Marketing On Facebook


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Slide from a presentation I gave on marketing on Facebook and why it is one of the networks we should include in our marketing plan.

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Marketing On Facebook

  1. 1.  That’s where the people are  Over 400 Million users  Average daily visit length of 55 minutes  Builds social proof through sharing/referrals
  2. 2.  Facebook Profile  Facebook Groups  Facebook Fan Page  Facebook Events  Facebook Marketplace  Facebook PPC
  3. 3.  Our goal is to engage or fans  Sharing quality, relevant content  Inciting comments, photos, videos
  4. 4.  77 Percent of Fan Pages have less than 1000 fans  Fan Pages tend to be updated only once every 16 days  On your blog and Twitter people tend to follow you to follow the conversation or hear what you have to say.  Many times on Fan Pages that are not engaging, the become fan gesture is mute, because there isn’t enough engagement.
  5. 5.  It is a balancing act not too much, not too little.  There is a correlation between your fan numbers and how often you update.  You want to start out posting at least once a day  Then increase it to a few times a day as your fan base grows.
  6. 6.  The daily posting should run Monday through Saturday in order to create daily comments and interactions with your fans  Ideally, you want the wall to become a mix of your posts and your fans posts, to create a community  You also want to find the high traffic windows. A good place to start is between 8:15 AM PST and 2:00 PM PST
  7. 7.  The key is to stay on topic  Your posts should be a combination of your own thoughts, news, tips tools, resources and link from other sites  Should setup an editorial calendar just like you do for your blog, and email broadcasts  Ask your fan what they want to know  Ask people on other social networks what they want to know.  Ask your other lists, Twitter, Friends, email lists
  8. 8.  Your own blog – Either import into the Notes application, or better yet use Networked Blogs application  Create an account on and watch for good news/posts from other people based on your keywords  Subscribe to 15 – 25 blogs with Google Reader and scan those posts from other people for content.  Create lists of Twitter users that are experts in your market and follow their conversations with Hootsuite.  Import your Twitter favorites RSS feed via the Notes Application  YouTube Videos and Flickr Photos
  9. 9.  Social media is about you  Be yourself, and share what you like  Backstage pass to your company and your brand  Starbucks is a great example on Facebook
  10. 10.  You want to mix up your content with different mediums  Text updates  Videos ◦ Live - Webcam ◦ Screen Capture ◦ Youtube  Photos ◦ Your own or fans
  11. 11.  Links to other articles and related sites  Events  Tag your friends/fans by using the @name  Notes Application
  12. 12.  Try ending status updates with a question ◦ What do you think?  Add your own comment after you post to get it started  Reply to the other users’ comments to keep the discussion going ◦ This raises the post back to the top on the home feed  Try to respond to questions as soon as you can
  13. 13.  Social Media Examiner Fan Page  Facebook Insights for Stats  Facebook Connect  Setting up a landing page  Broadcasting updates to your fan base
  14. 14.  Kevin Davis  801-703-7568   