6 Digital Media Trends


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6 Digital Media Trends

  1. 1. Digital InspirationJune 15, 2011 Gunter Blanckaert Trade Marketing Lead guntbl@microsoft.com Twitter: @guntbl | @MSAdvertisingBE WL Messenger: gunterblanckaert@hotmail.com Skype  gunter.blanckaert
  2. 2. Agenda Introduction 6 Online Trends Always connected Everybody’s gaming The rise of online video Internet use is highly plannedInternet changed consumer behaviour Creativity and innovation are key
  4. 4. MSA Solutions FrameworkWith Microsoft Advertising, advertisers can benefit fully from a completesolutions portfolio covering all their advertising needs…Solutions whatever the objective: 01 02 BRANDING - BUY ON A PERFORMANCE - PRODUCT /SITE BASIS TACTICAL / PROMOTIONAL Branded Content Microsoft & Creative, Integrated Extended Network & Impactful Formats CPC & CPA TARGET YOUR AUDIENCE Profile | Re-messaging | Category | E-mail …helping them navigate the complex media and digital landscape
  5. 5. The Situation 01 Lifestyles are evolving and becoming more and more digital 02 Regardless of where and when, we can always be connected 03 PCs, Mobile Phones and TVs are becoming one of the same 04 There are now generations that didn’t know life before the internet
  6. 6. Kids Today: class of 2011 Are the Heaviest Mobile Video Viewers Are More Receptive to Mobile Advertising than their Elders Out-Text All Other Age Groups Talk Less on the Phone Watch Less TV than the General Population
  7. 7. Pace of ChangeThe Amount of time to get to 1 million users 730 days 365 days 365 days 74 days 28 days 10 days
  8. 8. Where’s your audience? Users are completely in control They can jump from one experience to another – instantlyTechnology is changing so fast, more channels are appearing everyday
  9. 9. Mobile: Alwaysconnected
  10. 10. Mobility is on the Rise 59% Of Europeans have access to the internet wirelessly 71m Access the web via their mobile phone on a weekly basis
  11. 11. Mobility is on the Rise 14% Of Europeans do not have a landline phone, only a mobile 2x Watching video, film & TV clips on a mobile have doubled YOY
  12. 12. Smartphone market grows rapidly - 80% YOY
  13. 13. Time distribution by device
  14. 14. When do you use yoursmartphone
  15. 15. What do you use your mobile20% for?15%10% Communication5% Information0% 6am-9am 9am- 12pm- 2pm-4pm 4pm-6pm 6pm-8pm 8pm- 10pm- 12am- 12pm 2pm 10pm 12am 6am Information Entertainment Creation Transaction Surfing Communication Among Smartphone/Tablet owners : Activities on Handhelds
  16. 16. Internet use on a mobile Share of Sessions by Device by Motive Smartphone/Tablet Motivations PC, laptop or netbook deviceCommunication 57% 53% Information 43% 36% Surfing 15% 12%Entertainment 31% 16% Transaction 15% 7% Creation 13% 14% Total motivations 1.74 1.38 per occasion Totals add to more than 100% because multiple motives possible per session
  17. 17. How fast is mobile internet growing?
  18. 18. Today in Japan…
  19. 19. What is the state of social &mobile marketing?
  20. 20. How are coupons used on mobile devices?
  21. 21. Offering targetable, premium content
  22. 22. Mobile rich media Engage your audience • Microsoft Mobile delivers rich media with premium content • Available across MSN, Hotmail and Messenger (iPhone and iTouch) • Expands from standard 300x50 to 300x300 with the tap of your finger • Allows for multiple panels Ad Functionality Targeting • In-unit video • Device • Click-to-map • Carrier • Click-to-call • Demo • Send to friend
  23. 23. Everybodyis gaming
  24. 24. A Gaming Culture 31% European active gamers aged 16-49 72% Online Europeans play video games
  25. 25. It All Started with Gaming Call of Duty 2: Modern Warfare Avatar 1st Day Sales Opening Day Ticket Sales (11/10/2009): (12/18/2009): $310M1 $270M
  26. 26. Gamification “The integration of the mechanics that make games fun and absorbing into non-game platforms and experiences in order to improve engagement and participation.”
  27. 27. Social Gaming“social games have become the modern “Calgon Moment”for busy women who often feel life spiralingout of control around them.”
  28. 28. Console Usage Males 15-34 yrs average 12 Console usage is similar hours per week gaming & To TV usage increasing Europe: Time Spent Gaming per WeekAvg. hours gaming per Week
  29. 29. Engagement Gaming offers a dedicated audience Additional Activities People Engage in While… 20 18 15 14 12 12 7 6 2 2 Playing Video Games Watching TV Using the Internet Watched TV Text Messaged Cell Phone Call Surfed the Web
  30. 30. Xbox LIVE : Momentum Insert Momentum video
  31. 31. Xbox LIVE: A new vision ofentertainment $billion franchises outselling film industry GAMES MUSIC CINEMA SOCIAL & TV 200m avatar 1 billion hours per wardrobe month on XBL – 30 changes in first hours per 12 months month/user average
  32. 32. Proven Results: 3%
  33. 33. Proven Results:How do Xbox LIVE campaigns impact a Brand?
  34. 34. Examples: Static Banner to FullScreen HD Video
  35. 35. Examples: Video Banner toFull Screen HD Video
  36. 36. The rise ofOnline Video
  37. 37. Media Consumption 134 Hours Monthly media consumption 55% 200% Media exposure Of Europeans’ TV consumption (18-24 age groupis time-shifted or on-demand TV compared to 54+)
  38. 38. Online Viewing Growth ≠Online Video Ad Spend More U.S. viewers watch web video than watch recorded TV on DVRs (and often skip the ads), according to Nielsen Online. Still, the economic potential of web video remains mostly unrealized. A major stumbling block for web video is the inability of thebiggest TV advertisers to make a direct comparison between the effectiveness of TV and the effectiveness of an equivalent buy online Source: AdvertisingAge: THE ECONOMICS OF ONLINE VIDEO (Jan. 18, 2010) .
  39. 39. Online vs./& TV Repurposed TV Online Online Video & vs. Original Video vs. TV TV Together Online Ads Online video A campaign Overall, performed combining repurposed TVbetter than TV online video ads are at least across every and TV ads as effective as brand metric improved recall original onlineand for every and likeability video ads vertical for all verticals Source: Nielsen IAG, A18-49, Premium Online Video Measurement 2008-09, includes individuals only exposed to brand/product on one platform (in prior 15 days). Television norms inclusive of Primetime programming only and based on survey responses during same time period as Premium Online Video survey responses. TV norms are based on all ads for those Brand/Products which ran on both Premium Online Video & TV during time period; specific creative executions may vary.
  40. 40. TV Ads Are Significantly More Effective Among ViewersWho Were Previously Exposed to the Brand’s In-stream Ads Message Recall Exhibited the Greatest Lift Among the Dual-platform Exposed Group 60 52 +18% TV + Premium Online Video TV Only 50 44 40 35 +35% +53% 29 30 26 +31% 19 20 17 13 10 0 TV Ad General Recall TV Ad Brand Recall TV Ad Message Recall TV Ad Likeability Source: Nielsen IAG, A18-49, Premium Online Video Measurement 2008-09, includes individuals only exposed to brand/product on one platform (in prior 15 days). Television norms inclusive of Primetime programming only and based on survey responses during same time period as Premium Online Video survey responses. TV norms are based on all ads for those Brand/Products which ran on both Premium Online Video & TV during time period; specific creative executions may vary.
  41. 41. Study: Online Video Ads Beat TV Ads InViewer Recall
  42. 42. Video in Display Advertising
  43. 43. Videoin Messenger
  44. 44. Rise of theMulti-Screen Consumer19m 2x European Doubled Multi- in the last Screen two yearsConsumers
  45. 45. Rise of the Multi-Screen Consumer 66% multi-task once a week40% 56%Multi-task most Multi-task several timesdays or evenings a week
  46. 46. Media Consumption 46 HOURS 66% Have a gameOn media & entertainment console at home devices a week
  47. 47. What are they doing whilst watching TV?
  48. 48. Multiple screens are better than one Saw ad on 1 channel only … on 2 channels ... on 3 channels 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Took any action Plan on seeing Plan on seeing post-ad exposure the movie Avatar opening weekend
  49. 49. Multiple screens are better than one
  50. 50. Living withThe Internet: A global study of what’s driving web behavior
  51. 51. Established six basic motivationsdriving Web behavior • To find out (more) about a specific topic or news story Information • To find out (more) about a specific product or service (eg. Train times) • Keeping up to date with the news or a hobby • Entering into a discussion forum, online community or social network to communicate with others Communication • Picking up/sending emails • Chatting on IM • Chatting on VOIP eg. Phone calls over the internet via broadband • Updating website, blog or social network profile page (i.e. Twitter or Facebook) Creation • Upload video • Upload photos • Paying bills or checking out online bank account • Ordering / purchasing groceries Transaction • Ordering / purchasing something (not everyday groceries) • To go to an auction site (eg e-Bay) • To watch video clips, TV shows online (both short and long form) • To download video clips, TV shows (both short and long form) Entertainment • To listen to music online • To download music • To play games/gaming Surfing • Just browsing/surfing (for nothing in particular)
  52. 52. Internet use is highly planned Ten-country average 21% Spontaneous 79% Planned 79% of activity carried out 21% of activity carried WAS planned in advance out WAS NOT planned in advance
  53. 53. Which makes the internet ‘routine’more important than ever Intimate Zones Public ZonesStart of the Social Blogs, forums, RSS and spaces Emails Google news, BBC etc. Networksjourney News updates Check for Log into any forums or Log in and reply to any messages and blogs to get updated messages respond Entertainment YouTube etc. Throughout the journey, Instant Messenger is always on as is music (iTunes/YouTube) Online Shopping/Banking Information Amazon, eBay etc. Emails search Blogs, forums, RSS Google, Wikipedia End of the Social Networks and spaces Check emails etc. journey Final check of Final check of again social network forums or blogs From intimate ⇒ public and back again NB: From other research we know that an average of six websites are visited on a regular basis
  54. 54. Despite reports, email is still top activity Share of Activity within All Web Behavior across Ten Countries Email 23% Surfing 10% Seeking info on a topic or news story 9% Keeping up to date with news or hobby 8% Played online games 7% IM 6% Online forums or community 6% Update blog, profile or personal webpage 4% Finding out about a specific product 4% Pay bills/online banking 3% Watch shortform video 3% Upload photos/video 2% Download music/video 2% Online auction 2% 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% Note: Based on completed diaries; all devices and locations
  55. 55. What drives people to go online:All time periods About half of web use is planned; about a third is random What Drives Users to go Online 58% 50% Always use at this time 43% 46% 13% 12% Prompted by conversation or event 16% Russia 12% Spain 3% UK 4% Prompted by offline media 3% France 4% 26% 34% No reason 38% 39% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 59
  56. 56. Online activity (Weekday) Share of day by mode/day part SPAIN20% FRANCE15%10% Communication Communication 5% Entertainment Information Information 0%20% UK RUSSIA15%10% Communication Surfing Communication5% Entertainment0% Information Information Information Entertainment Creation Information Entertainment Creation Transaction Surfing Communication Transaction Surfing Communication 60
  57. 57. Online activity (Weekend) Share of day by mode/day part20% SPAIN FRANCE15%10% Communication Communication Surfing Creation 5% Entertainment Entertainment Information Information 0%20% UK RUSSIA15%10% Communication Communication Transaction Surfing5% Entertainment Information Information0% Information Entertainment Creation Information Entertainment Creation Transaction Surfing Communication Transaction Surfing Communication 61
  58. 58. Internet changedconsumer behaviour
  59. 59. Digital Media has ChangedConsumer Behavior More Information More complex decisions More opportunities to influence Greater expectations
  60. 60. Hierarchy of Shoppers’ New Behaviors Source: New Shopper Journeys Europe 2010
  61. 61. Three core shopping journeys emerge Home Clothes, Shoes Groceries & Fast Food Electronics & Accessories Personal Care 6% 12% Research purchase 68% 21% Longer path to purchase Greater effort 52% 39% Habitual purchase 66% Shorter path to purchase Minor effort 40% 42% 14% Impulse purchase Short path to purchase 18% 22% Little or no effort "Thinking about the last time you bought, which statement best describes your actions?" Source: New Shopper Journeys Europe 2010
  62. 62. • Purchase decisions are no longer linear, they’re more dynamic than ever
  63. 63. Touchpoints play an important rolein influencing the initial decision SOMETHING SOMETHING SEEN OR SEEN WHEN READ SHOPPING 25% 33% 33% 32% 38% • 12% online • 13% internet • 12% brochure • 10% expert • 13% TV • 26% friends/ • 9% email reviews online • 9% magazines • 14% promotion colleagues • 7% coupons • 7% newspapers Source: New Shopper Journeys Europe 2010
  64. 64. Purchases are widely discussed acrosscategories 57% 44% 37% 37% QD4a After you made the purchase did you do any of the following? SOURCE: New Shopper Journeys Europe 2010
  65. 65. But actual posting on Social Networksor micro-blogs still low UK France Italy Germany Spain Grocery 1% 0% 2% 0% 1% Fast Food 1% 1% 4% 1% 1% Home Electronics 3% 2% 3% 0% 3% Clothing, Shoes & Accessories 2% 2% 2% 0% 2% QD4a After you made the purchase did you do any of the following? Source: New Shopper Journeys Europe 2010
  66. 66. Creativity and Innovation Are key
  67. 67. Creativity through Rich Media Downloads Shopping PDF, Video, Reminders Coupon, Printing, Music, Calendar, SMS, Secure Wallpaper E-mail, Social Transaction, Bookmarking Conversions Relevance Video Zip Code, Ad- High-definition, Full- Sequencing, Geo- screen, Customisable & Targeting, Re- skinnable controls, Streaming / progressive targeting Capabilities 3D Data Out-of-banner & Upload, Polling, In-banner, CGI Zip Code, … Viral Web Services Email, Widget, RSS Feeds, Skinning / SMS, IM, Social Data Capture Wallpapers Bookmarking Static, Toggle, Animation, Rotation, User-Initiation
  68. 68. Branding. Creativity.
  69. 69. Branding. Creativity.
  70. 70. Branding. Creativity.
  71. 71. Branding. Creativity.
  72. 72. Branding. Creativity.
  73. 73. Branding. Creativity.
  74. 74. Hotmail. Expanding Header
  75. 75. The IAB Filmstrip
  76. 76. IAB Sidekick
  77. 77. Coming Soon: Sliver
  78. 78. Coming Soon: Page Reveal
  79. 79. Questions? guntbl@microsoft.com @guntbl @MSAdvertisingBE