Ecosystems & Populations


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Content for our MYP Environmental Sciences course. Will be updated as we go along.

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Ecosystems & Populations

  1. 1. Ecosystems & Populations Introductory Environmental Science Canadian Academy MrT
  2. 2. Ecosystems & Populations Unit Questions: “What is the value of diversity?” Enduring Understandings: Resilience is achieved through diversityCriterion Assessment TasksD, E, F Ecological Survey LabC Unit TestReview tasks:- Quia Quiz: 7.1 Ecosystems & Communities- Quiz Quiz: 7.2 Populations
  3. 3. What is Diversity?
  4. 4. Why Measure Diversity?
  5. 5. Human Population Reaches 7 Billion People…NASA Earth at night: 31
  6. 6. Human Population Reaches 7 Billion People…. …kinda makes us look like:NASA Earth at night: 32Luminous bacterial culture:
  7. 7. (now 7bn)
  8. 8. Rokko Island Ecological Survey What biotic and abiotic factors affect populations and distributions of a species? Investigate one factor and its effect on a population. 52
  9. 9. Conservation of Endangered Species Extinct in the wild Endangered Near threatened Critically endangered VulnerableWhat threatened species do you know about?Which category do you think they fit on the IUCN Red List (above)?What are conservationists and governments doing to protect them? 53
  10. 10. Save the Panda? Goal: Learn more about conservation of endangered species in the context of the panda Role: A team of researchers communicating issues of conservation ecology to their peers Audience: Yourself, your group and teacher Scenario: How do we make decisions about conservation and human impacts? Product: An instant expert sheet (this one) on conservation to be shared and used for study Work in a group of up to three students. Use the IUCN Red List database to find out more about conservation of pandas and other species. Find the natural range, determine the threats and uncover other species threatened in the same area. Discuss the benefits of whole-ecosystem conservation as opposed to single-species efforts. What conservation techniques are most successful? 54Panda logo: See what action you can take
  11. 11. Ecosystems & Populations Review 1. Space race review quizzes: (Room N304) • Groups of 2-3 • One device each • Notes might be useful 2. Complete the knowledge audit and checklist given out yesterday 3. Check areas you don’t understand. All resources are on the GoogleSite. 55
  12. 12. For more resources. Please consider a donation to charity via Biology4Good. Click here for more information about Biology4Good charity donations.This is a Creative Commons presentation. It may be linked and embedded but not sold or re-hosted.