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  • 1. Introducing of Grails plugin
    QIYI AD Team
    Yan Lei
  • 2. Plug-in Architecture
  • 3. Plug-in Structure
    + grails-app
    + controllers
    + domain
    + taglib
    + lib
    + src
    + java
    + groovy
    + web-app
    + js
    + css
    Just like a normal grails application
    The only difference is the presence of a file *GrailsPlugin.groovy
    The content of the grails-app directory will not be copied into main source tree.
    Code in src and lib directory will be compiled into main app’s web-app/WEB-INF/classes
  • 4. Creating Plugin
    grails create-plugin [PLUGIN NAME]
    Plugin descriptor
    example from Quartz Grails plugin
    class QuartzGrailsPlugin {
    defversion = "0.1"
    defgrailsVersion = "1.1 > *"
    defauthor = "Sergey Nebolsin"
    defauthorEmail = "nebolsin@gmail.com"
    deftitle = "This plugin adds Quartz job scheduling features to Grails application."
    defdescription = ''' … '''

  • 5. Overview of Plugin Closures
    A plugin can specify multiple closures each of which can manipulate Grails:
    doWithSpring – Participate in Spring configuration
    doWithApplicationContext – Post ApplicationContxtinitialisation activities
    doWithWebDescriptor – Modify the XML generated for web.xml at runtime
    doWithDynamicMethods – Add methods
    Some Examples
  • 6. Hooking into Spring Configuration
    import org.springframework.web.servlet.i18n.CookieLocaleResolver;
    import org.springframework.web.servlet.i18n.LocaleChangeInterceptor;
    import org.springframework.context.support.ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource;
    class I18nGrailsPlugin {
    def version = 0.1
    def doWithSpring = {
    messageSource(ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource) {
    basename = "WEB-INF/grails-app/i18n/messages"
    localeChangeInterceptor(LocaleChangeInterceptor) {
    paramName = "lang" }
    This plugin sets up the Grails messageSource bean and a couple of other beans to manage Locale resolution and switching. It using the Spring Bean Builder syntax to do so.
  • 7. Hooking into web.xml Generation
    defdoWithWebDescriptor = { webXml ->
    defmappingElement = webXml.'servlet-mapping'
    deflastMapping = mappingElement[mappingElement.size()-1] lastMapping + {
    'servlet-mapping' {
    Here the plugin goes through gets a reference to the last <servlet-mapping> element and appends Grails' servlet to the end of it using XmlSlurper's ability to programmatically modify XML using closures and blocks.
  • 8. Doing Post Initialization Configuration
    defdoWithApplicationContext = { appCtx->
    SessionFactorysf = appCtx.getBean("sessionFactory")
    // do something here with session factory
    Sometimes it is useful to be able do some runtime configuration after the Spring ApplicationContext has been built. In this case you can define a doWithApplicationContext closure property.
  • 9. Adding Dynamic Methods
    defdoWithDynamicMethods = { applicationContext->
    String.metaClass.swapCase= {->
    defsb = new StringBuffer()
    sb<< (Character.isUpperCase(it as char) ?
    Character.toLowerCase(it as char) :
    Character.toUpperCase(it as char))
    sb.toString() }
    assert "UpAndDown" == "uPaNDdOWN".swapCase()
    In this example we add a new method swapCase to java.lang.String directly by accessing its metaClass.
  • 10. Reload Events
    Grails applications must be reloadable during development
    Plug-ins can define watchedResources that fire onChange event when modified
  • 11. Example Reloading Plug-in
    Class I18nGrailsPlugin{
    defwatchedResources =
    defonChange = { event ->
    defmessageSource =
    When one changes,event is fired and plugin responds by clearing message cache
  • 12. The Event Object
    event.source - The source of the event which is either the reloaded class or a Spring Resource
    event.ctx- The Spring ApplicationContext instance
    event.plugin - The plugin object that manages the resource (Usually this)
    event.application - The GrailsApplication instance
  • 13. Plugin Load Order
    Plugin dependencies
    defdependsOn = [foo: “ * > 1.0”,
    bar : “ 1.0 > 1.2”]
    Load Order
    defloadAfter = [‘controllers’]
  • 14. Installing & Distributing
    grails package-plugin
    Excluded artefacts when Distributing
    Everything within /web-app/WEB-INF
    grails install-plugin [name] [file path] [url]
    Specifying plugin location in ‘BuildConfig.groovy’
    //useful for modular app where app & plugin in the same directory
    Grails.plugin.location.’grails-ui’ = “../grails-grails-ui”