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  • 2. Biography Dickens was anCharles John HuffamEnglish writer, generallyconsidered to be the greatestnovelist of the Victorian period andresponsible for some of Englishliteratures most iconic novels andcharacters. Charles Dickens wasborn in Portsmouth on 7th ofFebruary of 1812.Charles spent hischildhood in the atmosphere of loveand friendship. Charles grew up inChatham(east of London)and livedthere until he was ten.
  • 3. BiographyWhen he was only 12 years old ,hisfather went to prison because offinancial problems and his familymoved to Kent in London. Dickens leftthe school and went to work in afactory. In 1813 he became anewspaper reporter. Soon hestarted writing short stories formagazines. A lot of people bougththe magazines to read the story.Dickens married Catherine Hogarthin April 1836.They had ten childrenand he divorced in 1858.
  • 4. UK and Ireland,where he readexcerpts from his workBiographypublicly.After acquiring the housewhere he spent his childhood, Gad’sHill Place ,in 1856,soon became theirpermanent residence.Dickenstravailled and lived in northAmerica , swtlzerland,Italy andFrance.On 8 June 1870, Dickens sufferedanother stroke in his house, after afull days work on Edwin Drood. Henever regained consciousness, andthe next day, on 9 June, five yearsto the day after the Staplehurstrail crash (9 June 1865), he died in
  • 5. In 1833 Dickenss first story, ADinner at Poplar Walk wasEarly novelspublished in the London periodical,Monthly Magazine. The followingyear he rented rooms at FurnivalsInn becoming a political journalist,reporting on parliamentary debateand travelling across Britain tocover election campaigns for theMorning Chronicle. His journalism, inthe form of sketches in periodicals,formed his first collection of piecesSketches by Boz, published in 1836.This led to the serialisation of hisfirst novel, The Pickwick Papers, inMarch 1836. He continued to
  • 6. Oliver Twist was the second Important works:novel of Charles Dickens.Thestory follows the young lifeof an orphan who endures ahorrible life in aworkhouse(a place wherethose unable to supportthemselves are offeredemployment andhousing).Oliver is laterplaced with an undertakerof whom he laterescapes,but only to fallinto the evil hands of apickpocket gang.This book is know forexposing the terribletreatment of orphaned
  • 7. -David Copperfield(1850):Important works: life of This story follows the David Copperfield from childhood to adult. As a child David is sent to boarding school by stepfather because he defended himself during a beating.The story continues into david’s adult years, and so many traits of his character can be applied to Dickens himself. This novel is said to follow many events of Dickens own life , and out of all his works is know as the closest to an
  • 8. -A Tale of TwoCities(1859): Important works:It takes a place inthe early years ofthe revolution, andprovides look intothe demoralizationof the peasants bythe aristocrats,andin a twist the brutaltreatment of formeraristocrats by therevolutionaries.This novel isreviewed as one of
  • 9. Important works:-Great Expectations(1860):This story follows the live inan orphan named PhilipPhirrip.In the beginning Piplives with is abusive sisterand her husband, but he islater sent to live with awoman who teaches him towork a laborer,despite hishopes she will teach him tobe a gentleman.The storycontinues to follow Pipthroughout his life throughadulthood.He eventualyinherits a fortune.The majority of critics
  • 10. ImportantChristmas Carol(1843): -A works: One of Charles Dickens most famous and loved story is a Christmas Carol. Ebenezer Scrooge is a business owne who only thinks of turning a profit and cares nothing for his employee Mr.Cratchit. Mr.Scrooges evil ways have prompted three spirits to show him his mistakes and what will come of him if he doesn’t fix his wicked ways.
  • 11. Charles Dickens:
  • 12. My opinion: one of theCharles Dickens wasbest writers in the world. Hisstories are very good andfamous and funny too. In myopinion , he was a very goodwriter.