rwp & big big svp rwp & centre opening big 45° with folding doors High performance foldaside, double glazed, barrier free threshold timber doors and frame set to achieve min Flush door and integrated flush 1.8 u-value, by specialist joinery EDG.13 DG.06Foul and waste drainage detailed on services wall frame set supplier/contractor. Steel beam over toengineering drawings and specification EWG.07 structural engineers details. rwp rwp & big EWG.14 & big Render finish external walls: 2-storey 300 (garage) FAMILY ROOM / DINING overall thickness block cavity wall sections RG.05 incorporating 7.3N/m blockwork to interior TV ROOM LIVING ROOM and exterior 100 cavity with partial fill 55Boiler flu vented to extractor to engineers details. RG.07 RG.06 Celotex insulation to inner face; nom 15 DG.05 UTILITY external render and nom 13 internal two coat boiler & HW cylinder F plaster finish. Construction to achieve min Fire hearth opening and construction with 0.30 u-value. At base of wall render stopArea set aside for boiler and hot water storage RG.10 DG.09 projection at dpc level within min 2 courses internal fire hearth lining and flue to meetcylinder/expansion tank with manifolds as required detail requirements for solid fuel and gas of brickwork nom 150 above ground level.for control of underfloor and central heating; all to fire use. 35°services engineers details and spec. rwp LAUNDRY ROOM Datum Door openings: & RG.09 -0.400 all openings to interior rooms and to EWG.06 2 big exterior to allow min 750 clear width DG.10 Multiple joists over 1 DG.07 opening for potential disabled and D3.02 DRYING svp wheelchair access D3.05 RG.11 1/D3.05 up SVP from first floor with sound F F 1100 DG.08 2r @ protected insulated casing.250 internal block cavity wall with 50 cavity fill insulation. 200 F DG.03 INNER HALL DG.11 Location allocated for incoming CD.03 RG.02 C. C. 1 Ground floor concrete floor with electrical mains and fuse board 65 styrofoam or similar insulation Datum C. D3.02 to achieve 0.22 u-value 2 1 -0.400 KITCHEN / BREAKFAST DG.04 Floor level datum -400 with nom 25 fall RG.04 D2.02 D3.03 in brushed concrete floor finish from 14 risers @ CD.02 ENTRANCE HALL Timber EWG.15 rear to entrance. staircase 175 and RG.01 svp to detail 12 treads @ 225 Multiple timber joist over to supportInner garage door leading to laundry room to be 3 2 1 edge of landing and ballustrademin 30 min fire rated, fitted with suitable self 1/D3.05closing device and smoke seals 1/2hr fire resisting plasterboard void over with galleried stair landing Timber lining and soffit FFloor construction over gargage to achieve 0.22 CD.01 staircaseu-value and 1hr fire resisting ceiling to detail EWG.05 1 DG.02 D3.05Garage cavity wall omitting cavity insulation. 18 risers @Internal garage wall 2 coat plaster and paint finish. Ceiling height 2.550 175 and GARAGE 16 treadsRender finish external walls: 300 overall thickness C. @ 225 F/FRblock cavity wall to ground floor (with timber frame to RG.12 Datum 1room space over) incorporating 7.3N/m blockwork to with half +000interior and exterior 100 cavity with partial fill 55 Celotex landing 1 2 3 4 D2.02insulation to inner face; nom 15 external render and nom Multiple joists or beam over13 internal two coat plaster finish. At base of wall render to engineers detailstop projection at dpc level within min 2 courses of DINING / STUDY ROOM Outward opening Garage eaves height 2550brickwork nom 150 above ground level. RG.08 door for disabled access with min. DG.01 CLOAKROOM 750 clear width RG.03 F EDG.04 Garage door frame head 2550 Datum rwp & big -0.425 EDG.01 F rwp & big (garage) (main roof) Barrier free threshold rwp & big (main roof) Timber window bay: high performance doubled Datum EWG.02 glazed timber casement windows and framesTongue and groove panelled, ledged, braced and battened rwp & big window seat EWG.18 -0.025 painted conc. cills and render finish block/bricktimber garage doors in heavy duty frames and hinges with EDG.16 (porch) support walls and frame to detail.transom and top light. Single glazing etched glass. Timber 300 cavity wall (partial cavity insulation) withpaint finish. Steel beam to structural engineers details. render finish apron extending down to plaster EWG.17 1300diacircular performance high double glazed stop projection over dpc min 150 above ground EWG.03 timberwindow within set render finishreveal detail to level with min 2 courses of brick cont at base of wall. Porchbeamfixingto rearof 100x 100steelangle Timber bay window with clay tile roof extended from porch and poststo allowgutter drainage connection 75int. for render finish matching 300 cavity wall and foundations. dia rainwater within pipe opensteelsections,to Beams and structure to struct. engineers details. struct.engineerdetails. 1050x 2200timber paneldoorwithdoubled glazed Porch roof constructed as a projection of main roof. lightwithfixeddoubleglazed lightsandopenable side Primary support by steel beam and frame, posts and toplightwithin framefittingto structural opening GROUND FLOOR PLAN ties (to structural engineers details) and timber rafters, timber tongue and groove soffit with paint finish incorporating fixed laminated glass panel in timber frame 1900wide;all to paintfinish. Barrier thresehold ext.drainage free with andflushcovergrillto detail. External channel surfacepaviers with lead soakers to detail. Special oversized aluminium nom.all awayfromentrance 1 o.g. profile gutter nom 200 wide x 100 high with back 1 1 1 connection. D3.04 Special fabrication to x2no. 75 int. dia rainwater concealed D2.01 D3.02 D3.01 within 100 x 100 hollow section galvanised steel support posts. Timber cladding column joinery to posts to detail. Clay chimney pot and brick stack with stepped flashing to detail Half round ridge tile. Lead flashing 150mm above canopy. Plain clay roof tiles. 2 storey render finished block wall Plain clay bonnet hip tiles. Half round ridge tile. Traditional roofing verge detail with edge tile slight tilt to roof undercloak Plain clay roof tiles. tile with sand cement bedding and neat pointing over well detailed cut vert. raking wall tile abutments. NEW BUILD HOUSE Plain clay bonnet hip tiles. CEILING +5800 ASHTEAD, SURREY 100mm profiled metal gutter on 125mm painted timber fascia. CEILING +5250 (Note: tile coursing setting out with Dormer high performance double fascia soffit). glazed painted timber casement windows to achieve min 1.8 u-value High performance double glazed Working closely with Mole Valley council planning officers and after a detailed design and with fascia side panels, cill and trims. painted casement windows, to Lead finished side cheeks and achieve min 1.8 u-value. flashing. Plain clay tile wall cladding to First floor room within roof space timber frame construction sections of first floor walls with special ext. corner tiles and mitred public consultations with the local authority, we carried out the construction of this private house in a prime location near the green belt (est. value �1.5m). internal cover tiles. FFL: FIRST FLOOR +3150 CEILING +2860 The five thousand square foot house was configured to offer principle living spaces and FFL: GAMES ROOM + 2450 open plan kitchen, as well as double garage and utility rooms at ground level with CEILING +2150 100mm profiled metal gutter on See arch. detail sheet SK1.04 bedrooms, bathrooms, study and ancillary storage at first floor level, reached via bespoke internal staircases. 125mm painted timber fascia. To structural engineers details 50mm dia. downpipe. Heavy duty timber garage doors in T&G boarding, ledged, framed and Painted render finish to common battened, side hung in heavy duty blockwork; light stipple finish to detail sample. Carefully selected materials with the highest specification were use and achieve frames with painted finish incorporating glazed toplight frames Circular double glazed timber window with RWP FFL: GROUND FLOOR +000 Local excavation of G.L. and brick compliance with Building Regulations. Designed with traditional architectural detailing such as wall tile cladding, timber construction bay windows and balconies enhance the building FFL: GARAGE - 400 etched glass fixed lower panel, circular Typ. painted high quality double glazed earth retained wall (approx. 450-600 RWP RWP RWP frame fixed within render reveal, to achieve timber hardwood casement windows high) and maintain perimeter level min 1.8 u-value; smooth render finish generally at +11.600 surrounding fabric and create a contrast with the contemporary interiors. We encouraged the use of Subsidiary 30° roof canopy projecting approx. with stone cill, painted finish. To upper panel surround with moulded drip 800 to fascia structure with special oversized achieve min 1.8 u-value. main house footprint, nom. 50 below detail aligned with setting out of vertical tile FRONT ELEVATION gutter nom. 200x100; plain clay roof tiling to Ground Floor datum. coursing. "green design" elements like daylight tubes and photovoltaic panels to achieve a more match with painted timber fascia & boxing into Profiled timber cladding to metal Approx. existing ground level steel beam and column supports, to structural columns supporting timber canopy, with 2 no. courses of finished brickwork to engineer details 75mm dia. downpipe incorporated u/s of render finish with render stop and neat render splay detail, at level of sustainable environment. within the centre of each column. Painted timber joinery construction to bay DPC, min 150 above ground level. window with matching render finish cavity 1050x2200 timber panel door with wall & foundation wall; stepped DPC min double glazed light, timber frames 150 above GL at change of level across bay. and double glazed side and top lights, with painted finish
  • 12. 1050x2200 timber panel door withwall & foundation wall; stepped DPC min double glazed light, timber frames150 above GL at change of level across bay. and double glazed side and top lights, with painted finish Clay chimney pot and brick stack with stepped flashing to detail Projecting dormer canopy of matching tiles supported on roof steel work to structural engineers details, with painted timber boarding soffit. Setting out at central to bay. Plain clay roof tiles. Half round ridge tile. 45° 45° "Cat slide" projecting roof sections each side Plain clay bonnet hip tiles. of canopy dormer CEILING +5800 35° 35° 100mm profiled metal gutter on 125mm painted timber fascia. u/s of eaves +5.300 CEILING: +5250 Typical eaves projection 300mm, increasing to 600mm to rear elevation. Dormer high performance double glazed painted timber casement Matching timber post handrail and windows to achieve min 1.8 u-value balustrade on 45° projecting juliette with fascia side panels, cill and trims. type balcony with bracket and wall Lead finished side cheeks and tie incorporating structural engineers flashing. detail. Support to detail. FFL: FIRST FLOOR +3150 CEILING +2860 FFL: GAMES ROOM +2450 Tile hanging to match main roof tiles. 50mm dia. downpipe. CEILING: +2150 Painted timber sliding folding doors by proprietary supplier with central opening pair. Painted render to blockwork with 2 No. courses of facing brickwork upto DPC level min. 150 above G.L. FFL: GROUND FLOOR +000 RWP RWP RWP RWP Two storey render finish Bay painted timber joinery frame & RWP FFL: GARAGE - 400 Approx. existing ground level elevation with stone cill details cladding with lead coping to projection course extending to return wall moulding details. Structural engineers RWP RWP Cantilevered bay window with painted set back. post & beam details as required. High timber frame, cill, apron and trims. Support 2 no. courses of finished brickwork to performance double glazed painted by brackets and cantilever frame at roof u/s of render finish with render stop and casement windows, stone cill over level (to structural engineer details) neat render splay detail, at level of painted render finish apron and brick SEE ARCH DETAIL SHEET SK1.07 DPC, min 150 above ground level. base. REAR ELEVATION Typ. painted high quality double glazed Decorative columns supports in metal timber hardwood casement windows and painted treated timber posts with with stone cill, painted finish. To handrail and ballustrade to detail. achieve min 1.8 u-value. Timber posts and ballustrades min. 900 high 2 1 to detail. D2.01 D3.01 Tiled roof canopy over balcony bay. Render finish external walls: 2-storey 300 overall Structural supports (as engineers details) thickness block cavity wall sections incorporating within, roof false decorative posts integrated 7.3N/m blockwork to interior and exterior 100 cavity with balustrade detail. with partial fill 55 Celotex insulation to inner face; Self draining timber balcony floor finish nom 15 external render and nom 13 internal two coat (to level of bed 1) over sub floor weathering plaster finish. Construction to achieve min 0.30 u-value. mastic asphalt finish to falls and drainage spout Timber windows: high performance double glazing to side. Perimeter lead coping over timber molding casement timber windows and frames for painting. projection. 1 To achieve min 1.8 u-value. timber bay construction with paint finish; roof and Painted timber sills to vertical tiled sections and painted D3.04 stone/concrete sills to render finished wall sections. base bracket support structural engineer details. Foul and waste drainage for all bathrooms detailed ED1.11 on services engineering drawings and specification. W1.13 EW1.10 Timber posts and ballustrades min. 900 high with 450 W1.12 deep timber deck and structure to detail. rwp EW1.09 rwp ED1.08 svp window seat rwp For all surface water drainage details see services engineers drawings and calculations First floor tile finish external walls: vertical plain tiles onto battens and counter battens to ext. 100 block wall, 100 cavity and 100 inner block wall; partial fill cavity Studwork walls internal stud walls generally 100 and inner plaster finish (all as standard spec render Stud walls min. construction from ex 75x50 consisting 12.6 plasterboard and skim coat each finish wall) sw studs, 12.5 plasterboard & slim coat each side of selected sw 70 x 45 studwork to detail face with sound reduction cavity fill S specification construction with acoustic rockwool fill (18 WBP ply sheathing added where req.) to cavity. Where required 18 WBP ply either sandwiched Dormer as EW1.15 rwp or faced fitted for wall fixing or tiling ENSUITE (and to add additional sound and impact resistance) rwp (garage) BEDROOM 5 BEDROOM 1 BATH 1 BEDROOM 3 R1.09 R1.06 R1.08 R1.05 Floor construction to all areas to be generally mitech posi-joists 225 and loose joists and framing as structural EW1.14 engineers detail drawings and specifications. 12.5 plasterboard and skim coat ceiling with 21 WBP ply board Floor: construction of generally mitech posi-joist and timber trimmer Fire flue constructed to meet fire W WD.02 structural sheathing ready for sound insulation underlay joists as engineers details and specification, with 1-hr fire resisting protection and lining for wood and floor finish to detail. garage ceiling consisting insulating plasterboard cross boarded over burning fuel and gas fire. glass 12.5 to underside of joists. Celotex or similar insulation fill to floor void between joists. Insulation to meet min 0.22 u-value. 21 thick WALK-IN D1.07 Steel beams to first floor ceiling indicated WBP ply sheathing as structural floor ready for acoustic insulation WD.04 D1.06 WARDROBE - see structural engineers drawings and calculations overlay and floor finish to detail. R1.07 Ceiling height 2.65m for all beams and lintels to openings rwp SVP within acoustic lined duct W W W servicing first floor bathroom (level +5.800 over ground floor datum) 2 via floor void to GF. EW1.07 1 D1.08 svp D3.02 15 16 17 18 WD.03 D3.05 up Hatch over D1.09 4r @ with pull W W W D1.03 D1.04 175 down ladder C C D1.05 up Tile finish external walls: vertical plain tiles onto CD.04 Floor level +3150 to main house 14 battens and counter battens (plugged & screw fixed) ENSUITE BATH 3 to ext. 100 block wall, 100 cavity and 100 inner block 13 INNER HALL 1 Ceiling height 2.65m Floor level +2450 over ground level datum (level +5.800 over ground floor datum) R1.06 wall; partial fill cavity and inner plaster finish spec as (garage level -400 below g.f. datum) 12 R1.02 D3.02 render finish wall. Construction to achieve min 0.30 u-value 2 1 11 Daylight tubes extended D2.02 D3.03 GAMES ROOM to roof glazed position GALLERIED LANDING Daylight tubes extended to roof glazed position ENSUITE BATH 2 100 R1.12 D1.11 R1.01 Interior: walls and ceilings lined with 12.5 foil-backed plasterboard 10 svp R1.04 (or vapour control barrier over) and skim coat with paint finish to Foul and waste drainage for all bathrooms detailed timber frame walls, roofing & ceiling soffits. 9 8 7 6 5 on services engineering drawings and specification. Block wall 2-coat plaster finish and paint finish. D1.10 up 13 14 15 16 17 18 front & rear W W open to below Timber staircase and Garage roof enclosure; first floor garage roof space constructed handrail min 900 high, max. D1.02 of timber frame side wall over first floor level to integrate with wall height 1500 100mm gap between vert. timber roof (cold roof) construction to engineers detail and setting balustrade 1 D1.01 out. Insulation within sloping roof sections to meet min. 0.2 u-value BATH 4 stairs going 225 EW1.06 and dwarf wall sections to meet min 0.3 u-value. Additional counter WD.05 R1.11 (net of nosing) and 175 risers. D3.05 battens or rafters to be added to rafters if required to achieve insulation Foul and waste drainage for thickness ceiling cavity. Side wall and roof finished in plain tiling as all bathrooms detailed on specified in detail to roof and wall tiling of main building. Roof construction services engineering drawings generally plain tiles over battens and counter battens with roofing felt and specification. between; fixed through roof boarding to rafters. 1 CD.05 BEDROOM 4 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 D2.02 BEDROOM 2 R1.10 svp R1.03 Dormers: Code 5 lead dormer cheeks with painted timber fascia, W sill and high performance window, casement double glazing. Ceiling height 2.65m Timber frame construction side wall and pitched roof with matching (level +5.800 over ground floor datum) roof tiling. Lead flashing and soakers, all work carried out to best EW1.02 EW1.04 cupboard WD.01 Cupboard within roofspace standards by specialist workmen well versed and competent in their within roof lined with 12.5 plasterboard rade. space and skim coat. EW1.15 W Juliette type light metal frame enclosure (900 above FFL) to lower cill height of dormer windows; to detail, fitted to windows fascia and base of cill. rwp rwp (garage) (main) EW1.03 Dormer as EW1.15/1.14 rwp Dormers setting out to align with centre line of (main) rwp as described ground floor garage door opening. (porch) Timber window bay: high performance doubled glazed EW1.01 timber casement windows and frames throughout with painted finish. Bay window construction of block/brick structural frame and cavity wall. Raised projecting roof and general structural arrangements to structural engineer details 75 rwp (main & porch) EW1.05 concealed in timber column with oversized Tile finish external walls: vertical plain tiles onto gutter nom. battens and counter battens to ext. 100 block wall, Render finish external walls: 2-storey 300 overall thickness 200wx75d. 100 cavity and 100 inner block wall; partial fill cavity block cavity wall sections incorporating 7.3N/m blockwork to and inner plaster finish spec as render finish wall. interior and exterior 100 cavity with partial fill 55 Celotex Low level pitched roof sections over entrance and cloakroom insulation to inner face; nom 15 external render and nom to be warm roof type construction to achieve min. 0.16 u-value. 13 internal two coat plaster finish. Construction to achieve Plain tile verge detail with plain tile timber joist general roof min 0.30 u-value. construction as describedt (with vertical wall tile finish below) to detail Timber frame external wall: timber frame sections of (see also 1:25 scale section) external wall at first floor central area consisting of vertical tiling, Oversized gutter to ground floor porch roof to service in-fill between window units; tiles on battens and counter large rainwater catchment with 2 x 75 dia. Rainwater pipes. 1 battens with underlay; vertical counter battens fixed through 21 WBP ext 1 1 1 FIRST FLOOR PLAN D3.04 ply wall sheathing to structural treated vertical studs (to structural engineers details); insulation fill with counter spacer battens or additional studs as necessary to ensure insulation thickness and vapour barrier D2.01 D3.02 D3.01 required to achieve min. 0.30 u-value, internally. 12.5 plasterboard and skim coat internal finish.
  • 13. A B C Lead roof and lead cladding to timber frame roof housing painted timber casement doors leading onto flat roof section A Matching clay ridge, selected finials, bonnet hip tiles etc, as D3.01 D3.02 D3.03 traditional roof detailing (concealed) D3.01 B Subsidiary flat roof section concealed within upstand kerby with monopitch clay ridge. D3.02 Chimney stacks corbelled brickwork with sand cement haunching and Clay tile roof built up to enclose terrace to min 1100 height over selected terracotta pots and brick chevron plan detail. deck finish and roof fall 55 degrees with catslide roof to window and timber slender fascia breaking corbelled brick matching eaves Corbelled eaves with continuous proprietary ventilator over gutter, integrates into eaves detail, to ventilate cold roof 50degree half hipped clay tile roof and terracotta finial; at low construction level sprocket eaves returns as feature to side to extend gutter draining to side roofing by approx. 1.2m slender painted timber eaves board supporting gutter Wall cladding over abutting tiled roof line and section of roof valley at side of gable to run off to 55degrees side roof Conservation type rooflight Brick corbelled eaves with proprietary cont roof ventilator over Gable pediment with selected terracotta finial feature, red brick gutter integrated into eaves detail throughout herringbone brick panel and yellow brick border with corbel raking eaves incorp. verge tiles and sand cement pointing traditional detail 225 brick projection pediment with brick 20 recess detail panel, Side corbelled eaves height to align with bracket projection at 715 traditional clay tile sloping verge with sand/cement pointing base of corbelled raking eaves, carrying tiled gable roof x carried on corbelled brick eaves. 2350 enclosure to head of stairwell. FFL: Second Floor Datum +6480 Casement timber window set with special headers and red brick Brick corbelled brackets with special brick mouldings carry detailing and painted masonry sill. corbelled raking eaves and sprocket roof verge. 225 brick bay return with decorative brick corbelled cantilever to projecting pediment over FFL: Upper Mezzanine Datum +5220 Painted timber casement bay window with high performance 1000 double glazing 200 frame projection from brick piers with x timber fasica mouldings, lead roof and painted cast masonry Pitched clay tile roof over mezzanine level study, with half 1360 sill with bracket projection detail hipped dormer eaves (bonnet tiles) constructed in brick with lead side cheeks; curved brick headers 225 wide oa Front chimney stack detailed as chevron decorative upper incorporating set brick details 112 inner header. plan section with corbelling string coursing and lower section vertical red projections in contrast to yellow brick above dog tooth band Lean-to monopitch side roof enclosure with valley gutter FFL: First Floor Datum +3600 1280 continuous along boundary party wall brick and creasing tile x upstand; roof formed with proprietary weathering membrane 1625 Projecting chimney stack housings at lower level configured to with sections of double glazed rooflights. internal planning requirements , with corbelled eaves to r-590 monopitch clay tile roof sections. FFL: Front Lower Mezzanine Datum +1980 Fixed glazed timber frame slot window with contrast headers and brick sill Single storye side enclosure up to party (cavity) wall with 1020 3445 x x Painted timber frame and casement windows with high secondary entrance door. 2200 2545 performance double glazing with safety glass to lower units, clay tile monopitch roof with painted timber eaves board and soffit, painted masonry sill, projecting from 225 deep brick piers Contrast red brick and specials, including quoins, flat gauge (supporting two storey brick bay). brick arch headers, strings, dogtooth band, relief panel window Brick base with brick plinth projecting approx 1100 at maximum 926 beyond main building line. aprons etc, integrated as constrast details within yellow stock x facing matching original brick size, quality colour and bonding to 2120 achieve traditional keeping appearance FFL: Ground Floor Datum +000 FFL: Lower Ground Floor Datum -540 Ground level taken as level 10.325 in front of entrance steps, as original survey information Porch with brick piers carrying special decorative red brick Approx 3200 wide x 800 deep lightwell at front of basement detail pediment and clay tile roof; opening 1800 wide with stone room with semi engineered brick kerb and render finish to clad 900 deep landing and stairs reinforced concrete enclosure and base; as structural D3.02 B A D3.01 FRONT ELEVATION engineers details and spec. HOUSING REFURBISHMENT PUTNEY, LONDON Remodelling of a listed Victorian house after difficult negotiations with the conservation officers and planners in this conservation area. The six thousand square foot house (est. value �3m), stripped back to shell and core internally and completely overhauled, externally re-established the integrity of the house. A B C Significantly enlarged by a combination of a basement extension across the full house footprint and at ground level with a fully open conservatory extension SECTION A-A D3.01 D3.02 D3.03 onto gardens at the rear. The three floors consist of ground floor main living/public areas and kitchen, first and second floors with bedrooms, study/office. Basement contains cinema room, gym, bar and utility rooms. RWP RWP RWP131211109876 light well5432 35 °slope1 35 °slope approx. approx. up C L13r @ 205.7 12t @ 230 C L 45 45 °slope °slope 45 °slope 45 °slope approx. approx. approx. approx. 45 °slope 45 °slope approx. approx. 45 °slope approx. WINE CELLAR B-Rm.107A LAUNDRY ROOM 45 °slope 45 °slope approx. approx. B-Rm.106 ENSUITE BEDROOM 3 BATHROOM BEDROOM 1 AIRING 1F-Rm. 103 1F-Rm. 104 1F-Rm. 105 CUPBOARD ( FFL: 13.645 ) ( FFL: 14.725 ) ( FFL: 14.725 ) BEDROOM 4 w. B-Rm.106A 2F-Rm. 202 Datum: +5220) BAR CINEMA ROOM ( FFL: 16.345) BATHROOM B-Rm.107 B-Rm.102 2F-Rm. 203 BEDROOM 5 ( Datum -3.420 ) ( FFL: 17.605 ) w. 2F-Rm. 204 ( FFL: 17.605 ) 45 °slope c. approx. 45 °slope laundry swvp approx. chute w laundry c w laundry datum +2.520 chute chute = FFL: 13.645 WALK-IN WARDROBE 15 16 17 18 19 20 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 1F-Rm. 106 HALL ENSUITE LANDING HALL SHOWER ROOM 2F-Rm. 201 up 45 °slope B-Rm.101 approx. 1F-Rm. 107 ( datum +6.480 = FFL: 17.605 ) ( Datum -3.420 ) 14 29 LANDING HALL open to above 13 28 RWP open to above 1F-Rm. 101 RWP 12 & below 27 ( datum +3.600 = FFL: 14.725 ) up open to 19r @ 180 below 45 °slope to FFL 11.125 up approx. 16r @ 180 datum +1.980 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 to FFL 17.605 = FFL: 13.105 hopper & 11 10 23 22 21 26 25 24 23 22 21 50° slope approx. RWP GYM RWP TERRACE 50° slope TERRACE B-Rm.103 - - approx. ( Datum -3.420 ) FFL-U/S ceiling: 2950 BEDROOM 2 PLANT ROOM 1F-Rm. 108 45 °slope 45 °slope approx. approx. B-Rm.105 BATHROOM ( FFL: 14.725 ) BEDROOM 6 / STUDY STUDY 55° slope 55° slope 1F-Rm. 109 approx. 2F-Rm. 205 approx. 50° slope SHOWER ROOM 1F-Rm. 102 ( FFL: 17.605 ) approx. ( FFL: 14.725 ) B-Rm.104 ( FFL: 13.105 ) RWP RWP RWP 55° slope 55° slope w approx. approx. 45 °slope 45 °slope 45 °slope 45 °slope approx. approx. approx. approx. C L 50° slope approx. light well BASEMENT PLAN FIRST FLOOR PLAN SECOND FLOOR PLAN ROOF PLAN
  • 14. A B D3.01 D3.02 existing 1615 x 630 1000 1000 1000 x x x 1150 1800 1800 850 2-800 x x 2160 2160 (different to plan) 1000 x 1600 890 x 1280 1800 1800 1800 695 x x x x 475 475 475 2435 1300 850 850 x x x 2950 3000 3000 2-900 2-900 2-900 x x x 800 2275 2275 2275 x 1520 SIDE ELEVATION (WEST) REAR ELEVATION Conservatory insulated timber cladding with paint finish enclosing steel frame structure with high performance double glazing, asphalt flat roof with lead clad centre raised section and rooflights abutting rear flank wall all to final specialist conservatory fabricator’s details andSteel column abutting and tied into cavity wall with installation . Steel frame and timber structure to Structuralinsulated closer or structural engineers details and engineers details.conservatory specialist proposed fabrication A BTimber painted door and high performance D3.01 Fire lining wall or ceiling sections D3.02 SIDE ELEVATION (EAST)double glazing with threshold aligned withreduced interior floor level. As means of Conservatory slab constructionescape from basement staircase. xDG-03 Steel column abutting and tied into cavity wall withBeyond rear line of no.7 insulated closer or structural engineers details and3.0m long x 2.5 high rear section of new conservatory specialist proposed fabricationboundary (300 cavity) wall. steps down inheight from 3.15m between no.7 and no.8flank wall. 14 datum -0.335 Metal balustrade min 1100 high and R.C. balcony = FFL: 10.585 and decorative brackets (to structural engineersRear escape stairs from basement leading up details) with paint finishdirectly upto external door, leading onto garden.Stone cladding to steps, risers and landings and 13 C Linsitu reinforced concrete, or alternative Quality timber casement doors and windows with highconstruction, to structural engineers details. 12 covered ceiling central section performance double glazing and hardwood sills withMax 42 degree slope 11 safety glass to main lower units; fixed side window 10 CONSERVATORY units. Operable toplights and casement door set. 9 G-Rm.105Structural wall and fire lining 8 ( Datum -0.540 ) 7 Walkover lightweight metal grill at ext. G.L. with hinged 6 easy opening galv steel ladder nom. 600 wide bolted300 cavity wall to form party wall approx. onto side wall with handrail , means of escape provision ,3150 high along boundary with single storey light well including centre side hung casement windows withpitched roof enclosure spanning off main flank walls max. 1100 cill height. Brick on edge kerb perimeter, LARDER waterproof render paint finish to internal face of earth retaining walls; pebble filled lightwell base below cill G-Rm.104A xDG-04 level for drainage to slab outlet. Enclosure and rooflight over up foundations to structural engineers detailsStructural wall and fire lining 3r @ 180 WG-03 WG-04 to 11.125 FFL Concrete stairs between GF change in level between C L WG-05 oversite concrete slab and suspended concrete floor, to DG-09 structural engineers details, with timber floor finish to match living room finish to clients requirementsAt ground floor large openings to side andrear main house walls incorporate loadbearingconfiguration walls, columns, main beams andjoist spans to structural engineers details. rooflight over kitchen layout to Raised ground floor beam & block to clients requirements structural engineers details.Ground floor slab Type I ceiling hgt +2.770 KITCHEN G-Rm.104Ground floor slab Type II ( Datum -0.540 ) up Fireplace recess constructed with jambs to both sides 3r @ 180 of opening with non combustible fire back and flue to FFL 11.125 liner min.200 in diameter or equivalent.Concrete stairs and floor beam support tostructural engineers details with stone REAR LIVING ROOMtiling floor finish G-Rm.102 Fireplace recess nom. 850wide x 800 high with min. 200 thick jambs and min 500 deep constructed hearth ( Datum +0.00 ) min 125 thick. Fireplace hearth, recess, chimney and flue construction in accordance with requirements set DG-08 out in part J of the building regulations for open1/2 hr FR riser enclosure and doors with swvpautomatic door closers and chute fireplace. fridge / freezer laundry chute 200 loadbearing block wall extends from basement to DG-01 second floor; stability and integration with roof structure 17 18 19 to structural engineers details up rooflight over DG-07 3r @ 180 DG-02 to FFL 11.125 ENTRANCE HALL 16 G-Rm. 101 15 ( Datum +0.00 )stone clad treads & risers with cut string in open to abovematching stone cladding or painted plaster to 14 & below DG-03clients req. Reinforced concrete stair landings Internal stud work& flooring construction up to GF level withbalustrade spindles securely & individuallyfixed back with concrete concealed fixings of up DG-04appropriate detail & spec. proposed by 19r @ 180 CORRIDOR to FFL 14.725structural engineer. Fixing of spindles (lower GL)co-ordinated with detail setting by stone fitter, Fireplace recess constructed with jambs to both sidescut and fitted to site dimensions to achieve G-Rm.108 13 12 11 10 6 5 4 3 2 1 of opening with non combustible fire back and flueaccurate fit & well detailed appearance. ( Datum -0.540 ) liner min.200 in diameter or equivalent. CLOAKROOM DG-06 FRONT LIVING ROOM G-Rm.107 340 cavity wall construction with generally yellow G-Rm.103Raised ground floor beam & block to ( Datum -0.540 ) facing brick to match original quality and typestructural engineers details. ( datum +0.00 ) datum +0.00 with contrast red brick string coursing, headers, xDG-02 DG-05 WG-07 = FFL 11.125 corbelled eaves brickwork. Cavity fill insulation to meet current thermal performance in buildilng regulations SECTION B-B BOOT ROOMInternal studwork G-Rm.106 WG-06 ( Datum -0.540 ) xDG-01 Typical window description HOUSING REFURBISHMENT340 cavity wall construction with generallyyellow facing brick to match original qualityand type with contrast red brick string WG-02coursing, headers, corbelled eaves PUTNEY, LONDONbrickwork. Cavity fill insulation to meet WG-01current thermal performance in buildilngregulationsCasement timber window set with special Painted timber frame and casement windows with high performance double glazing with In keeping with the areas traditional houses an extensive detail of bricks typology and historically significant ornaments were utilised throughout as well as timberwork, paneling and stone finishes. Coordination withheaders and red brick detailing and painted light well safety glass to lower units, clay tile monopitchmasonry sill. up roof with painted timber eaves board and soffit, 4r @ 200 painted masonry sill, projecting from 225 deep services and structural engineers as well as the installation of new services infrastructure and overhaul of approx. brick piers (supporting two storey brick bay). + GL approx: 10.325 Brick base with brick plinth projecting approx from survey 1100 at maximum beyond main building line. CPorch with brick piers supporting decorativered brick detail pediment (to structuralengineers details) and clay tile roof; opening datum -0.800 L building fabric were scheduled as part of refurbishment proposals. Extensive Detail Design of the scheme from inception to beginning of construction works. All materials Walkover lightweight metal grill at ext. G.L. with hinged1800 wide with stone clad 900 deep landing easy opening galv steel ladder nom. 600 wide boltedand stairs; minimal fall for water run off across onto side wall with handrail , means of escape provision ,landing from level threshold to interior. proposed were to the highest specification and achieve compliance with Building Regulations. including centre side hung casement windows with max. 1100 cill height. Brick on edge kerb perimeter, waterproof render paint finish to internal face of earth GROUND FLOOR PLAN retaining walls; pebble filled lightwell base below cill level for drainage to slab outlet. Enclosure and foundations to structural engineers details
  • 15. Osiers Gate - london Urban Regeneration The proposals will replace the existing commercial units with a new hight quality mixed use development of 275 residential units, and commercial floors- pace in eight new buildings surrounded by exceptional high quality landscaped public and private space. The design process covererd issues such as urban design, architectural, landscape and environmental design issues including access, and has been designed in accordance with the CABE guidance notes. The development of the site promotes a vibrant, mixed-use community, providing both affordable, and private housing as well as commercial spaces. The aspirations for the site are in line with the requirements of the policies of Wandsworth and compliment the existing social and community infrastructure. The site would be fully open to the public, with new public open spaces, pedestrian and cycle routes and extensive ecological enhancement. Facade Treatment Wind ConditionsTall Building Studies - Eastern Facade Proposed Detail Tall Building Facade Treatment - Greening of Vertical Facades
  • 16. Tall Building Studies - North Facade / Enclosed Balconies The redevelopment proposals aim to regenerate an underused site to create a sustainable community and maximise the benefits and opportunities of waterside living. Within the scheme, the intention is to create a high quality landmark building for the 21st century that adopts sustainable building principles. The commercial character of the site is retained, to provide new employment opportunities, respecting the historic setting. The active ground floor uses are suitable for a residential community, surrounded by a high quality public realm and therefore an improved local environment for residents. The river Wandle is an adjacent amenity rich in ecology and wildlife - this scheme enhances its setting.View of tall building (building B) from the private communal courtyard View of Enterprise Way looking east, with Building F to the right
  • 17. View of tall building (building B) from the River Wandle View of tall building (building B) from the southKey Design ObjectivesTransform the Osiers Site into a processional route toWandsworth Town Centre and to be influential as part of theongoing renaissance of the town / Integrate the public realm andreinforce the route of Enterprise Way / Design activefrontages generated by a mix of uses along Enterprise Way andthe Wandle Riverside / Create a strong visual landmark for theWandle delta.Private and Affordable Housing – integrate new ways of urbanliving with shared landscape terraces and gardens / Power thefacilities with an Energy Centre. Green roofs - intensive andextensive for ecology & amenity / Orientate building form tomaximise sunligh penetration & collection for the residents andusers of the facilities onto the amenity space / Aim to give allapartments sunlight and maximise views.
  • 18. Key aims and aspirations Create a new sustainable community within the wider Delta community / Improve the pedestrian, cycle and traffic links throughout the wider area / Deliver high quality sustainable design and construction / Create safe and accommodating streets, public spaces and private gardens / Provide affordable housing to meet local housing needs / Improve the existing ecological environment adjacent to the River Wandle / Create a dynamic, vibrant and attractive riverside destination / Provide quality regeneration for Wandsworth Town.Building C with views of the Cafe to the north-east of Osiers Gate View of building A at the entrance to Enterprise Way
  • 19. Ground Floor PlanUNIVERSITY CLASSROOMS & AUDITORIUMS The project moves away from the traditional linear classroom building typology, and is organised in such a way thatSCIENCE´S FACULTY - NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF COLOMBIA alternate classrooms and small meeting spaces open to the environment. These open spaces interspersed not only propitiate the human relationship, but allow the continuous green space of the campus from entering the building and to flow freely through it, ensuring the use of underutilized green space from the adjacent buildings. South-east Facade
  • 20. Faculty of Medicine Science Faculty Deanship (Asset of Cultural Interest) Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (Asset of Cultural Interest) Patrimonial Set of Veterinary (Asset of Cultural Interest) Faculty of Agronomy Terrace/Roof PlanAerial ViewNoth-east Facade
  • 21. Section C-CNoth-east Facade The proposed shape, not being one single body of permeable character, but several small volumes, linked by a circulation, allows the visual rela- tionship from the classrooms and the free spaces generated among them in the upper floors, especially on first floor, given that the building does not have a centralized access, but that is accessible from anywhere ensuring not only the use of the wetland and the dolmen, but the rectangular green space which complies with the implementation of the science classroom buildings.Section D-D
  • 22. The project has been designed taking into account the possible incorporation of sustainable technology. Adiabatic and natural cross ventilation in all spaces / recovery of the green area occupied by the building with a green terrace / restitution of the green area of the Auditorium buried and converted into a walkable space / use of materials such as concrete, that generate a low level of maintenance / rain water recovery / lighting technologies of low energy impact.Basement Plan / Auditoriums
  • 23. The total area of the lot is approx. 6400 m2 for a built area of 5000 m2 distributed over three floors and terrace, additionally equipped with two auditoriums with capacity for 250 persons each, with an approximate area of 800 m2, developed at basement level. The building comprises three types of classrooms: 9 classrooms of 50 students, 9 study classrooms, and 3 classrooms of 100 students, services and cafeteria on the first floor, technical rooms and bathrooms; on the second and third floor. The project also has areas of permanence between the classrooms modules designed on a wooden decks and a tansitable terrace with areas with vegetation and green roofs.Section B-B
  • 24. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 REVI 4 3 2 1Section A-A BARANDA 4a 2b 2a ESCENARIO 16.41 3.70 4.65 6.30 5.46 1 1 2 2 1.88 .75 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 7 DEPOSITO / BODEGA 8 PISO -1 NE. -2.70 REVI REVISIO 4 3 4 3 2 2 1 1 D BARANDA BARANDA PANELES ACUSTICOS 4a 4a 2b 2a 2b 2a 63 63 ESCENARIO ESCENARIO 16.41 3 3 3.70 16.41 4.65 6.30 5.46 7 7 3.70 4.65 6.30 5.46 .75 8 8 9 9 .75 1.88 8 8 8 8 DEPOSITO / BODEGA 1.88 7 8 7 PISO -1 7 8 7 DEPOSITO / BODEGA SALA DE PROYECCION 6 NE. -2.70 6 5 7 PISO -1 7 5 6 NE. -2.70 6 4 4 3 REJILLAS VENTILACION (8m2) REJILLAS VENTILACION (8m2) 3 2 2 1 1 D PANELES ACUSTICOS D 3 63 63 3 PANELES ACUSTICOS LUCERNAS / CLARABOYAS A A 3 63 7 8 9 63 9 3 8 7 125 8 8 125 8 8 7 8 8 7 7 6 7 7 7 6 SALA DE PROYECCION 8 5 7 7 8 5 9 6 6 9 8 4 8 4 8 7 8 3 REJILLAS VENTILACION (8m2) 8 REJILLAS VENTILACION (8m2) 3 7 8 OBS 2 7 2 7 2 2 SALA DE PROYECCION 2.46 6 6 1 7 1 7 1 1 5 5 6 6 2.00 4 4 3 2 REJILLAS VENTILACION (8m2) 11 1 10 PISO -1 NE. -3.16 REJILLAS VENTILACION (8m2) 10 11 1 2 3 LUCERNAS / CLARABOYAS AN .00 12 12 A PISO -1 A 14 13 PISO -1 13 14 R8 NE. -3.70 B B 15 15 NE. -2.70 16 125 2 3 3 2 16 125 17 17 1 1 17 17 LUCERNAS / CLARABOYAS .1 6 6 SALIDA DE EVACUACION / A A 5 DUCTOS/REJILLAS VENTILACION (7m2) 7 7 EMERGENCIA OBSERV R30 .4 7 7 2 8 8 2 0 2.46 .0 1 8 8 DUCTOS/REJILLAS VENTILACION (7m2) 1 125 125 5 .00 9 9 2.00 ANT 2. 9 9 00 10 10 PISO -1 10 10 67 11 NE. -3.16 67 11 OBS 2.72 PISO -1 3 3 .00 12 NE. -3.70 -1 12 13 PISO 13 PISO -1 2 2 2.46 14 14 R8 NE. -3.70 1 1 B B 15 15 NE. -2.70 16 2 3 3 2 16 2.00 .05 1 1 AN 17 17 17 17 .1 6 6 SALIDA DE EVACUACION / 10 10 5 DUCTOS/REJILLAS VENTILACION (7m2) PISO -1 7 7 EMERGENCIA R30 .4 11 7NE. -3.16 11 7 8 8 0 .00 12 12 DUCTOS/REJILLAS VENTILACION (7m2) 13 8 PISO -1 13 8 C C PISO -1 .00 9 9 14 14 R8 NE. -3.70 2.0 9 9 B B 15 15 NE. -2.70 10 3 3 10 63 0 R8 16 67 1 2 2 1 67 16 2.72 17 17 3 PISO -1 17 17 3 .00 NE. -3.70 .1 6 6 SALIDA DE EVACUACION / 5 DUCTOS/REJILLAS VENTILACION (7m2) 7 7 .00 EMERGENCIA 3 R30 PISO -1 .4 NE. -2.70 7 7 8 8 0 .0 R6 8 8 DUCTOS/REJILLAS VENTILACION (7m2) 5 .00 9 9 7 2. 9 9 C 00 10 10 C 8 C 67 67 3.83 2.72 PISO -1 3 3 9 R8 25° .00 63 NE. -3.70 8 8 .00 3 PISO -1 ° 8 7 36 NE. -2.70 R6 6 7 7 C 5 7 8 C R8 4 63 69 25° C .00 8 8 3.83 3 REJILLAS VENTILACION (8m2) 7 6° 3 8 .00 3 2 7 PISO -1 6 D NE. -2.70 R6 1 5 7 7 6 59 4 C 8 DIREC ° 3 REJILLAS VENTILACION (8m2) INSTI 9 25° 2 8 8 1 D D ARQ 3.39 3.83 ° 8 7 36 59 6 7 DIRECTO ° INSTITUC 0 5 7 R6.0 6 D 2 PLANTA SUBTERRANEO ARQ. JU .40 4 ESCALA 1/100 3.39 3 22.65 REJILLAS VENTILACION (8m2) 4.67 0 R6.0 2 2 PLANTA SUBTERRANEO 125 D Basement Plan 29° 1 17° .40 ESCALA 1/100 22.65 1.40 E 4.67 59 1.53 DIREC ° 125 29° INSTI 17° 17° D ARQ 1.40 1.53 E 29° 2 2.34 17° 3.43 3.39 29° 1 6.00 2 2 PLANTA SUBTERRANEO 2.34 R .40 1 ESCALA 1/100 22.65 3.43 4.67 10 PISO -1 E 125 29° 11 17° NE. -3.16 10 1.40 12 PISO -1 E 1.53 13 PISO -1 12 11 NE. -3.16 E 14 13 NE. -3.70 PISO -1 17° 15 14 F 29° NE. -3.70 15 3 3 F 16 2 2 3 3 2 2.34 17 17 16 1 11 2 2 1 B B 1 17 17 6 6 7 3.79 3.43 DUCTOS/REJILLAS VENTILACION (7m2) DUCTOS/REJILLAS VENTILACION (7m2) 7 7 7 8 8 3.79 47 47 ° 8 10 ° 8 PISO -1 E 9 11 9 NE. -3.16 9 12 9 10 13 10 PISO -1 14 R6 .00 NE. -3.70 67 F -3.70 R6 0 .00 PISO -1 15 67 3 .00 .0 R6 0 5 3 PISO -1 3 5.0 3 R1 NE. .00 R6 R1 16 2 NE. -3.70 2 OFIC G 17 17 1 1 G O B G 0 6 G Y DUCTOS/REJILLAS VENTILACION (7m2) 2.0 7 0 .40 .05 VIC 2.0 .15 7 .40 .05 8 3.79 47 ° .15 8 PROYEC 3.03 9 564-A PROY 9 3.03 R8.00 10 564 LOCALIZA R6 .00 67 R8.00 .00 PISO -1 3 .0 R8 R6 H R1 5 NE. -3.70 H LOCA 0 .00 PISO -1 O G G R8 NE. -2.70 H H 2.0 .00 0 0 PISO -1 2.0 .40 .05 NE. -2.70 2.0 .15 0 CONTIE PROY 3.03 PLANT 564 R8.00 ESCALA CON LOCA 1:100/1 PLA R8 H A H ARCHIV .00 ESCA PISO -1 @564_ACTU NE. -2.70 1:10 2.0 DIBUJO A 0 ARC 4 3 2 1 Green Roof Plan @564_ PLANO A-1 CON DIBU PLA 40 1 2 5 3 10m 2 1 1 PLANTA SUBTERRANEO 3 PLANTA CUBIERTA REVISIO ESCA ESCALA 1/50 ESCALA 1/100 1:10 PLAN A A ARC 0 1 2 5 10m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 REVI8 @564_