AT 13 Spent Quiz Finals

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Finals of the Spent quiz conducted at PESIT as part of AT13.

Finals of the Spent quiz conducted at PESIT as part of AT13.

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  • 1. FINALS – Sports and Entertainment Quiz Written Round Clockwise List it AntiClockwise Topic round List it
  • 2. WRITTEN ROUND Six original/ plagiarized/ inspired movie posters. Give the Hollywood/ Bollywood counterpart. 5 points for each right answer
  • 3. 1
  • 4. 2
  • 5. 3
  • 6. 4
  • 7. 5
  • 8. 6
  • 9. ANSWERS
  • 10. Jintata..jitajita
  • 11. CLOCKWISE 8 Questions Infinite bounce, Infinite pounce +10 on pass/direct +10/-10 on pounce
  • 12. 1Below is a list AFIs top 10 heroes. 1.Atticus Finch 2._____________ 3.James Bond 4.Rick Blaine 5.Will Kane 6.Clarice starling 7.Rocky Balboa 8.Ellen Ripley 9.George Bailey 10.T.E.Lawrence FITB.
  • 13. Answer follows….
  • 14. • Indiana Jones
  • 15. 2• One of the biggest transfer controversies in the English Premier League unfolded in 2005. X was announced as a Manchester United player in 2005 after agreeing terms with the player. He was even seen during a press conference and that was the last time though. In the background, Chelsea agreed a deal with X’s agent. What happened later was chaos. The player reportedly “kidnapped” only to surface in London as a Chelsea player. The issue was solved after FIFA interfered and Chelsea was made to pay the transfer fee to both Manchester United and Lyn Oslo, the player’s parent club.• X?
  • 16. Answer follows….
  • 17. • Jon obi mikel
  • 18. 3• What is the academy awards changing this year- something that has remained since the inception of the awards, year after year?
  • 19. Answer follows….
  • 20. • From now on it will be officially called the Oscars.
  • 21. 4________ ____ is a variant of a popular game, played in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand and parts of India. England and Scotland also field regular teams. The pitch is three-quarters of the length of a standard polo pitch, due to the slower speed of the _________. The game was originated in Meghauli, Nepal. Tiger Tops in Nepal remains the headquarters of the game and the site of the World __________ _____ Championships.
  • 22. Answer follows….
  • 23. Elephant Polo
  • 24. 5Lyrics of what? Kor-ah, Mah-tah, Kor-ah, Rah-tah-mah. Kor-ah, Rah-tah-mah. Yood-hah, Kor-ah. Kor-ah, Syahd-ho. Rah-tah-mah, Daan-yah. Kor- ah, Kee-lah, Daan-yah. Nyo-hah, Kee-lah, Kor- ah, Rah-tah-mah. Syahd-ho, Kee-la, Kor-ah, Rah- tah-mah. Kor-ah, Daa-nyah. Kor-ah, Rah-tah-mah. Kor-ah, Daa-nyah. Kor-ah, Rah-tah-mah. Nyo- hah, Kee-lah, Kor-ah, Rah-tah-mah. Syahd- ho, Kee-la, Daan-yah, Rah-tah-mah. Kor-ah!
  • 25. Answer follows….
  • 26. Duel of the fates from Star Wars.
  • 27. 6• The last time this happened was during the first test match of the ’03-’04 tour against Sri Lanka, played in Galle. Nasser Hussain was injured, Andrew Strauss wasn’t a part of the squad, and Kevin Pietersen hadn’t started playing cricket for England. Ever since that series, Andrew Strauss was a part of the team, till his retirement, and after which either Pietersen, Monty Panesar or Eoin Morgan have played for England.• What happened in that match against Lanka?
  • 28. Answer follows….
  • 29. Last time that England fielded a team whoseplayers were all born in England.
  • 30. 7X consists of Major Glory, Valhallen, and theInfraggable Krunk, a team of superheroes whoare all roommates living in an apartmentcomplex called Muscular Arms. Most of theadventures of the trio deal less with their livesas superheroes and more with their inabilityto get along as roommates. These segmentssometimes featured other supportingcharacters based on various superheroes andvillains.
  • 31. Answer follows….
  • 32. 8• The Iditarod is billed as the "Last Great Race." Dog-sled racers brave 1,150 miles of Alaskan forest, mountains and tundra, challenged by high winds and temperatures that reach minus 50 degrees. Organizers say its the dogs that die, though theyre not saying how many. And the people dont come out unscathed--many leave with bruised ribs, broken wrists and concussions. Only about 700 people have ever finished, fewer than have climbed Mount Everest.• In honour of what event, is this event held?
  • 33. Answer follows….
  • 34. 1925 serum run to Nome
  • 35. LIST IT 9 movies to be named +3 for each correct answer
  • 36. ANSWERTitanicInceptionShutter islandShutter island againWhat’s Eating Gilbert Grape?Revolutionary roadTitanic againCatch me if you canBlood diamond
  • 37. ANTI CLOCKWISE 8 Questions Infinite bounce, Infinite pounce +10 on pass/direct +10/-10 on pounce
  • 38. 1In action films, one gets to witness the “Stormtrooper effect”, sometimes also called the“Reverse ninja theorem”.Explain.
  • 39. Answer follows….
  • 40. • Bad guys with guns never hit the target
  • 41. 2 Mark Waugh when on a tour to theSubcontinent was highly unsuccessful inscoring runs and ended up with fourconsecutive ducks which read 0000. Whatnickname , did he earn due to this incident?
  • 42. Answer follows….
  • 43. 3• Alan Smithee the credited director of movies such as: Death of a Gunfighter (1969) • National Lampoon’s Senior Trip (1995) • Woman Wanted (2000) • And TV works such as La Femme nikita • Call of the wild • Tiny Toon Adventures • He is even credited with writing the Daredevil comics #338-342. Although he is prolific, he has never been photographed or interviewed. Why is that? Note : None of the works mentioned above made much money, nor were they critically acclaimed.-00
  • 44. Answer follows….
  • 45. • Allan Smithee is a pseudonym for different directors when they make shitty or controversial movies and dont want to take credit for it
  • 46. 4• X is associated with several notable matches, including the "Match of the Century" against England in 1953, and the quarter-final ("Battle of Berne"), semi-final (against Uruguay) and final ("Miracle of Berne") of the 1954 FIFA World Cup. The team inflicted notable defeats on then- footballing world powers England, Uruguay and the Soviet Union.• Between 1950 and 1956, the team recorded 42 victories, 7 draws and just one defeat, in the 1954 World Cup final against West Germany. Under the Elo rating system they achieved the highest rating so far recorded by a national side.• Their records include 91.0% winning percentage ratio, 31 game undefeated, strongest power rating ever attained in the sports history using the Elo rating system for national teams: 2166 points, most consecutive games scoring at least one goal: 73 games, longest time undefeated in 20th and 21st centuries: 4 years 1 month, most collaborative goals scored between two starting players on same national side: 159 games.• ID X (not the country)
  • 47. Answer follows….
  • 48. The Mighty Magyars(Hungary National Team)
  • 49. 5She is OrianthiPandaris, the leadguitarist of in MJs musicgroup. Why did she makenews in India aroundSeptember 2011?
  • 50. Answer follows….
  • 51. • She played the guitar for ‘Sadda Haq’ from Rokstar.
  • 52. 6He is a retired American basketball player whoplayed his entire professional career for theLos Angeles Lakers . His nicknames include"Mr. Clutch," for his ability to make a big playin a clutch situation. After his playingcareer, he was the head coach of the Lakersfor three years, leading Los Angeles into theplayoffs each year. Who is this legend and howis he immortalized in NBA?
  • 53. Answer follows….
  • 54. NBA Logo silhouette was based on Jerry West
  • 55. 7The Hall of Fame Championships is aninternational tennis tournament that has beenheld every year in July since 1976 at theInternational Tennis Hall of Fame inNewport, Rhode Island.. Each year that thetournament has been held there is an inductionceremony for the Hall of Fame. What was sospecial about the winner of this tournament upuntil John Isner won it in 2011, a trait that has ledto the moniker "the Casino Curse," due to thelocation of the Hall of Fame at the NewportCasino.
  • 56. Answer follows….
  • 57. The top seed had never won the tournament since its inception.
  • 58. 8He is most famous for winning 6 medals at the1984 Summer Olympics, which was the firstOlympics in which the Peoples Republic ofChina participated. He also lit the Olympictorch in 2008. He was inducted into theInternational Gymnastics Hall of Fame in2000, becoming the first Chinese inductee. Allthis apart, we have heard his name throughsomething else. Name him.
  • 59. Answer follows….
  • 60. Li Ning
  • 62. GRID• 9 topics to choose from• 1 question in each topic• Teams choose for themselves• No negatives
  • 63. CRICKET• Its England 1975. The Australian cricket team, visiting for an Ashes series, fields a team full of legends. The pinnacle of world cricket - two old enemies facing off head to head. But cricket is undergoing a revolution and the cricket establishment will be brought to its knees.• This thrilling series is the story of X and its creator Y, who signed up the worlds greatest players and set up a parallel universe of cricket.’
  • 64. X- World Series CricketY-Kerry Packer
  • 65. FOOTBALLX were the invention of J. A.Brodie, who took out a patent for hisinvention in 1890. The first official useof X date from 1891 when they wereused at Crosby Cricket ground nearLiverpool, then home to a section of OldEtonians playing for a club calledLiverpool Ramblers AFC, and atNottingham Forests Town Ground. ID X.
  • 66. Goal nets
  • 67. TV SHOWSThe show usually opens with the themesong, "In the Street", written by Alex Chiltonand Chris Bell of the band Big Star. In2000, Chilton confirmed that he was paid $70 inroyalties each time the show aired, an amounthe thought ironic, given the shows title. In1999, the show was remade by the British ITVnetwork as Days Like These using almostverbatim scripts with minor changes to culturalreferences. Which show?
  • 68. The 70s Show
  • 70. Aperture Laboratories/Science
  • 71. MOVIE"My dad had asked me to visit three places in the world-rome, istanbul and kashmir, and had insisted that i visit kashmir only with him. Unfortunately he passed away before that happened. But Im glad i could visit the place with my second father". Whose quote? And whos the second father?
  • 72. SRK and Yash Chopra
  • 73. MUSIC
  • 74. The following are in the video of a song-Michael Jackson Corey FeldmanBeverly Johnson Steven SpielbergMalcolm-Jamal Warner Debbie GibsonSherman Hemsley Rick SchroderBrigitte Nielsen Blair Underwood "Weird Al" YankovicPaula Abdul BubblesCarl Weathers Suzanne SomersWhoopi Goldberg Lou FerrignoQuincy Jones Don King and "Son“Jackie Collins Mayim Bialik Virginia MadsenAmy Irving David CopperfieldJasmine Guy Billy Dee WilliamsRosanna Arquette Richard and Emily DreyfussLou Diamond Phillips Danny GloverOlivia Newton-John Olivia Hussey Dan AykroydJohn Travolta Steve GuttenbergWhich Song?
  • 75. Liberian Girl from album BAD
  • 76. WWEThis is Peter maivia, who was a famous Samoan wrestler. He was inducted in the WWE hall of fame, posthumously. He inspired his son and grandson to take up wrestling as well. His grandson became a very famous wrestler. Who the grandson?
  • 77. The Rock
  • 78. OLYMPICSIdentify the lady on the left from this LouisVitton Ad and what is her significance withrespect to olympics?
  • 79. Larisa Latynina.She held the record for highest number of individual medals at Olympics, before Phelps overtook that number
  • 80. ???Who is the first couple to beshown in bed together on primetime TV?
  • 81. LIST IT +5 for every correct answer -3 for every wrong answer
  • 82. List all the Indians who have wonINDIVIDUAL medals at theOlympics. 2.5 for each. -2.5 forwrong/miss.
  • 83. Exchange sheets
  • 84.  Norman Pritchard KD Jadhav Leander Paes Karnam Malleshwari RS Rathore Abhinav Bindra Sushil Kumar Gagan Narang Vijay Kumar Saina Nehwal Vijender Singh Yogeshwar Dutt Mary Kom
  • 85. THE END!!