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A V aids

  1. 1. AUDIO- VISUAL AIDSProjected & Audio Aids Film Projector Video tape Recorder Multimedia Projector Presented By : Ms. Gurkirat Kaur Assistant Professor CCEW, Chitkara University
  2. 2. Film ProjectorA movie projector is an opto- mechanical device for displaying moving pictures by projecting them on a projection screen
  3. 3. Film Projector16 mm projector was a popular format for audio-visual used in schools for educational films and as a high-end homeentertainment system before the advent of broadcast television i.e. from 1940s to 1980s .
  4. 4. Film ProjectorFilms can be used as a teaching aid in almost any discipline, especially the languages. And it can be particularly effective in teaching different kinds of learners. The film projectors are replaced after 1980s by multimedia projectors or LCD projectors
  5. 5. Video tape RecorderA video tape recorder (VTR) is a tape recorder designed to record video material, usually on a magnetic tape. Its one form included the tape within a videocassette, which was used with video cassette recorders (VCR). The VCR is simple to operate, portable, and less expensive
  6. 6. Video tape Recorder VCRs became popular in education as it teachers to allow to pause, rewind, and fast-forward of any recorded shows. After 2002 magnetic tapes were largely replaced by digitalvideo tape formats and videocassettes and VCRs popular at the consumer level, were also replaced by digital media, such as DVD and later Optical discs.
  7. 7. Multimedia ProjectorAn LCD projector or multimedia projector is a type of video projector for displaying video,images or computer data on a screen or other flat surface.
  8. 8. Multimedia Projector USE IN EDUCATION TO VIEW EDUCATIONAL FILMSLCD projectors allow teachers to easily show educational films. They can show clips of video they have found online or play a DVD.
  9. 9. Multimedia Projector USE IN EDUCATION TO SHOW LESSON PRESENTATIONS Teachers can prepare presentations on a computer and display them on an LCD projector.This can be very useful for creating lesson plans that can be used year after year. It provides a large, clear image that students can see from anywhere in the room.
  10. 10. Multimedia Projector USE IN EDUCATION TO GET STUDENTS INVOLVED WITH INTERACTIVE SLIDES When an LCD projector is used to display an image on a whiteboard: Teacher has the option to use dry erase markers to draw on theimage e.g. demonstrating a chemical reaction or labeling muscle groups in anatomy classStudents can use markers in different colors to participate as well e.g. a teacher may display a paragraph on the screen and ask students to mark errors on the whiteboard