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Photopeach presentation
Photopeach presentation
Photopeach presentation
Photopeach presentation
Photopeach presentation
Photopeach presentation
Photopeach presentation
Photopeach presentation
Photopeach presentation
Photopeach presentation
Photopeach presentation
Photopeach presentation
Photopeach presentation
Photopeach presentation
Photopeach presentation
Photopeach presentation
Photopeach presentation
Photopeach presentation
Photopeach presentation
Photopeach presentation
Photopeach presentation
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Photopeach presentation


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Learn more about Photopeach. …

Learn more about Photopeach.
Photopeach is an easy to use Web 2.0 tool that allows you to create picture slideshows with captions and music. It also has an inbuilt quiz feature. You can add your slideshow to your blog, Facebook, My space, Twitter, or send a link to it in an email. Others can comment on your work.

Published in: Education, Technology
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No notes for slide
  • Can alter the speed of slideshow and position of wordsPhotos from computer, facebook or picasa
  • Download slideshows in burnable DVD (.iso) format and High Quality Digital Video (.mpeg) formatUpload your own .mp3 music filesCreate unlimited photo albums and unlimited photos per albumCustomise transition effects between photosHow many photos/albums in free version?
  • e.g. To present information from research projects
  • The following video demonstrates the functionality of Photopeach are examples of story and spiral slideshows. Spiral doesn’t have text.
  • Security levelsPublic = Everyone can viewUnlisted = Only those who know the URL of the slideshow can see itInvitation required= Only those you specify by email can view your slideshow
  • Strategies to overcome these barriers:1) Have to pay $3 a month to be able to add your own music files to slideshow.2) Negotiate accessibility with ICT coordinator/principal3) Look at FAQ4) Could use teachersNeed to install adobe flash??
  • The quiz feature can be used to help students with special needs extend their vocabulary. For example you could ask students to try and identify the feelings displayed in facial photographs. This will extend their understanding of feelings and emotions.Using Photopeach helps cater for the different learning needs of students (e.g. Visual learners)Procedure e.g. Steps in an experimentConcept e.g Life cycle of flowering plant
  • This is because students do not have to use heaps of words to convey meaning. The pictures in combination with words and music tell a story.Students could work together to create slideshows and at the same time develop skills in group work, communication and negotiation.
  • Note that digital storytelling is narrated whereas Photopeach uses text to communicate story.Useful website:
  • Add some quotes.
  • Link to page showing 3 easy steps:
  • Can show mine hereBackup: Use photos from my Flickr account.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Web 2.0 Tool
      Kate McDonald EDUC 9701
    • 2. Introduction to Photopeach (10 mins)
      Video demonstrations of education use (5 min)
      Discussion of use in education (6 mins)
      Video of how to create slideshows (2mins)
      Class exploration (20 mins)
      CEGSA blog comments (10 min)
      Summary (2 mins)
      Kate McDonald EDUC 9701
    • 3. By the end of this session, students will:
      • Understand what Photopeach is
      • 4. Understand how Photopeach could be used in an educational setting.
      • 5. Be able to create a slideshow using Photopeach
      Kate McDonald EDUC 9701
      Learning outcomes
    • 6. Allows you to create picture slideshows with captions and music (from Photopeach or YouTube)
      Quiz function
      Can add slideshow to your blog, Facebook, My space, Twitter, or send link in an email
      Others can comment on your work
      Kate McDonald EDUC 9701
      What is Photopeach?
    • 7. Premium version costs $3 per month
      Kate McDonald EDUC 9701
      Premium vs Free version
    • 8. Useful R to 12
      Teachers could use to report on class activities (e.g. On school website)
      Can be used across all subject areas
      Kate McDonald EDUC 9701
    • 9. Demonstration slideshow:
      Penguins (1 min)
      Story or spiral slideshows
      Kate McDonald EDUC 9701
      Introduction video
    • 10. What we learned about owls (2 mins)
      Quiz to teach students grammar (2 mins)
      Smartboard example from YouTube (1 min)
      Kate McDonald EDUC 9701
      Examples of use in classroom
    • 11. Easy to use
      Three security levels: Public, Unlisted (Default) and Invitation required.
      Kate McDonald EDUC 9701
      Strengths of tool
    • 12. Limited music available
      Accessibility in DECS schools?
      Little information about Quiz function
      Need separate log-ons
      Kate McDonald EDUC 9701
      Potential challenges or barriers
    • 13. Quiz feature could help students review key concepts OR help students with receptive language difficulties
      Could use to illustrate a procedure to class or a concept
      Kate McDonald EDUC 9701
      How Photopeach can enhance teaching
    • 14. Useful for students with poor literacy, or limited English, to communicate their understanding
      Collaborative group work
      Alternative way to present information (e.g. Report on investigations)
      Kate McDonald EDUC 9701
      How Photopeach can enhance learning
    • 15. Links with Constructivism
      Activity is learner-centred
      Preparing a slideshow helps students to consolidate their learning
      Could be used to get students to collaborate and learn from others
      Kate McDonald EDUC 9701
      Link to contemporary learning theory
    • 16. Could be used to develop and assess critical thinking, media literacy, written literacy as well as topic specific knowledge (e.g. In science)
      For further information read Ohler’s (2006) article ‘The World of Digital Storytelling’
      Kate McDonald EDUC 9701
      Links to curriculum and assessment
    • 17. Cegsa review (Jason Hall, Flinders Uni)
      • ‘The potential for Photo Peach to be used in school in high’
      • 18. Rated 5 stars out of 5
      • 19. Review and example applications available at:
      Brunsell and Horejsi (2010)
      • Possible uses: document field trips, present or review topics, summarise lab procedures/results
      • 20. Accessed via proquest:
      Brunsell, E., & Horejsi, M. (2010). Using web tools to support learning. Science 2.0. pp 12-13.
      Kate McDonald EDUC 9701
      What others have to say....
    • 21. Blogger Sue Waters
      • States that it is really easy to use
      • 22. Provides step by step instructions with screen dumps, and examples
      • 23. The Edublogger
      Kate McDonald EDUC 9701
      What others have to say....
    • 24. YouTube video (2 min)
      Kate McDonald EDUC 9701
      Getting started
    • 25. Sign into Photopeach and create a slideshow including 5 photos with a common theme
      Add captions and music
      Upload to your blog
      Send to classmate for comment.
      Kate McDonald EDUC 9701
      Class activity (20 mins)
    • 26. Comment on my CEGSA blog (10 mins)
      A picture can speak a thousand words!
      Kate McDonald EDUC 9701
    • 27. Class comments
      Main points: Classroom applications, Free and easy to use
      What I have learnt: Great presentation tool; useful for individual or group work
      How my thinking has changed: Web 2.0 tools can be appropriate for young students
      Kate McDonald EDUC 9701
    • 28. Allows students to actively engage in learning and be creative.
      Worth using in the classroom
      Kate McDonald EDUC 9701