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Taking SharePoint 2010 Offline - European Best Practices Conference
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Taking SharePoint 2010 Offline - European Best Practices Conference


My slides from the European SharePoint Best Practices Conference 2011 - Taking SharePoint 2010 Offline

My slides from the European SharePoint Best Practices Conference 2011 - Taking SharePoint 2010 Offline

Published in Technology
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  • Dave to introduce the problem with client hat on – 5 mins
  • Quick hand count…
  • Ever been on a train?
  • Where you’ve seen this sign?
  • Only to get this?
  • Maybe even a pub? For a SharePint?
  • Same result… what do you do?
  • ConditionalScope: Load Data Conditionally


  • 1. Taking Sharepoint 2010 Offline
  • 2. Agenda
    The Business Problem
    Out Of the Box Solutions
    Local Drafts
    SharePoint Workspace 2010
    Custom Solutions
    Silverlight Client
    Case Study & Demo
  • 3. Aonghus Fraser
    CTO UniTech Ltd, Gold Partner based in Edinburgh, Scotland
    Developing Enterprise SharePoint solutions since 2003
    Various Microsoft MCSD, MCTS, MCPD certs
  • 5. A Brand Ready Business –Doing Internal Business Better
    Now doing offline business better
  • 6. The Business Problem
  • 7. Generalising before we start…
    Consultants, Developers, IT pros with Powershell
    Management? Sales?
  • 8.
  • 9.
  • 10.
  • 11.
  • 12.
  • 13. Out of the box
    Local Drafts & SharePoint Workspace 2010
  • 14. Local Drafts
    Local copy of documents only (not lists)
    Checking in/out documents
    Office 2007+
  • 15. SharePoint Workspace 2010
    Successor to Microsoft Office Groove 2007
    Standalone client or Office Professional Plus2010
    “a client application that provides fast, any-time interactive access to document libraries and lists on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010”
  • 16. SharePoint Workspace Types
    SharePoint workspaces
    Synchronise library & list content between a SharePoint site and a workspace
    Groove workspaces
    Multi-user shared synchronised workspaces
    Shared Folder workspaces
    Windows folder sharing
  • 17. Cannot Sync Everything
    Calendar/Events lists
    Blog sites
    Portal sites
    Form libraries
    Slide libraries
    Site directories
    OneNote notebooks stored in document libraries
    IRM-protected document libraries.
  • 18. Demo
    SharePoint Workspace 2010
  • 19. Custom Solutions
    Getting Data Out
  • 20. Getting Data Out
    Client Object Model APIs
    ECMAScript (JavaScript)
    .NET CLR Managed Code (C#/VB.NET)
    SharePoint Native API
    .NET Managed Code
    Command-line tool
    LINQ to SharePoint
  • 21. Client Object Model
    WCF service under the hood (/_vti_bin/client.svc)
    SharePoint Data
    .Net CLR
  • 22. ECMAScript Client Object Model
    Must be hosted within a SharePoint Page
    Authentication performed by the page it is hosted within
    No ConditionalScope
    Limited use for a disconnected client
  • 23. Silverlight Client Object Model
    Can be run from:
    Silverlight Web Part
    Custom web page
    External Application Provider (EAP) for cross-domain
    CrossDomain.xml or ClientAccessPolicy.xml won’t work
    Can be used Out Of Browser – local cache required for offline
  • 24. .NET CLR Client Object Model
    Managed API – references:
    Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.dll (~280kb)
    Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Runtime.dll (~145kb)
    (Compared with Microsoft.SharePoint.dll > 15MB!)
    Can be executed remotely e.g. WPF client
  • 25. SharePoint Native API
    Executed on a SharePoint Server
    Similar to WSS3/MOSS 2007
    No limitations e.g. RunWithElevatedPrivileges
    Typically combined with a custom (WCF) service
  • 26. SPMetal.exe
    SharePoint Foundation+ (no need for Server)
    Command-line tool to generate entity classes
    Strongly-typed access to SharePoint data
    Similar to LINQ to SharePoint
    Visual Studio Integration (External Tools)
  • 27. SPMetal Parameters
    Customise Entity Classes
    Include/exclude Content Types
    Include/exclude Columns
  • 28. SharePoint & Custom WCF
    Dynamic Endpoints
    Supports SOAP, REST, and WCF Data Services
    Service Host Factory implementations
    No web.config bindings!
  • 29. CKS:DEV
    WCF service SPI
    If you are a developer CKS:DEV will make your life easier!
    Foundation and Server versions
  • 30. DEMO
    SPMetal, WCF, LINQ
  • 31. Silverlight client
    Consuming SharePoint Data
  • 32. Silverlight Client – Why?
    Low impact for IT
    Access to file system (limited to special folders)
    Isolated Storage
    Out Of Browser capabilities
    Windows Phone 7
  • 33. Silverlight 4 OOB
    Same small runtime (~5MB)
    Installed Program (desktop/start menu link)
    WebBrowsercontrol (WebBrowserBrush)
    File System Access (limited)
    Increased Isolated Storage (25MB)
  • 34. Sterling Isolated Storage Database
    Isolated Storage – 25MB OOB (1MB online)
    Compact binary serialization
    Silverlight 4 & Windows Phone 7
    LINQ to Object queries
    Thanks to Jeremy Likness @jeremylikness
  • 35. MVVM Framework - Caliburn.Micro
    Lean & Mean MVVM framework
    Easy to configure, great documentation
    Elegant & Testable
    Easy to understand Conventions
    Thanks to Rob Eisenberg @EisenbergEffect
    Honourable mentions:
    MVVM Light
  • 36. CASE STUDY
  • 37. Heineken UK Sales Tool
    1,500 On Trade Sales People distributed nationally
    20+ brands
    Replaces expensive & out-of-date booklet released quarterly
    Requirements summary:
    “Website in a box”
    Easy to manage data
    Updates automatically
    Works offline
  • 38. DEMO
    Heineken UK Sales Tool
  • 39. Lessons learned (some painful!)
    SPMetal Lookup fields
    Circular reference risk
    CrossDomain.xml & ClientAccessPolicy.xml
    Proxy Authentication (ISA/TMG)
    Inet / Browser Cache
    MVVM architecture evaluation
    Jounce, MVVM Light, Caliburn.Micro
    Silverlight Async Exception Handling
    Custom Message Inspectors
  • 40. Further Info
    Twitter: @gusfraser
    Email: aonghus.fraser@unitech.net
    Occasional Blog: http://techblurt.com
  • 41. Thank you