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Howto maketea.doc

  1. 1. How to Make TeaAlmost every person loves to drink tea because drinking tea offers many benefits like refreshingmind, keeping you warm in cold weather, etc. Although, drinking tea has many benefits, it alsohas some side effects. Nicotine present in tea may cause various health issues; therefore, doctorsrecommend drinking tea to one or two cups a day. Moreover, the tealeaves should not be overboiled because if you over boil the tealeaves in water then it will extract more nicotine, which isnot good for your health.However, every person who drinks tea, knows the side effects of drinking hard tea, but is notable to control him from drinking hard tea, as he /she does not know the method to prepare tea.Tea prepared using Ayurvedic style is not only good in taste but also rejuvenates you too. Thisarticle describes the process of making tea in Indian Ayurvedic Style. Mentioned below are thesteps that will guide you on how to make tea:1. Take a Tea Pan.2. Light the stove and put the tea pan over it.3. Now, pour half cup of water in the pan and add sugar (as per the taste) to it.4. Add ginger, cardamom, clove, or any other tea spice5. Boil the water and then add one and half cup of milk in it and boil it once again.6. After the mixture has boiled, turn the stove off, and add one teaspoon of tealeaves in it.7. Cover it with lid and leave it for five minutes. After five minutes, filter the tea, throw thetealeaves, and boil the tea once again. When you boil it, you will get the same aroma, as you feelwhile preparing tea in your usual style but this time the Nicotine extract will be less in the tea.8. Pour the tea in two cups and serve it with love.By following the process given above, you can prepare Ayurvedic tea for two persons. This ishow to make tea while maintaining its health benefits. Here, you might have noticed that in thismethod tealeaves are not boiled that is the basic of making this method of preparing tea a uniqueway. When tealeaves are not boiled then nicotine is not extracted a lot but aroma of the tearemains the same. When nicotine has been reduced in tea, then how tea can put adverse effect onyou. Everyone should prepare tea using this method especially those who love to drink tea morethan two times a day.You may also LikeEmail Verification : Email ScaTypes of DoctorsHow to Earn Money Through Article Writing100% Natural Remedy for High Blood Pressure100% Working Home Remedy to Cure Low Blood PressureNero Multimedia Suite | Video Editing & DVD Burning Software ReviewsStopZilla | Antivirus & Anti-Spyware Tool ReviewsRole of Compacting PST in Improving the Performance of Outlook 2010
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