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Blogs And Wiki Blogs And Wiki Presentation Transcript

  • Gurleen Ahluwalia Lecturer in Communication Skills BBSBEC, Fatehgarh Sahib Punjab
    • Technology has the potential to address a variety of students’ learning styles and academic needs simultaneously and seamlessly .
    • promotes integrative motivation
    • Increases involvement
    • own sense of ownership
    • reduces the boredom
    • An online journal or diary.
    • Simple web publishing
    • Chronological presentation
    • Shared or individual
    • Support comments
  • Blogger http:// Edublogs http:// Live Journal http://
    • Instant publishing to the Net
    • Empowering – gives students a voice
    • Comment features allows interaction/peer review
    • Promotes ownership of work
    • Promotes reflection on teaching and learning
    • Creating an e-portfolio of student’s work
    • (Contd…)
    Advantages of Blogging
    • Used for brainstorming, storytelling and generating discussions
    • Promotes writing and reading habits
    • Builds community
    • Encourage shy students to participate
    • Developing critical skills
    • Offers worldwide readership.
    Advantages of Blogging (….contd)
  • Popularity of Blogs
    • Writing Video Reviews
    • Digital Storytelling
    • Discussion Forums
    • My Personal Diary
    Blogs in communication Skills class of Engineering Students
  • Teacher’s Role in a Classroom Blog
    • Wiki
    • • A website (non-linear, hyperlinked)
    • Collaboration
    • – collaborative public writing tool
    • • Community of users construct knowledge
    • – Edit, delete or modify content
    • – Ongoing collective work of many authors
    • • Students “own” their learning experience
  • Links to FREE WIKI Services
  • Example of WIKI Wikipedia: http://
    • Wikis in communication Skills class of Engineering Students.
    • Modular Project Reports.
    • Survey Reports
    • Wikis...
    • maximize interplay
    • are democratic
    • work in real time
    • are text-based
    • permit public document construction or distributed authorship
    • promote negotiation
    • permit collaborative document editing
    • work on volunteer collaboration
  • WIKIS CONVENTIONAL WEB PAGES Open-editing Limited editing Simple text formatting language Conventional HTML Earlier versions stored in online data-base Earlier versions not automatically stored Easy to create new pages Harder to create new pages Low security Higher security Equal User Roles Hierarchical user Roles Multiple Anonymous Authorship Limited know Authorship Communal, Collaborative Individual Pages considered always in process Pages considered finished Informal, human Voice Formal
    • • Help students to communicate & collaborate
    • • Motivate students to participate
    • • Provide opportunities to read & write
    • • Postings can be created by students any time, any place
    • . Own sense of ownership
    • Get experience with practical, legal and ethical issues of creating a hypertext document.
  •   BLOGS WIKIS Usually single author Usually many authors Reverse Chronologically Structure determined by content and users Usually Personal Usually Objective External Links Internal and External links Used in brainstorming or generating discussion Used in group projects Comments on the existing information Easily modifiable
    • Motivating teachers to use technology.
    • Investments in teacher training.
    • Faculty development Programs.
    • Regular technology Conferences and Workshops.
          • Thanks