Gummy Industries - We make your brand a social brand


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This is our working process in 15 simple steps.

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Gummy Industries - We make your brand a social brand

  1. 1. We make your branda “social brand” A new marketing paradigm, in 15 simple steps
  2. 2. LISTEN > THINK > TALKListen to what people say and know Choose wisely who do you want to Talk with the people, before what your market does be and be prepared to change someone else does
  3. 3. LISTEN
  4. 4. BRAND ASSESSMENTKnow yourself: this is the firststep to define your brandIs the network talking about the brand?Wich channels are being used?Is the company image coherent to the target?
  5. 5. BENCHMARK ANALISYSBENCHMARK ANALISYS Tieni d’occhio i tuoi competitor.Everything, online, is public.We can learn fromsuccessi Impara dai loro our e dalle loro sfortune.competitors’ best practise.Or from their worst move Come si muovono i tuoi competitor in ambito internazionale?What do competitors do, internationally? nel tuo settore? Quali sono le esperienze di riferimentoWhat errors should da evitare? Quali gli errori we avoid?
  6. 6. 1TRACKING 2 3There is no strategy, 4without numbers. 5 6 7 8What are the objectives? 9How do we meaure success?
  7. 7. LISTENING LISTENINGThere’s someone talking aboutC’è sempre qualcuno che stayou, out there. With the right tool,parlando del to everyonewe can listen tuo brand:ascolta le persone in rete anche al difuori dei tuoi canali tradizionali.Wich keyword will we monitor?What’s the best tool?
  8. 8. THINK
  9. 9. BRANDING STRATEGY AWhat’s a branding strategy? YOU’REPretty simply, HEREdefining your brand idea. C BWhat should be the brand image?How can we develop a social brand?
  10. 10. MARKETING PLANA correct planning of onlineactivities is important to builda long-lasting pathWhat is the online activities objective?What tools will we use?
  11. 11. CORPORATE IDENTITYHaving a strong identity helps thecustomer finding the company.And helps the company.How should we implement corporate identity?How do we extend the corporate identity over all the social media?
  12. 12. TALK
  13. 13. CONTENT STRATEGY & COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT CONTENT STRATEGY Produci contenuti interessantiIt’s easy to start a conversation,if you prepare your topics before.What will we write, month by month?What content will weeditoriale What content will we produce? Definisci un piano look for? Conversa con la community
  14. 14. TONE OF VOICEWe learn to choose the wordingand the tone that representsthe brand best.Which guidelines should we follow?How do we conversate with customers?
  15. 15. DIGITAL PR DIGITAL PR L’influencer più giusto per te?Confrontati con influent people, gli influencer la tua vicina pettegola. There are very on the web. Talking to them is the key to reach a broader public.Individua chi è espertonel tuo settore scegli se e come relazionarti con loro Who are the influencers in a specific sector? How do we engage them?
  16. 16. ADVERTISING & MEDIAOffline companies choosewhere to invest.Online, they can understandwhat worked. By the numbers.Which platforms do we choose?How do we measure returns?
  17. 17. PIVOTING“Accept change as inevitable”.Today, there are no permanentsituations of success.