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Link Research Tool

Link Research Tool

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  • 1. November 2013 Guru99
  • 2. Penguin 2.1 - the 5th Spam-Filtering Algorithm, Is Live 2. Link Dtox Genesis Launch 3. Google Penalty On WWW Revoked But Remains On NonWWW 4. 12 Lessons Learned in Penguin 2.0 Analysis 5. See POLL Results of How Many Websites got Hit with Penguin 2.1 6. Goodbye, Google PageRank Data? 7. How to Leverage Google+ Posts in Google News 8. Matt Cutts At Pubcon 2013: Moonshots, Machine Learning & The Future Of Google Search 9. Optimizing The SEO Model 10.Infographic: How will you use the nofollow tag? 1.
  • 3.    The fifth confirmed release of Google’s “Penguin” spam fighting algorithm is live. Affects 1% of searches to a noticeable degree. 4-Oct Release
  • 4.   If you were hit by Penguin, you’ll likely know if you see a marked drop in traffic that begins today or tomorrow. To recover, you’ll need to do things like disavow bad links or manually have those removed. Filing a reconsideration request doesn’t help, because Penguin is an automated process. Until it sees that what it considers to be bad has been removed, you don’t recover. If you were previously hit by Penguin and have taken actions hopefully meant to fix that, today and tomorrow are the days to watch. If you see an improvement in traffic, that’s a sign that you’ve escaped Penguin.
  • 5.      About Link Detox Genesis How Link Detox Genesis works for You Best Practices on using Link Detox Genesis Successful and typical workflow using Link Detox Genesis Step-By-Step Instructions using Link Detox Genesis
  • 6.   This confirms Link Detox as the market leading software for finding unnatural and toxic links just like Google does. And we’re just getting started. Link Detox Genesis™ is a self-learning system that will be trained over time, without waiting for new releases like in the past. Unlimited FREE reprocessing of your Link Detox Genesis reports is another cool new feature. All existing active users of Link Detox Pro or up and the Starters, Expert, Superhero plans get the option to earn extra Link Detox credits to test the new Link Detox Genesis™ algorithm coming soon in the next few days for FREE.
  • 7.    Link Detox Genesis™ calls links suspicious or even toxic depending on an aggregated calculation of multiple patterns and risk signals. Some of those pages spotted by Genesis are called toxic, but might look great to you. Well, we’ve seen SEOs say “That’s a link I would love to have” for links that Google specifically called out as spam examples We pride ourselves in constantly improving our awesome tools to help webmasters like you get more accurate data for your link analysis. This is one of the many reasons thousands of webmasters from all over the world choose Link Research Tools and Link Detox for their Backlink Audit and link analysis… Read more
  • 8.     Analyze BOTH www and non-www: Classify your keywords 80% or more: Upload as many link source files as possible: Rate Links as Good or Bad:
  • 9.     Starting DTOX report with ALL data you can get Reclassify, Link Rating, Disavow and REProcess (NEW, Free, Unlimited!.. just make sure the report is re-loaded after your changes with F5 for the re-process button to become active) Export Disavow to Google Re-Run DTOX report and upload current ALL data AND Disavow files (Round-Trip Disavow)
  • 10.  This software is providing step-by-step instruction like Gather all possible link sources.
  • 11.        Link Detox for BOTH – the www and nonwww Unlimited FREE re-processing Link Detox Genesis™ rules – TOX3/SUSP20 New improved Blacklist Checking – SUSP21 THREE New Website Footprint Detection rules SUSP22,SUSP23,SUSP24 Detecting Hidden image links – SUSP25
  • 12.         Detecting Links from voting directories – SUSP26 Detecting Link from banned domains – SUSP27 Keyword Intelligence in Link Detox finally – SUSP28, SUSP29, SUSP30, SUSP31 New “Not Verified” Status for edge cases New HTTP Code Column New option to keep “Dropped Links” in DTOX – and WHY New Filter Slices in Link Detox Keyword Cloud by LinK Detox Risk
  • 13.   A WebmasterWorld thread has an interesting discussion around how a webmaster said his manual penalty was revoked on his WWW but remains on his non WWW. The non WWW is 301 redirected to the WWW and the WWW is set as the preferred domain in Webmaster Tools. The webmaster with this problem said:  A site I watch has a manual penalty. After a lot of link cleaning and reconsideration request, Google has revoked penalty on www version, while penalty on non-www version stays. Both www and non-www versions verified in WMT and 301 redirected from non-www to www.
  • 14.   =>First of all, webmaster should remove 301 redirection from non www version to www version because doing redirection can pass penalty to www version. Then they should sent a reconsidering request to Google saying this issue... =>Not sure I completely believe the person to be honest. A similar question I've had for awhile now though: if you've set up the www. and non www. versions of a site in GWT, do you still need to manage both? Or only the one you have set to preferred?
  • 15.  This analysis was created using our Superhero Plan and the new Competitive Link Detox tool extensively. The Superhero plan allows you to perform professional SEO and backlink analysis for your own or your competitor’s sites, but if you only need Competitive Link Detox (CDTOX), that’s also included in all new Link Detox Pro plans and up.
  • 16.              1. Was Anchor Text overdone? 2. Did the websites have more CEMPER Power than CEMPER Trust? 3. Did they have too many sitewide links? 4. Did they have paid links? 5. Was the link’s Power*Trust distribution unnatural? 6. Have sneaky redirects been involved? 7. Has unnatural link growth been involved? 8. Have link networks been involved? 9. Did any unnatural country ratios occur? 10. Has there been an unnatural Deep Link ratio? 11. Did the websites have an unnatural Link Status Ratio? 12. Did the websites have a high Link DTOX Risk? 13. Results Analysis
  • 17.   We clearly validated this fact on 7 out of 9 case studies. So do not more anchor text overdone
  • 18.    Result : 9 out of 12 website had more cemper power than cemper trust Why is a big gap between Power and Trust bad? Typically, webmasters try to build strong links from the start in order to fuel their own PageRank. Getting strong links is hard and getting them from low trust sites (i.e. the spammy ones that sell links, etc.) is easier. For instance, got tons of .edu links, yet these .edu links had low power and practically no trust. That’s why the website had a CEMPER Power of 6 but a CEMPER Trust of only 4. (GB)
  • 19.  6 out of 9 websites had excessive sitewide links. Sitewide links are not beneficial for the growth of a websites’s ranking. On the contrary, sitewide links can harm a website. for instance had excessive sitewide links through its 301 redirects.
  • 20.   Result : 6 out of 12 website had paid links. Identifying high quality paid links isn’t an easy thing. The upcoming Link Detox Genesis™ tries to place a lot more emphasis on finding those better made paid links, so we are looking forward to the results we can get by then.
  • 21.   Result : 10 out of 12 had unnatural Link power Trust Several websites had really toxic link graphs. They have been outside of the normal variance and had 2 times more weak or strong links than similar sites in the niche.
  • 22.   Result : 3 out of 7 cases sneaky redirects have been involved So, does Penguin 2.0 punish sneaky redirects? Well, according to the LRT case studies, 3 out of 7 losers had sneaky redirects. If we can expose sneaky redirects, Google can do that for sure as well, so I suggest yes, Penguin 2.0. punishes sneaky redirects.
  • 23.   Result : 1 out of 7 cases untatural link velocity has been involved Unnatural link velocity can be very harmful for every website. What I’ve seen quite often were websites that have been online for ages and suddenly started doing lots of linkbuilding. The consequence, the website’s link growth exploded from 0 to 100 – in Google’s eyes of course a very unnatural issue and therefore most likely an indicator for manipulation. Of course, if it is a big brand launching a new website doing some advertising on TV there would probably also be a hype like that, but there would also be some signals around it some social media buzz that makes it natural for Google.
  • 24.    Result : 9 out of 11 cases link networks were involved Links are essential to gain good rankings. We all know that. But getting a bunch of links by using a link network is the worst thing you can do. But what is a link network? Well, to keep it simple: a group of websites that are connected via same IPs, ClassCs, registrars, and so on. So did Penguin 2.0. punish the usage of link networks? Well, in 9 out of 11 cases link networks have been involved.
  • 25.  Result : 5 out of 7 had an unnatural country ratio
  • 26.  Result : 6 out of 8 had an unnatural deep link ratio
  • 27.  Result : 5 out of 7 had an unnatural link status profile
  • 28.  Result : 8 out of 12 link profiles have been risky
  • 29.   We have threads at WebmasterWorld, Black Hat Forums, tons at Google Webmaster Help, Threadwatch and many others. Keep in mind, this was announced late Friday afternoon and the threads are just going to get worse when more people check their analytics after the weekend is over, sometime this morning. I've seen screen shots of Google Analytics showing websites completely destroyed by this update. I've also seen screen shots of Google Analytics showing websites that recovered in a major way from previous Penguin updates. This had huge swings both ways for webmasters and SEOs. Some recovered and are back in business, while others are about to lose their businesses. Also, some it had no impact on at all. Like you all know, when one web site drops another one takes it place.
  • 30.  How Did Google Penguin 2.1 Impact Your Site?  My Site Was Hurt Bad By Penguin 2.1 (Drop In Traffic) 68.1% (1,723 votes)         My Site Recovered With Penguin 2.1 After Being Hit By Previous Penguin Updates 7.04% (178 votes) My Site Gained In Traffic After Penguin 2.1 (Without Ever Being Hit By A Penguin Update) 5.69% (144 votes) My Site Saw No Change In Traffic After Penguin 2.1 17.23% (436 votes) Other: 1.94% (49 votes)
  • 31. What is it?    Webpages with a higher PageRank are more likely to appear at the top of Google search results. Google updates Toolbar Pagerank every 3 or so months: 4 February 2013
  • 32.  In 2013 it’s a lot more risky to manipulate Google Pagerank, so the mantra should not be to “increase your Pagerank” but rather “get quality sites to link to you” which will have the same effect. In 2013, it’s MUCH MUCH HARDER to manipulate Pagerank so it’s probably better to focus on just getting links from real reputable sites. If you focus on where your next QUALITY, EDITORIAL link comes from – your real pr will go up, but more importantly, so will the number of visitors you receive from Google (dependant on other factors too, mind you).
  • 33.    Engage with your audience and in your industry Tag your posts, share links to articles Never discount how Google uses its assets
  • 34.  Engage with your audience and in your industry – Create timely posts about current events and share them with the people in your circles. It’s like content freshness but for Google+. Invite engagement, brand awareness and subject matter expertise at the same time.
  • 35.  Tag your posts, share links to articles – In each and every post you create, do yourself a favor; use relevant hashtags and incorporate a link to an article. You never know when you’re going to be in the news, and I mean that in the best possible way.
  • 36.  Never discount how Google uses its assets – We saw this with authorship and other structured data. There are obvious incentives to using Google+, and having your posts appear in association with news articles is an added bonus.
  • 37.      Core Quality Changes Webspam Changes Communication Future of Search Webspam Trends
  • 38.     Hummingbird Panda Softening Detecting/Boosting Authorities Smartphone Ranking
  • 39.     Penguin 2.0 & 2.1 Spammy Query Algorithms Advertorials/Native Advertising Spam Networks
  • 40.     New videos for malware/hacking Concrete examples in guidelines >100 speaking events, Hangouts on Air, webmaster office hours How search works website
  • 41.    Machine Learning Mobile Social/Identity/Authorship
  • 42.    Hacking Hot Topics No Toolbar PageRank scheduled for rest of year
  • 43.   SEO has always been focused on acquisition. The marketing strategy, based on high rankings against keyword terms, is about gaining a steady flow of new visitors. If a site ranks better than competing sites, this steady stream of new visitors will advantage the top sites to the disadvantage of those sites beneath it.
  • 44. Rain On The Parade  White-Hat SEO Is Dead  Optimization In The New Environment 1. Offer Optimization 2. Conversion Optimization 
  • 45.   The nofollow tag is a way publishers can tell search engines not to count some of their links to other pages as “votes” in favor of that content. Why would publishers need to block such votes? Doing so can help them avoid problems with search engines believing they are selling influence or are somehow involved in schemes deemed as unacceptable SEO practices. Our Search Engine Land infographic below, made with the help of the good folks over at Killer Infographics, explains more about the nofollow tag, including when and how to use it. Also see additional references and background information that come after the infographic:
  • 46.  Guru99 is on Mission to make Education Fun and Free  Just visit our site and Enjoy Free Education  Http://