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Today’s employees are met with demands for them to be ever more efficient and manage a growing number of responsibilities across multiple teams in an increasingly de-centralized workspace. They need to be constantly up to date with the activities and perform at their best across the groups. However, it is up to the individual to plan and prioritize the work in the different teams. This requires a strong collaboration platform! TC GroupWare© offers a platform, in which the processes are optimized to ensure optimum collaboration across groups.

The employees may choose to work in a specific group in TC GroupWare© and have full access to the documents, discussions and meetings related to the group. This gives an instant overview of current activities in the group e.g. recently uploaded documents, discussions or updates of the group calendar.
Additionally, the notification system of the collaboration platform helps employees stay on top of the team work. The notification system delivers a message to the employees’ mailboxes whenever group activities are updated.

Receive feeds from the groups, share knowledge and communicate - just like on Facebook, LinkedIn and other great social platforms. Only difference: Our feature is designed for company collaboration. The social networking feature of TC GroupWare© brings the power of social networking to your company.

TC GroupWare© adds an additional level to Share- Point simplifying the management of special permissions - read, write and modify. With just a few clicks even the least experienced user may assign the desired permissions to new business partners.

TC GroupWare Workspaces© allows the user to easily manage and collect documents and other information related to a specific event (e.g. a course or a workshop) in virtual workspaces, and attach the very same documents to a meeting in den integrated calendar. This is particularly time-saving and efficient, if your company decides to carry out a specific event several times, in which the very same documents are reused.
The integrated calendar lets the user manage meeting activities for the various groups and the individual group member.
Cost-efficient online meetings may be organized using TC GroupWare Live©. VOIP-technology, video and screen sharing guarantee that cooperation in teams is feasible wherever the team members are located.
The discussion feature of TC GroupWare© allows the employees to create quick queries, if they need to clarify an issue or a problem on the fly.

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Team collab brochure 2013

  1. 1. TeamCollab ApS INCUBA - Åbogade 15 8200 Aarhus N Denmark Simplifying SharePoint The Best add-on solution to SharePoint to share files and collaborate in groups with users from anywhere! Collaborate Across Boundaries Manage Informal Communication Organize Online Meetings Plan Your Events In Workspaces Manage Meeting Activities Available on Mobile Easy collaboration with external business partners. TC GroupWare© requires no additional clients for external partners. Hence company can collaborate & share information with external partners without having to invest in additional Windows licenses. GroupWare© TC GroupWare© for SharePoint helps businesses collaborate across organizational and geographical boundaries. The platform SharePoint makes collaboration and effortless.
  2. 2. Simplifying Enterprise Social Collaboration TC GroupWare© is a Social Collaboration for your Enterprise on SharePoint TC GroupWare© is a Social Collaboration tool and is built on top of the SharePoint platform. TC GroupWare© is the Best SharePoint built and ready-to-use application which takes the complexity out of your SharePoint. No worries if you don't have SharePoint it still enables your employees, partners and customers with an easy to use tool/ skin thus enhancing and encouraging collaboration among your global eco-system. Host it anywhere. In the Cloud or On-Premise - its all up to you - or your IT-department. We are totally flexible. Documents View anything from files, appointments, news and feeds. Read Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, images, and any information that appear in your feed. It has never been this easy to be up-to- date about everything within your company. Events In TC GroupWare© you are a member of a number of Groups. Each group have their own calendar which is easily integrated with your Outlook Calendar. An overview of all your activities couldn’t be more easy. Discussions ( Idea-Knowledge Sharing) Ideas are great to share and get new input from co-workers. Together you can make good ideas great. We call it discussions, but you can use it to do much more than sharing good ideas. WorkSpaces With WorkSpaces you put together information from anywhere or the internet in TC GroupWare© to make it easy for your co- workers to find all relevant information for your next meeting, project or even a social event . Feeds and Search - the way to find stuff It’s all centered around feeds. Follow the feeds and you can easily keep yourself updated. Mobile Our mobile apps TC GroupWare© gives you a easy way to be updated no matter where you are. Read your documents and check your group appointments in our easy to use apps for i Phone/iPad, Blackberry OS, Windows Phone 8 and Android. Why not participate in a group discussion where you are on the move? And on your way to the next project meeting you can check the meeting workspace where all the newest infor- mation are shared automatically => you will always be fully armed and prepared for your meetings with the right information at the right time. Connectors We have connectors! You can connect to Office 365 or Share- Point Online. Or your existing file-server in the company and the Active Directory. We can connect to MS Office, MS CRM ,MS Dynamics NAV and AX. And with our extensive API’s you can connect to any IT application and optimize the work processes within your company. TC GroupWare© - Features TeamCollab ApS INCUBA - Åbogade 15 8200 Aarhus N Denmark
  3. 3. Stay Connected - with Your Device TC GroupWare© is here - On Your Device It’s right there in your pocket. Your own Device. And TC GroupWare© is there too. No matter where you are you have you can easily share and find any information needed to do your work. iPhone, iPad, An- droid, Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry - We are everywhere. View anything anywhere View anything from files, appointments, news and feeds. Read the latest Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, images, and Notes that appear in your feed. It has ever been this easy to be up-to-date about everything within your company. Get In Touch With Coworkers Quickly find a coworker’s contact information and call, text or email with a single touch. Or, send a message directly through the app. Give TC GroupWare© Mobile to Your Customers for FREE For FREE! Yes, thats true. Adding external users eg. Customers, Suppliers , Partners or projects members to TC GroupWare© is free. Create as many groups and users you like. Now there is no reason not to share! And remember sharing is much more than a file. The Best Way to go Mobile with SharePoint As you know TC GroupWare© is build On-Top of SharePoint and what TC GroupWare is doing very well is simplifying SharePoint. And with SharePoint being the number one collaboration platform—however a quite complex platform— with TTC GroupWare© you get the best from SharePoint SIMPLIFIED. TC GroupWare© - Mobile TeamCollab ApS INCUBA - Åbogade 15 8200 Aarhus N Denmark
  4. 4. TeamCollab ApS INCUBA - Åbogade 15 8200 Aarhus N Denmark TeamCollab was founded in 2010 and offers today the most powerful collaboration platform on the market. We provide the platform to support the evolvingneeds of our customers to share knowledgeand information a c r o s s organizational and geographical boundaries. Constant innovation and strong customer commitment remain the cornerstones of TeamCollab’s business. TeamCollab HQ-Denmark Office TeamCollab ApS Incuba, Aabogade 15 Aarhus N, DK-8200 Michael W. Hansen Global Sales Manager Tlf: + 45 2147 0995 TeamCollab -India Office Bangalore-Karnataka Gurudev Basavaraj Goud Country Manager-India Mobile: +91-9886693861 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS To host TC GroupWare© you need: • Windows Server • IIS7.x • SQL Express • SharePoint Foundation TC GroupWare© accesses data using a client object model in SharePoint enabling you to access SharePoint from anywhere. Get an external Portal to your SharePoint in less than 2 hours to a very competitive price. TC GroupWare© is the answer to how you quick and easy will get started with SharePoint and collaborate with external users. Forrester Research Inc. © 2013 reports that today 59% of global information workers spend 15 minutes or more per day working with partners or suppliers, and another 57% spend similar amounts of time working with customers. Also augmenting these scenarios is the growing number of employees working with highly distributed teams: A third of North American and European information workers are on teams with members in different locations ATA GLANCE • Easy Add-On for SharePoint. • Off-The-Shelf Application. • Entirely Web Based. • Available on iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile 8 & Blackberry Devices • Delivery as a Cloud- Or On-Premises Solution. • Integration in Your Existing Infrastructure e.g. SSO. • No Additional Microsoft Licenses. • External Users May Be Added Without Additional Clients. • Simple License Model - Server License /User License. ACROSS BOUNDARIES Collaborate Across Organizational & Geographical Boundaries. TC Enterprise Social Manage the informal communication of your company. Cost Efficient Online Meetings Set up online meetings with your business partners using TC GroupWare Live. Easy planning in Workspaces Manage your courses, workshops & other events using Workspaces. User Friendly Calendar Manage Your Meeting Activities In The User Friendly Calendar. Simple rights management Assign the desired rights to your business partners.