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  • 1. “Niche activity and competitiveintelligence is far too valuable not to be integrated into the plan­ning process”
  • 2.  Bring together the critical infor-mation to facilitate effective direction of action Facilitate customer information driven busi-ness development Gather affordable quantitative marketing research Help business management teams to fully utilize market informa-tion
  • 3. Candidate Client Marketing Marketing Pipeline Plan Plan Actual Vs. Actual Vs. Proj Actual Vs. Proj ProjBlog Post Facebook Websites Twitter LinkedIn
  • 4. Channel – Budget - Score1. Masters In Tax2. MS in Taxation3. Taxation Degree4. Tax Accounting5. Tax Talent (Brand Name)6. Taxation School7. Jobs In Tax (Brand Name)8. Career In Finance9. Tax Professionals10. Corporate Taxes11. Finance CareersThese are the primary online niche’ – our goal is to find the idealchannel and keywords for each of these niches (that’s where theGoDaddy list comes into play
  • 5. • Employed in Tax Advertising Clients Pipeline • Unemployed in Tax Profession • Elite • Two Year College • Consultant / Self • Basic • 4 year College Employed • Internship • Law School • Professor • LLM Tax • Student • Tax Specialty Grade School Videos / White PaperChannels Productions Schedule These are the primary Channels’ – Calendar of events, tradeshows, association, twitter , Facebook, landing pages, conventions etc. – whatever Tony thinks we need.. Someone should be assigned to only Video and White Paper Production and everything should flow from that
  • 6. Candidate Client Pipeline Customer Customer Customer Service Service Service Facebook Websites Blog Tweet LinkedIn Post Landing Page Group Topics Strategy Strategy Priority EngagementThis is where you have a monthly schedule of “updates” basedon the industry trends and meeting schedules
  • 7. Candidate Client Pipeline Customer Customer Customer Service Service Service People Google Followers Analytics / GroupEngaged Talking Topics Users Sources Following About Us
  • 8.  Employed in Tax  Unemployed in Tax Profession  Consultant / Self Employed  Professor  StudentTony can get an update of this instantaneously…simply by going to theappropriate avatar on the desktop in the War Room (he can access it remotelyas well – but when it’s in the war room, he can reference real time data whenmeeting with his team
  • 9. Advertising Clients Elite Basic Internship Tax Specialty
  • 10.  Two Year College 4 year College Law School LLM Tax Grade School
  • 11. MetricVisitsUnique VisitorsPage ViewsPagesAvg Visit DurationBounce Rate% New Visitors
  • 12.  Evaluate the importance of Feature Levels Estimate Total Market and Niche Market Channel Traffic Simulating the Buying Process Reduction of meaningful errors
  • 13.  Effective business planning based on reliable data Engaging and compelling action answering tough “why if” questions Customer Information driven business development Separate “customer service data” from “marketing data” Feature Interaction / one feature can affect the value of other features
  • 14.  Allow the business team to become “wiser” by fully utilizing the knowledge and information available Changes to meet various needs and distinctions for each niche market competitive situation  Constant Planning  Evaluation of past efforts  Planning launch / milestone dates  Evaluation of new projects  Reposition Existing Products
  • 15.  Market Research Methods Market Research Data  Simple Numbers (Top Level)  Detailed Number by Department Heads Provide broad, timely, integrated, and complete market intelligence