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The Influence of Gamification on Digital Marketing
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The Influence of Gamification on Digital Marketing






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The Influence of Gamification on Digital Marketing The Influence of Gamification on Digital Marketing Presentation Transcript

  • Do we need to gamify marketing? 21/11/2012 gunter.blanckaert@microsoft.com | @GuntblPowered by
  • Gunter who?• >11y in the online business @ Microsoft Advertising• Brand Sales Strategy Lead for the European markets• Digital enthusiast, 24/7 surrounded by technology• Proud father of 3 Generation G kids
  • Who are you & why are you here?
  • AGENDA• Setting the Scene• Introduction to gaming• Advergaming• Play time• Break• Gamification
  • Media Social Search Tablets Gaming Mobile Apps & HTML 5
  • Who knows Generation G?
  • Generation G: your future customers“The average young person in a country with a stronggaming culture will have spent 10.000 hours playingonline games by the age of 21”
  • Technology/Media adoption in US
  • Time it took to get to 1M users 730 days 365 days 365 days 74 days 28 days 10 days
  • Introduction toGaming
  • More than 20y ago
  • History of (Console) Video Gaming
  • Who remembers Arcade Games? Why wasn’t the ball of pong round? Make sure to visit: http://atari.com/arcade#!/arcade/
  • Who considers him/herself to be agamer?
  • … the typical gamer?
  • Video Game Console Usage Males 15-34 yrs average 12 Console usage is similar hours per week gaming & To TV usage increasing 12.000 900Avg. hours gaming 800 Video Game Average Audience (000) 10.000 Average Audience (000) 700 per Week 8.000 600 500 6.000 400 4.000 300 TV Usage 200 2.000 Game Console Usage 100 0 0
  • What type of games does aplayer/gamer play? Most people think of this…
  • Big Blockbuster Games
  • Launch of Halo 4“Halo 4” Collects $220 Million In Global Sales In The First 24 Hours OverRecord Sales (…) The “Halo” saga eclipses the biggest movie launch in U.S.box office history; on track to reach over $300 million in global sales in thefirst week.”
  • Launch of Call of Duty – Black Ops 2
  • Launch of Call of Duty – Black Ops 21 month after the release, “Call Of Duty – Black Ops” had been played formore than 600 million hours= the equivalent of 68,000 years
  • So, is gaming good for your healthand well being?
  • Impact of video games2 X1. Too much screen time makes your eyes sight worse2. Games lead to attention problems & greater distractibility3. Makes you less good in multitasking4. Has the same effect as drinking wine
  • But this is the new face of fun
  • Games everywhere, for everyoneWorldwide 30,000,000 mobile apps aredownloaded each dayGames are the #1 downloadedcategory of apps, making up 26% of allmobile app downloadsSources: www.livingthebrand.com, www.interbrand.com, www.brandchannel.com
  • Games everywhere, for everyone "Angry Birds Star Wars(…) Just 2,5 hours after its November 8 release, "Angry Birds Star Wars" rose to the No. 1 paid iPhone app“
  • Online Gaming“We invest 3 billion hours weeklyplaying games online.”
  • MMOG’s
  • Social Gaming“social games have become the modern “CalgonMoment” for busy women who often feel life spiralingout of control around them.”
  • In-game advertising
  • Advergaming
  • Advergaming“is the practice of using video games to advertise aproduct, organization or viewpoint ““it is not In-game advertising, it is not Gamification”
  • Advergaming - examples
  • Advergaming - examples
  • Advergaming - examples
  • McDonalds cross media
  • Time to play• Go to: http://pleasurehunt2.mymagnum.com/?lc=en_bePlay the Magnum game & note down the differentgaming elements
  • Time to play• Who has a smartphone?• Who has brought his tablet?• Who has his laptop? Take it out of your bag, startup your favouritegame and tell your neighbour why you like it so much
  • Intro toGamification
  • 1. What is Gamification?“Is the use of game mechanics and game designtechniques in non-game contexts.”“The process of game-thinking and game mechanicsto engage users and solve problems”
  • What Gamification is not“Particularly in the early days, as the term was gainingtraction, it was a common misconception that simplymaking a branded game was ‘gamification’. This is NOTwhat gamification is about. There are some similaritiesthat could be drawn but the main difference is thatbranded games are about exposure and CTR where asadding gamification to a product is more about increasingengagement and loyalty.”
  • Gamification is hot“An estimated 70 percent of the top 2,000 publiccompanies in the world will have at least one gamifiedapplication by 2014 (…) the worldwide market will growfrom $242 million in 2012 to $2.8 billion in 2016, withenterprise gamification eclipsing consumergamification in 2013”
  • 2. Gamification Basics• Just want to have fun• Loyalty evolved• Status - Rewards
  • Just wanna have fun
  • Just wanna have fun
  • Just wanna have fun
  • Loyalty, a well known tactic
  • Loyalty, a well known tactic
  • Loyalty, a well known tactic
  • SAPS = sytem of rewards• Status: Badges | Levels & Leaderboard• Access• Power• Stuff
  • 3. Why do you/people play?• Mastery• Destress• To have fun• To socialize
  • How far would you go?
  • Fun as a social motivator FU AS A SOCIAL MOTIVATORGet more people to use stairs? Make stairs for FUN!
  • Escape from reality, 007 style
  • 4. Gamer/Player types
  • Gamers Motivation4. /stages of mastery Expert Proficient Competent Advanced beginner Novice
  • 5.1 Game Mechanics: points
  • 5.1 Game Mechanics: points
  • 5.1 Game Mechanics: points
  • 5.1 Game Mechanics: point system • Experience points • Redeemable points • Skill points • Karma points • Reputation points
  • 5.1 Reputation point system
  • 5.2 Game Mechanics: Levels • Cfr Pacman • Angrybirds • Donkeykong • Progress bar: Linkedin
  • 5.3 Game Mechanics: Leaderboards
  • 5.4 Game Mechanics: Badges
  • OBJECTIVE of these mechanics? Long term engagement
  • Examples toremember
  • Heineken
  • Nike: a sports or tech company?
  • Advergaming - examples
  • America’s Army
  • Samsung Nation
  • BING – Jay-Z
  • Volkswagen Golf
  • “Life is a game,don’t forget to play”
  • “Trying is knowing”
  • Do we need to gamify advertising?Absolutely as it drives user engagement& satisfaction, but above all: it’s morefun!
  • Thank you!Gunter Blanckaert@guntblguntbl@microsoft.com