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Private Jet Charters

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GuruConnector Private Jet Brochure 2013

  1. 1. Endeavor Global Group does not own or operate any aircraft, Endeavor arranges flights on behalf of the client with FAR Part 135 management companies or equivalent who meet FAA requirements. The Elite Travelers program that provides a frequent flyer with discounts and benefits, such as empty leg pricing, VIP catering, car transfers and luxury rewards that range from luxury goods to accommodations. As a Elite Traveler member, you will be assigned a 24/7 agent to fulfill each of your needs. This program is ideal for annual utilization over 100 hours . Benefits of our expertise • One-way pricing • Newest aircraft • Highest rated crews • ARG/US or Wyvern safety ratings • 15 years or newer aircraft • 24 hour a day access • As little as 2 hours notice (pending permits) Elite Travelers Card Endeavor’s Aviation Specialist division was created on the basis of bringing together decades worth of knowledge and experience to not only ensure you are traveling on the newest aircraft with the most qualified crew’s in the industry but receiving a value that cannot be matched. Selection of the right charter specialist team can not only make a difference on your annual budget but speed when it matters most. As thousand’s of aircraft owners have their aircraft available for charter only a select group has met our stringent criteria which is comprised of aircraft that are 15 years or newer, interior’s refurbished every 36 months, hold safety ratings of either Wyvern or ARG/US to ensure the highest level of quality is provided.
  2. 2. Annual hours Monthly Retainer Annual Retainer Under 25 hours $2,000 $24,000 26-50 hours $4,000 $48,000 51-100 hours $7,500 $90,000 101-250 hours $10,000 $120,000 251 hours plus $15,000 $180,000 Benefits VIP Standard catering 24/7 Concierge service Pass thru pricing on all charter quotes flight analysis for use of owned aircraft or fractional One-way and dead leg pricing when available The Frequent Jet Traveler program provides the most economical way of traveling via private jet. The utilization of this program creates an unmatched value that combines the highest level of quality along with an ongoing evaluation of your travel patterns and requirements. Endeavor’s team of experts will evaluate each and every flight to determine the most cost effective way of travel, whether it is jet charter or your aircraft or fractional ownership. Based off simple mathematics, this evaluation program can save between 15 – 40%. Supplemental lift or full time use of charter aircraft will be passed directly along to you for taking advantage of the consulting program. Endeavor’s bulk purchasing power is passed along to lower the annual cost of traveling via corporate aircraft. To lower the cost of travel by another 5 – 10%, an invitation only program is available for select travelers. This membership is offered after an extensive travel evaluation of the previous 2 years amongst other requirements that will be discussed with candidates.
  3. 3. Management Services: • Part 135 or 121 management placement • Part 91 management placement • Entry into service • Maintenance placement • Simplification of back office Endeavor Global Group recognizes the high demands of successful individuals. It is proven that the most successful companies are more productive, efficient and effective when utilizing private aircraft. Owning and utilizing an aircraft as a business tool properly can make a tremendous difference. It affords a valuable advantage in today’s challenging and competitive world. When your aircraft is stationary it is not productive for you. You could enable it to generate income and offset fixed costs, while you enjoy a reduced hourly rate. Endeavor Global Group represents several elite and exceptional Part 135 and Part 91 operations in each region of the United States and Europe. To obtain the ideal management company, Endeavor Global Group creates a competitive environment to bid for the contract. This method ensures that only the best service, quality and charter revenue will be provided at an unmatched value. The management companies are the finest in the industry, and maintain either ARG/US Platinum or Wyvern safety ratings. Endeavor Global Group can introduce competitive programs that will reduce your annual budget and create a quality environment for your aviation team.
  4. 4. Buying or selling an aircraft is not an easy task by any means, aircraft transaction is very complex due to the amount of moving parts and documentation. Understanding this process takes years of experience and dedication which Endeavor Global Aviation possess. The team consists of industry experts with experience from as little as 8 years to well over 25 years of transactions. A detailed process has been developed that creates the ideal environment for you to not only purchase the right aircraft, but have a seamless transaction. Services: Pre-buy Entry into service Management placement Finance assistance Aircraft owners needs change and the need for a subtraction of an aircraft can be marketed by anyone, but results will not take place. Results happen with Endeavor’s team of aircraft sales experts who can, not only price your aircraft accordingly, provide you with accurate assessments of the market to create the ideal buyers situation and the knowledge of where and how to market your aircraft for maximum exposure. Services: Strategic marketing Appraisals Reach to over 100 countries of qualified buyers
  5. 5. Financial Options: • Short or Long Term Leases • 5, 10, 20 year financing • Standard Fixed Rate Loans • Interest Only Loans • Adjustable Loans • Limited & Non-Recourse Loans Financing an aircraft can be either very simple or quiet complex, by understanding your needs and requirements our team of banking specialists can work with you on a the right form of financing for you. By introducing private equity, this provides a wider variety of debt structuring as well as interest rate options compared to the conventional options the banks offer. Whether your needs are for a new loan for a purchase, refinance or leasing, our hand picked finance specialists can assist you in securing the right form of finance for you. Endeavor’s hand selected bankers can offer you Standard Fixed Rate, Interest Only, Adjustable, Limited & Non-Recourse loans and Short or Long term lease.
  6. 6. Fractional Program Details: • Acquisition costs • Monthly Maintenance Fees • Occupied Hourly Rates • Fuel Base Rates & Surcharges • Interchange Ratio’s • Ownership in 50 hour increments Ownership of an aircraft is not always the ideal form of ownership, to maintain the benefits of ownership with less liability then “Fractional Ownership” may be right for you. All aircraft categories are available which range from Turbo Prop aircraft all the way to the Gulfstream G550. Endeavor Global Group maintains relationships with the fractional programs to provide you with not only a high level of service but the ability to evaluate which program may be right for you.
  7. 7. Airbus | Boeing | BeechJet | Challenger | Citation | Embraer | Falcon Global Express | Gulfstream Hawker | King Air | LearJet Aircraft Available for Sale, Charter, Lease or Fraction Selection of the right aircraft for your particular mission is crucial, some runways require an aircraft with great take off or landing performance other missions may require the ability to fly non-stop for 11 hours or more or a larger aircraft to accommodate a group of 250 passengers can all be arranged. The Endeavor team can evaluate your previous 12 months worth of travel, as well as future needs to better assist you in your selection. Each aircraft undergoes a detailed cosmetic and mechanical evaluation to ensure the finest level of quality and safety. The aircraft interiors are refurbished every 24 to 36 months and undergo scheduled airframe inspections amongst post trip evaluations.
  8. 8. Be sure to ask for your Luxury Specialist – Lenny Tambasco Contact Information: Direct: 1-561-756-3836 | Office: 1-866-986-8555 | Fax: 1-866-352-2124 | Website: