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Presentation_Chinese Culture and Customes

  1. 1. Chinese Culture & Customs中国文化 Xinfei “Charlie” Guo与 University of Florida风 —俗 2010.06.16 郭 鑫 斐UF ISSB Program-China
  2. 2. How much do you know about China? 中郭 国鑫 文斐 化 与 风 俗 —UF ISSB Program-China
  3. 3. How much do you know about China? Kung Fu 中郭 国鑫 文斐 化 与 风 俗 —UF ISSB Program-China
  4. 4. How much do you know about China? Kung Fu Panda 中郭 国鑫 文斐 化 与 风 俗 —UF ISSB Program-China
  5. 5. How much do you know about China? Chinese Food 中郭 国鑫 文斐 化 与 风 俗 —UF ISSB Program-China
  6. 6. How much do you know about China? The Great Wall 中郭 国鑫 文斐 化 与 风 俗 —UF ISSB Program-China
  7. 7. How much do you know about China? ······ 中郭 国鑫 文斐 化 与 风 俗 —UF ISSB Program-China
  8. 8. How much do you know about China? 中国 China 中郭 国鑫 文斐 化 与 风 俗 —UF ISSB Program-China
  9. 9. Outline • A Brief Overview about China • Several Chinese Culture Cases • One Traditional Chinese Festival • Traditional Chinese Craft ShowUF ISSB Program-China
  10. 10. Where is China?UF ISSB Program-China
  11. 11. Where is China?UF ISSB Program-China
  12. 12. Some General Information About China A Long History A Large Country A Place with lots of Fun
  13. 13. A Long History…• A recorded history of 5,000 years• America History: About 200 years• one of the worlds earliest civilizations• Chinese Traditions and Customs developed along with the long history trace
  14. 14. A LARGE COUNTRY… Has the third largest area Has 34 Provinces About 1.4 billion people, about 20 percent of the worlds total. A multi-religious country, 56 ethnic groups
  15. 15. My HometownPROVINCES ^_^
  16. 16. A Place with lots of Fun -My Topic Today• Culture Stories• Many traditional Festivals• Many tasty food• Many Place of interests• …..
  17. 17. Culture, Customs & Traditions in China
  18. 18. Culture Case1 Kung Fu Culture
  19. 19. Culture Case1
  20. 20. Culture Case1
  21. 21. Culture Case1 Two Famous Kung fu Styles ◘ Zui Quan (Drunkard Chuan/Drunk Boxing) Video
  22. 22. Culture Case1 Two Famous Kung fu Styles ◘ Shaolin Kung fu (Shaolin Chuan )
  23. 23. Culture Case2 是 宗 条 即 明 结 观 通 和 茶 茶 哲 冶 有 闻 也 茶 承 教 件 茶 代 合 点 过 白 分 道 学 情 益 茶 被 道 唐 , , 叶 , , 和 品 茶 六 精 思 操 的 、 认 烹 宋 以 以 、 衰 并 精 茶 。 种 神 想 、 一 饮 为 茶 遗 和 求 茶 于 通 神 活 : 是 很 去 种 茶 是 饮 风 、 “ 水 清 过 思 动 红 茶 合 除 和 、 修 茶 。 敬 味 、 代 茶 想 来 茶 文 拍 杂 美 增 身 的 、 ” 火 。 艺 的 表 、 化 , 念 仪 进 养 艺 清 和 候 中 表 一 现 绿 的 也 , 式 友 性 术 、 “ 、 国 现 种 一 茶 核 符 这 。 谊 的 。 Chinese Tea Culture 寂 为 心 ” 茶 具 茶 道 精 神 饮 茶 定 的 、 黑 心 , 合 佛 与 提 喝 茶 , 美 一 种 是 一 基 的 、 的 。 艺 礼 茶 是 道 倡 能 心 方 种 本 最 环 主 兴 术 节 、 茶 儒 “ 静 修 式 以 精 高 境 要 于 。 、 黄 文 的 清 心 德 , 茶 神 享 , 内 中 它 人 茶 化 “ 静 、 , 它 为 的 受 同 容 国 是 品 、 的 内 、 静 学 通 媒 日 。 时 讲 唐 茶 、 青 灵 省 恬 神 习 过 的 本 被 配 究 代 艺 意 茶 魂 修 澹 , 礼 沏 生 茶 称 以 五 , 与 境 ( 。 行 ” 有 法 茶 活 道 为 情 境 盛 精 、 乌 ” 的 助 , 、 礼 , 美 绪 之 于 神 美 龙 思 东 于 是 赏 仪 则 学 等 美 宋 的 学 茶 想 方 陶 很 茶 , , 、 ) 。 、
  24. 24. Culture Case2 • Tea has been cultivated in China for at least eighteen hundred years. • Daily necessities in China since time immemorial. Just as Coffee for Americans, as beer is to the German • “Making tea when guests visit” • Sometimes, tea is expensive than golden
  25. 25. Culture Case2 Various kinds of Tea • The geographic location and climate, different places grow various kinds of tea • Different Flavors
  26. 26. Teapot and CupsCulture Case2 —As important as tea
  27. 27. Tea CeremonyCulture Case2 —Methods of preparation of tea • Making a hot drink, in a process which has been refined to yield the best taste. • A full video of Chinese Tea Ceremony
  28. 28. Culture Case3 Shadow Puppet Play Show Tell different folk stories Kind of drama Full Video
  29. 29. Culture Case3 Shadow Puppet Play Show  reflected on the curtain through the light  singing and dancing controlled by the player with the silk string, gongs and drums music
  30. 30. Culture Case4 “China Red” Culture • Red is a symbol that gives color to the soul of the nation. • Red is signified as reunion, health, happiness, harmony, peace and prosperity • Shooting red-colored things in China is an easy task, as its powerful presence can be found every-where.
  31. 31. Culture Case5 Chinese Seal Culture The seal has been used to mark one’s identity, credentials and importance for the Chinese people
  32. 32. Culture Case5 Chinese Seal Culture Private Seal: for personal use and could be equated with the signature in today’s times. The official seals: bore the titles of the offices
  33. 33. Culture Case6 Paper-cut Culture  The kind of art went after the invention of paper .  Paper-cut is one of the most popular folk decoration arts in China.  The themes : everything in life
  34. 34. Culture Case6 Paper-cut Culture Application  Wedding ceremonies  Festivals  Decorate windows and doors
  35. 35. Culture Case6 Paper-cut Culture Mr. & Mrs. Right Dragons play with a pearl
  36. 36. Culture Case7 Embroidery Culture  An handicraft performed by using needle and colored thread, forming patterns or characters on the basis of embroidered trace.  Embroidering flowers
  37. 37. Culture Case7 Product show  Stands for different ethnic minority groups  Stands for the status in the old times  Now just kind of handicraft
  38. 38. Culture Case8 “Chinese 12 Zodiac Signs” Culture
  39. 39. Culture Case8 What’re they used for? • A easy way of counting the years. • Mark the year in which a person was born./ Marking Age • Each Chinese guy belongs to his lucky animal • Predict Future…Match Marriage… • Unique phenomenon in Chinese folk culture.
  40. 40. Culture Case8 Order of 12 Animals • Fixed Order 2012 Based on the active time of each animal during a day.
  41. 41. A Traditional Chinese Festival Spring Festival (Chinese New Year)
  42. 42. Chinese New Year Spring Festival The most important and ceremonious traditional festival in China  The first day of the first lunar month (Around the beginning of February) A symbol of unification, happiness and hope.  A festival full of fun, warm and beautiful sceneries.
  43. 43. Chinese New Year Activity1 Keep Everything New • Cleaning house • Wearing the new Cloths • Buy many new Stuff
  44. 44. Activity2 “Decorating” Everywhere• Paste door-god on the door
  45. 45. Door God People believed that posting an image of a door god on the door could keep evil spirits away and bring back peace and luck.
  46. 46. Door God
  47. 47. Activity2 “Decorating” Everywhere• Paste spring festival couplets around the door
  48. 48. Spring festival Couplets• Adding some joyous atmosphere to the festival• Some Blessing Words
  49. 49. Activity2 “Decorating” Everywhere• Paste the New Year Paintings on the wall of the home
  50. 50. Wealth Babies
  51. 51. Other New Year Paintings
  52. 52. Activity2 “Decorating” Everywhere• Hang Chinese knot everywhere
  53. 53. Chinese knot—Serve as a symbol of beauty and blessing
  54. 54. Activity2 “Decorating” Everywhere• Hang Red lantern everywhere
  55. 55. Red lantern
  56. 56. Activity3 Family Reunion Dinner On New Year‘s Eve The most delicious food in the year Make dumplings together Say goodbye to sorrows Wait for the new year coming
  57. 57. Activity3Family Reunion Dinner
  58. 58. Activity4Shoot off firecrackers • At 12 a.m.(The beginning of the new year) • All the family member involved • Make best wishes for the new year • Children like firecrackers best
  59. 59. Activity4Shoot off firecrackers
  60. 60. The new year is coming…The first day of the Spring Festival, paying a NewYear Call and saying "Happy New Year" "May you be prosperous", etc. In New Years days, elders will put some money in ared pocket (yasuiqian) and give it to children as a gift. END
  61. 61. Paper Cut Workshop• 2-folded Paper Cut-Butterfly• 4-folded Paper Cut-Flowers
  62. 62. Be Careful and don’t hurt yourself! Project1-ButterflySpring Festival Music Be Careful and don’t hurt yourself! Paper Cut Show
  63. 63. Be Careful and don’t hurt yourself! Project1-ButterflyStep Be Careful and don’t hurt yourself! Paper Cut Show
  64. 64. Be Careful and don’t hurt yourself! PROJECT2-FLOWERSBe Careful and don’t hurt yourself! Paper Cut Show
  65. 65. Be Careful and don’t hurt yourself! Project-FlowersStep Be Careful and don’t hurt yourself! Paper Cut Show
  66. 66. Chinese calligraphy workshop
  67. 67. Basic strokes Horizontal line vertical line
  68. 68. Simple Character Two:2 Three:3 One:1
  69. 69. Simple Character Four:4 Five:5 Six:6 Eight:8 Nine:9 Seven:7
  70. 70. Simple Character Ten:10 Eleven:11
  71. 71. Summary Thank you!Welcome to China!