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A short presentation about crowdfunding for filmmakers by Wolfgang Gumpelmaier, Berlin 2011.

A short presentation about crowdfunding for filmmakers by Wolfgang Gumpelmaier, Berlin 2011.



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  • crowdfunding is about the financing of projects and people by (large) crowds. Associated Content Also called crowdfinancing or crowdsponsoring or online-fundraising Abgeleitet von CrowdSourcing : collective cooperation, attention and trust by people who network and pool their money together, usually via the internet, to support efforts by other people . WIKIpedia CROWDFUNDING = CROWDFINANCING = CROWDSPONSORING = Art der Projektfinanzierung, die mittels kleinen Beträgen von einer (meist) anonymen MAsse in kollektiver Zusammenarbeit via Internet stattfindet. erstmals 2006 als Begriff aufgestaucht The first application of crowdfunding in the film industry dates back to 2004, when french entrepreneurs and producers Guillaume Colboc and Benjamin Pommeraud from company fr:Guyom Corp. launched a public internet donation campaign to fund their film, Demain la Veille (Waiting for Yesterday) . Within 3 weeks, they managed to raise nearly $50,000, allowing them to shoot their film. Crowdfunding ist eine Art der Finanzierung, durch die sich Aktionen (Produkte, Projekte oder auch Geschäftsideen von Privatpersonen) mit Fremdkapital versorgen lassen. Als Kapitalgeber fungiert die anonyme Masse der Internetuser. crowdfunding Blog The crowdfunding approach ... is inspired by crowd sourcing, that describes the collective cooperation , attention and trust by people who network and pool their money together, usually via the internet , to support efforts by other people. 4 to 40 Crowdfunding ist eine Projektfinanzierungs-möglichkeit mit Hilfe einer bestehenden (Web-) Community Social Media Marketing
  • Fundraising: attracting funds for Non-Profit-Organisations Sponsoring: reward donation: voluntary and non-paid effort Investment: get loan: lending of money
  • KICKSTARTER Prinzip: all or nothing Fee: 5% vom Ergebnis INDIEGOGO Fee: 9% vom Ergebnis bzw. 5% bei Erfolg Prinzip: keep what you raise ROCKETHUB 4,5% PLUS PAYMENT INVESTED.IN 3% PLUS PAYMENT
  • Fundraising = Marketing = Audience Building (Slava Rubin, IndieGoGo )
  • Platform supported vs. non platform supported Als eines der bekanntesten Beispiele sei wohl The Age of Stupid zu nennen, ein documentary-drama zum Thema Klimawandel. Die Regisseurin Franny Armstrong und ihre beiden Produzenten John Battsek und Lizzie Gillett launchten Ende 2004 ihre Kampagne und lukrierten damit bisher mehr als £885,000. Am 15. März 2009 feierte der Film in Großbritannien Premiere. Nebenbei erwähnt hat das Team mit Indie Screenings auch eine eigene Webseite für die Verbreitung des Films durch die Community installiert, womit ein ebenso innovatives wie erfolgreiches Modell zur Filmdistribution betrieben wird. Buy a credit: VIDEO von Stephen Fry – Höhe? Server crash, twitter... Sita: creative commons und donate und torrent Ad lane: nur auf twitter I will be re-launching the fundraising next week, I'm aiming to raise another £50,000-£80,000 in the next 6 months... I'm using my own Fundraising Site - so far sold nearly 600 producer packages to 20 different countries, raising £20,000 but yeah, from MAY 2009 till JUNE 2010, I have only been fundraising on twitter... I begin fundraising again next week for PART 2...
  • The Cosmonaut
  • Tilt the town: map der stadt, wo der film spielt und die spender darin verortet plus fiktiven biographien $ 15000,- "As a filmmaker or an artist, how do you create a community? Easy: involve people . Ask them questions. Invite them to play, both with you and with each other. People like to play; it makes them happy. When we play with each other, we feel invested in one another. When we feel invested in one another, we feel happy, important, and safe. And happy. (Have we said happy yet?)“ ( Jessica King )
  • Karen Worden and David Branin, More than 12.000 dollars
  • Finanzierung durch free-Konzept Torrent Vertrieb; brauchen Geld für die Fertigstellung der ersten Staffel; Pilot Deleted scenes und mp3 vom soundtrack
  • Wichtige Ingredienzen: - Partizipation - Transparenz Vernetzung Andere Kampagnen ansehen Freunde und Opinion Leader um Mithilfe bitten Netzwerk auf-/ausbauen Transparenz wahren Persönliche Ansprache Updates, Updates, Updates Nicht nur über das Projekt sprechen etc.

crowdfunding for film crowdfunding for film Presentation Transcript

  • crowdfunding for film an introduction by Wolfgang Gumpelmaier [email_address]
    • financing projects
    • small amounts
    • anonymous mass
    • collective cooperation
    • Internet & Web 2.0
    definition Source: Gerd Altmann /
    • fundraising
    • sponsoring
    • donation
    • investment
    • loan
    similarities Source: Thomas Max Müller /
    • social projects
    • arts & culture
    • politics
    • journalism
    • business ideas
    • private use
    • etc.
    general use Sources: IndieGoGo, kickstarter
    • production
    • distribution
    • marketing
    • screening
    • soundtrack
    • etc.
    use in film
  • platforms
    • MySherpas (D, AT, CH)
    • Startnext (D, AT, CH)
    • Visionbakery (D, AT, CH)
    • Inkubato (D, AT, CH)
    • Pling (D, AT, CH)
    • Kickstarter (USA)
    • IndieGoGo (international)
    • Rockethub (international)
    • (international)
    • Ulule (UK, international)
    • ChipIn (international
    • FundBreak (Australien/UK)
    • Crowdfunder (UK)
    • VODO
    • YooProduce
    • Fans next door
    • Newfacefilm
    • iFundfilm
    • create project-page
    • provide great rewards
    • pitch project
    • run campaign successfully
    • get paid
    • send rewards
    how it works Sources: InvestedIn, kickstarter, startnext
    • DVD-presale
    • downloads
    • end-credits
    • be an extra
    • premiere tickets
    • posters, stickers, cards
    • website-Link
    • thank you-emails
    • etc.
  • examples - non platform supported The Age of Stupid Buy a Credit
  • examples - non platform supported Berlin Calling Iron Sky
  • examples - platform supported Tilt: the movie
  • examples - platform supported Video: „ I need a dollar “ (Aloe Blacc) Year without Rent
  • examples - platform supported Zeppelin Orchestra
  • examples - platform supported Bud Spencer Dokumentarfilm
  • examples - platform supported Bar25
  • examples - platform supported The Yes Men Fix The World PIONEER ONE
  • how to...
    • great pitch clip
    • creative & unique perks
    • a specific & transparent use of funds
    • fun & frequent updates
    • outreach to influencers
  • thank you for your attention!
    • eMail: [email_address]
    • Web:
    • Twitter:
    • Facebook:
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