Intro to US colleges and universities


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learn the basics about US colleges and universities; find the best colleges and universities for your child; college counseling

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Intro to US colleges and universities

  1. 1. PlanetGPA.comYour trusted overseas education consultant for US education Contact: (585) 489-4606 150 Lucius Gordon Drive Rochester, New York Gtalk: PlanetGPA2012
  2. 2. US Colleges and Universities• There are over 4500 universities ▫ Number of PhD granting US universities: 125 ▫ Public 4-year US colleges and universities 615 ▫ Public 2-year US Colleges and Universities 1,092 ▫ Private 4-year US Colleges and Universities 1,536 ▫ Private 2-year US Colleges and Universities 184
  3. 3. Universities in US
  4. 4. Number of US Universities by State
  5. 5. Doctoral Degrees Awarded in the US
  6. 6. Number of State CollegesAlabama 65 Missouri 116Alaska 7 Montana 23Arizona 74 Nebraska 40Arkansas 50 Nevada 30California 366 New Hampshire 27Colorado 71 New Jersey 77Connecticut 50 New Mexico 40Delaware 16 New York 286District of North Carolina 134 17Columbia North Dakota 20Florida 163 Ohio 178Georgia 133 Oklahoma 53Hawaii 18 Oregon 64Idaho 17 Pennsylvania 192Illinois 173 Puerto Rico 1Indiana 90 Rhode Island 15Iowa 57 South Carolina 72Kansas 59 South Dakota 22Kentucky 65 Tennessee 97Louisiana 78 Texas 212Maine 33 Utah 42Maryland 68 Vermont 24Massachusetts 131 Virginia 103Michigan 93 Washington 77Minnesota 99 West Virginia 41Mississippi 39 Wisconsin 73 Wyoming 10
  7. 7. Areas of Study and Degree Types• US colleges and universities offer every possible major in the world!• Nearly 1,000 majors to choose from!• There are four main degrees: ▫ Associate (2 years) ▫ Undergraduate or Bachelor (4 years) ▫ Graduate  Masters  Doctoral  Post-Graduate
  8. 8. How to Apply to best US collegesand universities• Each university has its own admission criteria• Typically 70% is objective, 30% subjective• Test scores, marks, essays, documents• Admission process is complex• Maintain contact with school to ensure your information is complete (test scores, transcripts, etc)
  9. 9. Required Tests:GRE/GMAT/TOEFL/IELTS• Most top US universities require students to take tests• IELTS or TOEFL is required for ALL students coming from India.• A TOEFL score of 79 or above is necessary• An IELTS score of 7 or above is good• A student can also enroll in English as Second Language (ESL) program at a US university
  10. 10. US Bachelors Degree• Huge potential for undergraduate students• Community colleges serve as a path to 4-year US Colleges and Universities• Undergraduate students take the SAT (or ACT)• SAT is not required by every school (We have a list of which schools do not)• All universities require TOEFL or IELTS
  11. 11. MS in US Degree• The most popular degree in the US!• Popular majors: Engineering, Computer Science, Pharmacy, Health Sciences and Business• Good students can get scholarships and financial assistance (Full or partial)• Students should have strong undergrad grades and good test scores (GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS)• Students will require good communication skills
  12. 12. The MBA Degree• A US MBA is prestigious and highly sought-after• Over 600 US universities offer an MBA with varying specialties of focus• Some may require work experience, most don’t• GMAT is the required test for business schools• Some schools may not require GMAT, most do• TOEFL or IELTS is required for all students
  13. 13. PhD/Doctoral• PhD counseling requires in-depth knowledge of: ▫ US Doctoral programs ▫ Admissions criteria and deadlines ▫ Financial Aid and Scholarships ▫ Career opportunities ▫ Faculty profiles ▫ Research interests of students ▫ A customized essay for each school
  14. 14. Keys to Successful US Admissions• Apply Early!• Do well on tests• Write a strong and meaningful essay• Obtain favorable letters of reference• Prepare for visa interview• Each school has different deadlines• There are Fall, Spring, Summer, and “Rolling” Admissions• Rolling means students can apply at any time
  15. 15. Top Ranked US Universities• Competition for top US colleges and universities is big• Top US universities admit only very good students• Of every 10 applicants, only 1-3 will be admitted• Begin the process 18 months in advance• Study for tests and do well! (GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS and others)• Work to improve your written and oral skills
  16. 16. US Scholarships• If you’re above average, a partial scholarship is possible to a top US college or US university• Your application must be powerful, complete and accurate• Apply early for good US scholarships• Each US university has different criteria• PlanetGPA has expertise in international student scholarships
  17. 17. Scholarships vs Financial Aid• Scholarships are an award that the student does NOT have to repay• Students do not need to work to receive a scholarship• Many students work to receive financial aid• Financial aid can be awarded by: ▫ Full or partial tuition waiver ▫ Graduate research or teaching assistantship ▫ Work assignment
  18. 18. How can PlanetGPA Help?• We are world-renowned overseas educational consultant.• We are experts in Associate, Masters, MBA and PhD degree programs• We have expertise in many disciplines: engineering, business, life science, pharmacy, arts, technology and many others• All counseling is done by US counselors
  19. 19. Services We Offer For Students• Shortlist universities based on your unique profile.• Offer detailed reports on acceptance rates, required test scores, faculty profiles and other comprehensive information• Assist you to create an authentic essay• Check necessary documents
  20. 20. You can hope and dream that greatthings will happen to you, orYou can hope, dream and act sothat great things happen to you!Contact us today!
  21. 21. Contact us today•• Register on our site:• gtalk with us: PlanetGPA2012