From Mom, To My Dear Child


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From moms all over the world to children all over the world - some thoughts on how to live your life.

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From Mom, To My Dear Child

  1. 1. I wrote this as a tribute to moms all over the world Uma g. Gupta
  2. 2. To my dear child,
  3. 3. Mother’s Day has come and gone . You showered me with your love, moving tributes, fabulous lunches, and memorable gifts. There is no love chart that correlates how much you give me with how much I love you. Capitalism is good for the economy, but it is not how I measure your love for me.
  4. 4. My love for you is constant and unwavering, lunch or no lunch, gift or no gift. I have one request :Do not remove me from your “To- Do” list. Make me a permanent item on your list.
  5. 5. A 30-second call from you is all that I need to make me feel like the Queen of the Universe. A one-line email from you saying that you miss me is what brings a tear drop of joy. Your hug is still the sweetest gift. Your laugh is my best dessert. Your footsteps are the sweetest music to my ears. You redefined joy for me. You are my mirror – I see my reflection in you and I wonder if this is what a miracle looks like.
  6. 6. And there is one more thing…I realize that parents are imperfect people trying to raise a perfect child. And so I must confess and ask for your understanding and forgiveness for my flaws and irrational beliefs and of course, as always, here is a fresh dose of my “advice” to you.
  7. 7. May you never know fear: Live your life without fear. Although as parents we perpetually create scary scenarios about all the things that can go wrong if you do this or don’t do that, don’t let fear come in the way of pursuing your dreams or living your life. Go for it. Life is to be lived by taking giant steps, not a few puny little safe steps like a scared mouse in a dark hole.
  8. 8. May you have enough: As parents, we want you to have all the comforts of life. Truth be known, we want you to be well off for one “logical” reason or the other. But we also know that wealth and happiness are not correlated. There is something called “just enough” for each individual to live a good life. Whatever your “just enough” mark may be, may you find it and may it stay and grow with you.
  9. 9. May you see the Divine in everyone: Even though we taught you that God loves everyone and everyone is equal, we have also confused you many times through our own actions that clearly show that we don’t always believe in it or live by it. May the Divinity in you see the Divine in everyone you encounter, regardless of their class, creed, age, religion, education, and other divisive classifications.
  10. 10. May you live in this moment: As parents, we are always focused on the future. When you accomplish one thing, we look to the next accomplishment or accolade and then the next. We have foolishly come to believe that life is a string of “accomplishments” or security gates that need to be opened and shut appropriately. May you learn to live in this moment, for it is a string of “moments” that will become the fabric of your life.
  11. 11. May you have the courage to live your life, not ours: In the name of taking care of you and your welfare, knowingly or unknowingly, we live our dreams through you. We work hard to earn bragging rights with our friends and even more so, with our enemies. May you walk the path of your heart and your spirit . May you always know that you have the power to define success on your terms, not ours.
  12. 12. May your family be large: It is easy to define “family” as blood relatives. But I hope your family is a large one – after all this planet belongs to you. All living creatures in it are your family. The environment, with all its natural beauty, is your family. May you always recycle . May you always love and protect this planet and all its living creatures.
  13. 13. May you see your dad as a “mom” too: When I am off sync, he has stepped in and been both a dad and a mom to you. Mom in not a gender thing. It is a philosophy of love and caring and a life of giving. Your dad has been a great substitute mom on many occasions. Remember to thank him as well every “Mother’s Day.”
  14. 14. May you be courageous and kind: Although as parents we crave for stability in your life, the only area where stability is yours to have and hold is your character. May you always be courageous and kind and generous. Taking is easy – but giving takes a heart that beats with care and purpose. Share your wealth, for when you give, your receive.
  15. 15. May you always be my teacher: Even though I may pretend to be the teacher and the adult, it is not always the case. You have taught me about love, humility, hope, courage, persistence, and authenticity. May you always be my teacher.
  16. 16. May you be wise: Finally (yes, I know you have been waiting for this) like waves in the ocean that rise and crash, our lives are also filled with waves. If your wave ever crashes, don’t worry or panic like your parents may have. Just go to the “sacred place” in your heart. Know that there is always one person in the world who wakes up with a prayer on her lips for you and goes to bed with a prayer on her lips for you.
  17. 17. Every crashed wave rises again, in one form or the other. Embrace the wisdom of the moment. Make it your own. Know that you will be okay. Always. It is not easy, but we moms know that our kids are capable of great things, not just easy things. There we go again! Love you, now and forever. Mom
  18. 18. May Grace be with you, now and forever. Love, Mom
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