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My portfolio contains a summary and samples of interaction design related work that I have done in the last few years.

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Manisha Gupta's Portfolio

  1. 1. User Experience Designer . Information Architect . Usability +919999688255
  2. 2. AT&T Job function: + Plan & conduct user research + Concept development + Guide development of requirements + Create Wireframes + Guide graphic design + Collaborate with analysts, project managers, QA, developers & clients + Propose & develop ideas for future projects (Top) I worked on a project where we added a device recommender feature to a touchscreen kiosk used in AT&T retail stores. The device recommender asks the customer to answer a few questions and based on their input, it recommends suitable phones. Parts of the conceptu- lization, wireframes and comps are shown here. (Bottom) Every person in our team was asked to come up with a concept for an iPhone app that provides an introduc- tion to our team. Shown here are parts of the moodboard,Overview: preliminary wireframes and comps of the idea that I presented.As a UX Designer with the Concept Development & Implementation group at AT&T, my main role is to create user-centered solutions forapplications on touch screen kiosks and handheld technology used in AT&T’s retail stores. I have also guided enhancements to the point ofsales systems used by AT&T stores and 3rd party AT&T retailers. Though my deliverables for most projects correspond to user research andprototyping related documentation, I work with the business client through all phases of a project to ensure their vision and the proposeddesign are successfully implemented. +919999688255
  3. 3. LLC Job function: + User requirement analysis + + + Develop wire-frames + Design mockups + Collaborate with stake- holders, developers, visual designers & PR agency + Plan and conduct usability testing + Make recommendations for design iterations (Top left) Original homepage of the application (Bottom left) Rebranding of the product and changed layout of homepage based on feedback from user testing (Top right) Wireframes of the iPhone appOverview:As an Interaction Design and Usability Consultant at URturn, I helped them design and launch a marketplace for virtual goods onFacebook called the Bodega Shop. Apart from developing and designing the architecture of the Bodega application on Facebook, I alsodesigning, development and testing. +919999688255
  4. 4. Hitachi America Limited Job function: + Conduct market studies + Conduct competitor analysis + Plan and conduct user interviews + Develop user goals + Plan and conduct card sorting + Create low delity prototypes + Plan and conduct usability testing + Make recommendations for design iterations (Top left) Progress of the home page design concepts based on user feedback (Bottom right) Progress of the review drive history featureOverview: design through the 3 days of user testingAs a User Experience Researcher at Hitachi’s Automotive Research Lab, I worked with their Navigation Systems team primarily focusing oninforming the concept and design of future navigation systems. I worked on creating the prototype for a web portal to be used in conjunc-tion with future navigation systems. The process involved conducting market studies, competitor analysis and target audience research.Based on data from these studies, we created personas and scenarios. Card sorting exercises were conducted to identify and organize linksand labels for the portal. This was followed by low delity proprototyping of di erent concepts of the web portal. Finally, we tested thedi erent prototypes to arrive at a nal prototype. +919999688255
  5. 5. ANDOR Christy Wright Job function: “I want uniqueness. I don’t care about the money.” + User research + Develop personas + Competitor analysis + Devise strategy for website Background architecture + Develop wire-frames Age: 32 years Based in: Los Angeles Driven by: fashion, fashion, fashion Pairs of shoes owned: 500 Dominique Thomas“Shoes run my life. Without shoes I don’t exist.” (Top left) Wireframe showing Background the product display page of Age: 25 years ANDOR left Based in: Brooklyn NY (Bottom left) Part of the persona of the “sneaker- freaker” Driven by: nostalgia, thrill of the chase, love for shoes (Top right) Part of the persona Pairs of shoes owned: more than 270 of the “rich fashionesta” (Bottom right) WireframeOverview: showing the product details page of ANDOR rightin-store experience, we developed an IA strategy such that seperate sections of the website were created for the left and right shoe.The process involved conducting user research and competitor analysis. Personas were generated based on the user research. Thewebsite IA strategy was developed by combining the research with Andors business model. Wireframes implementing the proposedIA strategy for the main pages of the site were designed. +919999688255
  6. 6. Ann Arbor Hands on Museum Job function: + User requirement analysis + + Mood Boarding + Personas + Scenarios + Create sitemaps + Surveying + Develop wire-frames + Design mockups + Collaborate with stake- holders + Make recommendations for design iterations (Top left) Analyzing observa- tions from contextual inquiries prototype (Top right) Wireframe for the hand-held device (Bottom right) Testing with students at the Hands onOverview: Museumcommunication is usually one way and secondly, it is temporary. As part of a three person group, I worked with the Ann Arbor Hands onMuseum to develop an interface for a touch-screen hand-held device that enhances the museum visitors experience and facilitateslong-term learning. After extensive research on the use of hand-held technology in museums, we conducted contextual inquiries. +919999688255
  7. 7. UMMA Job function: + User research + Field observation + Task analysis + Prototyping + Developing mockups (Left) Mockup showing the visualization for browsing the images based on the concept of tree maps (Top right) Mockup showing the visualization for searching through UMMA’s images based on the concept of clustering (Bottom right) Mockup of visualization of workspace for educators to plan lessons and collaborate with other artOverview: educatorsUMMAs image database more accessible for art educators. +919999688255
  8. 8. Mirlyn Job function: + Conduct structured interviews + Plan & conduct ethno- graphic studies + + Feature analysis + Heuristic Evaluation + Develop wire-frames + Design mockups + Make recommendations for design iterations (Top left) Original interface of Mirlyn- not error tolerant and cluttered (Bottom right) Redesigned interface with decreased information access costs and supports error correction and managementOverview:Mirlyn is the online library service of the University of Michigan. As part of a four person team, I evaluated and redesigned Mirlyn’sinterface. Our process included conducting structured interviews and performing an ethnographic study to understand how userstwo redesign alternatives for each problem area. Finally, the team evaluated these redesigns by assessing the strengths and weaknessesof each alternative. +919999688255
  9. 9. UM Special Collections Library Job function: + Conducting contextual inquiries + + + Deployment process mapping + + Wire-framing + Designing mockups + Collaborating with curators, assistants + Making recommendations for design iterations information at the Special Collections Library (SCL) (Right) Deployment process map of the SCLOverview:The Special Collections Library at UM that holds materials that need special protection and mediatd use. I worked as an Operationsways in which the process could be streamlined. Through a series of interviews, an inspection of the physical space occupied by Special +919999688255