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Drupal 7 Release Party - Yogyakarta

Drupal 7 Release Party - Yogyakarta



Drupal 7 Release Party, 7 January 2011, Yogyakarta

Drupal 7 Release Party, 7 January 2011, Yogyakarta



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    Drupal 7 Release Party - Yogyakarta Drupal 7 Release Party - Yogyakarta Presentation Transcript

    • Roy Gunawan, Yogyakarta, Drupal 7 Release Party 7 January 2011
    • WHAT IS DRUPAL? Drupal is a free CMS written in PHP that allows anyone to easily publish, manage and organize a wide variety of content on a website. It not just a common CMS since it also a framework capable software developed by community. An estimated 7.2 million sites used Drupal as of July 2010 7,441 Modules 911 Themes Drupal “...is as much a Social Software Platform as it is a web content management system.” -CMS Watch, The Web CMS Report 2009 527,548 people in 228 countries speaking 182 languages
    • HISTORY OF DRUPAL Originally written by Dries Buytaert “ dorp” (Dutch for “village”) “ drop” In Dutch “ druppel” English Pronunciation Drupal
    • WHO IS MAKING IT HAPPEN Your name here >
    • WHO IS USING DRUPAL And THOUSANDS More!!! Including YOUR site!
    • Drupal Vocabularies Node/ Content Content Type Taxonomy/ Vocabulary Block Module
    • The Ideas Behind Drupal 7 Fix things that always annoy you Add features that take Drupal to the next level Integrate useful contributed modules World domination!
    • Drupal 7 features Easier to use More Flexible More Scalable Open Source
    • Usability Contextual links Admin & Shortcut bar Dashboard Overlay Drag and drop Administrator role Vertical tabs
    • Admin menu and short cut The quick link Tool bar/ Admin menu User Short Cut bar
    • Dashboard
    • Also notice the Action Link Overlay
    • Vertical Tabs Contextual Link More Usability
    • Install modules and themes directly Even modules update Modules
    • Fields in content Fields in taxonomy Fields in user account
    • Fields Everywhere!
    • Multi Language Support Local Start-up? Yes, please Set you language detection
    • Multi Language Support Easy and powerful interface to manage Import from community Half there, we need more! Join http://localize.drupal.org/translate/languages/id Contributors
    • Images!
    • Images!
    • Public & Private Files
    • Geek Stuff Alert!
    • The Next Generation PHP Data Objects (PDO) database layer Support for ANY database! Built in support : MySQL SQLite PostGreSQL Transaction Support Dynamic Query builder Master/ Slave replication Including NoSQL!
    • Static Select Queries Direct SQL query: <?php SELECT n.nid, n.title, n.created FROM node n WHERE n.uid = $uid LIMIT 0, 10; ?> Drupal 7: $result = db_query_range('SELECT n.nid, n.title, n.created FROM {node} n WHERE n.uid = :uid', 0, 10, array(':uid' => $uid)); foreach ($result as $record) { // Perform operations on $node->title, etc. here. }
    • Dynamic Select Queries Drupal 6 : $result = pager_query(db_rewrite_sql('SELECT n.nid FROM {node} n WHERE n.promote = 1 AND n.status = 1 ORDER BY n.sticky DESC, n.created DESC'), variable_get('default_nodes_main', 10)); Drupal 7 : $select = db_select('node', 'n') ->fields('n', array('nid')) ->condition('promote', 1) ->condition('status', 1) ->orderBy('sticky', 'DESC') ->orderBy('created', 'DESC') ->extend('PagerDefault') ->limit(variable_get('default_nodes_main', 10)) ->addTag('node_access');
    • Other Queries Insert $nid = db_insert('node') ->fields(array('title', 'uid')) ->values(array( 'title' => 'Example', 'uid' => 1, )) ->execute(); Delete $num_deleted = db_delete('node') ->condition('nid', 5) ->execute(); Update $num_updated = db_update('node') ->fields(array( 'uid' => 5, 'status' => 1, )) ->condition('created', REQUEST_TIME - 3600, '>=') ->execute();
    • Roles & Permissions Need moderator? Just add it Then set what their do's and don'ts
    • More Geek Stuff... WYSIWYG support Better performance Pluggable cache system RDF Simple test
    • What's next “ Dries: RT @chx1975: WordPress is now approximately where Drupal was around Drupal 5 w/ content types. See you in 2015.” “ Dries: Agreed, and fair enough. RT @newoceans_en: @Dries Drupal 7 will hopefully be where WordPress was around 5 years ago regarding UX.”
    • Drupal 7 Easier and more powerful then ever Question?
    • This slides is inspired by : Angela “webchick” Byron, Drupalcon DC March 4, 2009 Gábor Hojtsy, DrupalCamp Prague November 1, 2009