How to sell house fast without the usual hassles


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Valley Residential Group LLC is a local home buyer and a real estate investment company that buys houses in Connecticut. They specialize in purchasing residential properties.

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How to sell house fast without the usual hassles

  1. 1. How to sell house fast without the usual hassles?It is always a “project” to prepare a house for sale. People that have neverbeen through the process of selling will not know until they actually do it. Itlooks easy at first, but once you get going it may seem as a never-endingeffort.Cleaning out the clutter, the piles of items collected over the years. Thingsthat once seemed so important are now collecting dust. And there is somany of them. You may try to organize a tag sale to get rid of them. Youmight decide on hauling stuff to the transfer station, just to later realize thisis too time-consuming and you need a dumpster instead.Once the house is clean, you notice the faded spots on the walls and floors.The small occasional drip under the sink turned into a steady drip that needsa small bucket under it. The roof has seen better days and the yellow leakstain on the ceiling is getting bigger every time it rains.Obviously something needs to be done to this place. I mean you want thebuyers to fall in love with it and buy it, right?So you ask yourself:  Where do I start?  How much money do I want to spend?
  2. 2.  Which contractors do I hire?  Who is going to manage them?After you clean and fix everything, you are onto the next step, choosing anagent to sell house fast. The sign in your front yard comes next. Then, youhave picky buyers parading through your house while you leave to make thehouse available for them.Weeks go buy, finally someone made an offer. But it is lower than what youwere hoping for. You want more you say no and wait for another buyer toput an offer in. You finally get an offer that you are content with. Now thehouse is of the market and dealing with the inspectors and appraisersbegins. Then, the mortgage commitment. You hope the buyer is actuallyable to buy the house, etc.It seems like a lot of work. If you have the time, the money and you are upfor it then certainly this is the way to go.BUT, if you don’t have the time, money, energy, … or you simply don’t wantto put up with it at all? What do you do then? Well here is your answer:Valley Residential Group LLC is a local home buyer and a real estateinvestment company that buys houses in Connecticut. They specialize inpurchasing residential properties.One of the great benefits dealing with the company is that they buy houses“as-is”. They like to say “We buy houses regardless of condition orsituation”.You will not be asked to clean up or fix up anything. You will be encouragedto take your valuables and leave everything else behind. They are able tobuy your house fast. In a matter of days, if necessary.Valley Residential Group can help you:  Avoid the uncertainty of IF and WHEN the house sells  Avoid fixing up your house  Avoid removing the clutter  Avoid putting your house on the market to sell house fast
  3. 3.  Avoid keeping your house "spotless and ready for buyer showings" all the time  Avoid dealing with "picky" buyers parading thru your house  Avoid showing your house for months  Avoid dealing with "nosy" Home Inspectors  Avoid hassles with home buyer negotiations  Avoid "waiting and hoping" that home buyer qualifies for a mortgage  Avoid having the sale "fall apart" at the last minuteNo more spending time, money and effort. No stress, just a fair, hassle freetransaction.So if you are looking to sell house fast and sell for cash this just may beyour answer. You will be dealing with a local reputable house buyer who canput you in the driver seat. They have helped countless sellers that wanted afast, no hassle guaranteed sale. The company provides quick, easy andconvenient way of selling. They buy houses in as-is condition, they pay cash,and they are able to close on the date of your choice.If you are looking for a fair, timely and a guaranteed sale, please give thema call at 860.589.4663 or visit their website