Ireo victory valley (3)


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Ireo victory valley (3)

  1. 1.  Ireo Victory valley is a luxury residentialproject of Ireo group. Project has launched in 10 May, 2010. Total No. of Apartments-794 units. Total Area- 25 Acres Apartment offer is 2,3,4 and 4 bedroom duplex,penthouse apartment. Apartment size -1435 sq ft – 5977 sq. ft Project location is sector 67,Gurgaon.
  2. 2.  Ireo is the first and the largest Private EquityFund dedicated to the Indian real estate sector. Fund size of US $2 billion and the backing ofglobal blue chip investors and financialinstitutions. Have presence since 2004 in India. The company has a pan-India footprint ofprojects in prime locations across NCR(including Gurgaon), Haryana, Punjab, TamilNadu and Maharashtra under various stages ofdevelopment and implementation.
  3. 3.  Mr. Anurag Bhargava was previously Head ofPrivate Equity for MSD Capital, the privateinvestment firm for Michael Dell, where hemanaged a successful portfolio of private equityinvestments. Mr. Bhargava is a co-founder of IndiaEquity Partners and El Dorado Holdings, and alsoserves on the board of the State Bank of Mauritius. Mr. Bhargava completed the dual-degreeManagement and Technology Program at theUniversity of Pennsylvania, where he received aB.A. from the Wharton School of Business and aB.S. from the Moore School of Engineering.
  4. 4.  To be the most respected developer of realestate and infrastructure in India, byconsistently delivering superior value forcustomers, employees and business partners inall our endeavors.
  5. 5. Apartments Types Unit-Area (Sq.ft.) Tower- Type2Bhk 1435 C3Bhk Type-1 2428 A &B3Bhk Type-1 2385 C3Bhk Type-2A 2677 A & B3Bhk (Mid-Rise) 2606 B2 to b25( Except(B-6,7,8)4Bhk Type-1 3186 A & B4Bhk Type-2 2926 C4Bhk-Mid Rise 2942 B2-b25(Except -B-6,7,8)4BR-Duplex Type-1 4322 A &B4BR-Duplex Type-2 4401 C4BR-Duplex Type-3 4814 A & BPenthouse -Duplex 5977 B2-b25(Except –B-6,7,8)- - -
  6. 6. Master Bedroom size-14’*12’Bathroom Size-12’1”*5’7”Balcony Size-10’1”*5’11”Second Bedroom -13’11”*9’7”Bathroom Size-11’1”*6’Kitchen-10’6”*7’4”Service Balcony-5’11”*5’9”Living cum Dinning-16”2”*13’1”Balcony-7’2”*5’7”
  7. 7. Master bedroom size-16’*13’Master Bathroom size-11’5’*8’2”Balcony Size-6’3”*5’11”Dress-8’6”4’4Second Bedroom-14’*11’9”Balcony-10’9’*5’11”Toilet-12’9”*5’9”Third Bedroom-13’9”*13’3”Bathroom-10’10”*5’9”Kitchen-13’9’*9’9”Living cum Dinning-22’10”*14”Service balcony -7”*4’10”Servant room-7’*4’10’
  8. 8. Master bedroom-16’5*12’Bathroom-9’2”*9’4”Dress-9’2”*7’Balcony-4”4”*5’10”Second Bedroom-12’1”*15’Bathroom-5’6”*12’6”Third Bedroom-12’1”*12’Bathroom-6’3”-8’11”Kitchen-8’*9’1”Living Room-11’4”*13’8”Dinning Room-11’4”*12’8”Servant room-6’10’*5’7”Toilet-8’10’3’9’Servant balcony-7’10”*5’11”
  9. 9. Master Bedroom-16’3”*13’2”Bathroom-9’4’*9’2”Dress-9’4”*9’2”Second Bedroom-12’1”*15’Bathroom-5’3”*9’7”Third Bedroom-14’*12’Kitchen-8’*9’1”Toilet-6’3”*8’11’Living-11’4”*13’8”Dinning-11’4”*13’8”Balcony-6’*5’11”’10*5’7”Toilet-8’10*3’9”Sr. Balcony-7’10*5’11’
  10. 10. Master bedroom-17’2”*13’1”Bathroom-1’10’*8’10”Dress-8’10”*3’11”Balcony-8’*6’3”Kitchen-12’6”*8’2”Living cum dinning-27’8”13’1”Balcony-12’10*5’11”Bedroom2nd-15’10”*12’Bathroom-11’8”*5’1”Bedroom3rd-11’11”*11’3”Bathroom-8’6”*5’7”Balcony-8’-3”*6’Sr. Room-8’4”*6’Sr. Balcony-7’9”*4’11”
  11. 11. Master bedroom-16’*13’Bathroom-12’7’*8’2”Dress-8’6”*4’3”Balcony-11’6”*5’11”Bedroom 2nd-11’9”*12’1”Balcony-10’9”*5’11’Toilet-8’11”*7’10”Bedroom 3rd-16’7”*12’2”Bathroom-8’1”*4’6”Bedroom 4th- 13’7”-13’2”Bathroom-5’7”*10’8”Kitchen-13’10’*9’8”Service balcony-9’4”*4’10’Sr. Room-6’1”*6’1”Toilet-3’7”*6’1”Living cum Dinning-27’*14’Balcony-7’6”-11’8”
  12. 12. Master Bedroom-12’6”*15’7”Balcony-11’8”*5’11”Bathroom-7’11”*11’0”Dress-3’10”*8’0”Puja-3’10”*3’0”Hallway-13’1”*3’11”Second room-11’5”*14’9”Toilet-5’2”*8’11”Bedroom 3rd-12’5”*12’8”Bathroom-5’1”*10’8”Balcony-7’11”*5’11”Bedroom 4th-11’6”*14’8”Toilet-5’4”*11’10”Living cum Dinning-13’7”*26’6”Balcony-12’4’*7’11”Service Balcony-5’11”*8’2”Kitchen-8’11”*10’11”Foyer-17’5”*6’8”
  13. 13. Master Bedroom Size-17’1”*13’8”Bathroom-12’10”*8’2”Balcony-5’11”*11’6”Bedroom2nd-12’2”813’4”Balcony-5’11”*6’11”Toilet-6’8”*8’10”Dress-6’8”*6’1”Bedroom 3rd-12’0”*12’0”Toilet-8’11”*6’3”Bedroom 4th-17’1”*12’0”Toilet 12’6”85’3”Kitchen-12’8”*8’0”Living-11’4”*13’8”Dinning-12’8”*13’8”Balcony-5’11”*11’6”Servant Room-5’7”*8’11”Toilet-3’9”*8’11”Service Balcony-3’9”*8’11”
  14. 14. Master Bedroom-13’11”*13’2”Bathroom-11’0’*6’2”Dress-11’0”*8’0”Balcony-12’5”*6’7”Balcony 2nd-8’4”*5’11”Second Bedroom-14’0”*12’0”Toilet-9’10”*5’3”Kitchen-13’8”*8’0”Living cum dinning-26’4”*13’8”Sr. Room-8’10”*5’7”Toilet-8”10”*3’9”Sr. Balcony-7’3”*5’7”Lobby-7’7”*6’1”Lower level Plan of Duplex-Bedroom 1st-12’1”*11’0”Toilet-11’0”*5’3”Bedroom 2nd-13’11”*13’2”Bedroom 3rd-16’0”*12’1”Toilet-13’1”*5’3”Study-14’4”*6’3”Sr. room-8’10”*5’7”Sr. Balcony-7’10”*5’11”Toilet-8’10*3’9”
  15. 15. Master Bedroom-16’0”*13’0’Toilet-11’5”*6’0”Dress-8’6”*4’4”Balcony-12’6”*5’11”Puja-4’4”*2’11”Bedroom 2nd-15’0”*12’0”Toilet-11’10”*5’11”Living cum Dinning-12’10”*14’0”Balcony-12’6”*5’11”Service Balcony-8’2”*7’9”Kitchen-11’6”*9’9”Toilet-9’9”*4’6”Upper level type-Master bedroom -16’0”*13’0”Bathroom-11’5”*6’0”Dress-8’6”*4’4”Balcony-12’6”*11’0”Puja-4’4”*2’11”Bedroom-15’0”*12’0”Bathroom-11’10”*5’11”Lounge-15’10”*11’10”Sr. Room-5’8”*7’5”Toilet-7’7”*4’5”
  16. 16.  Clubhouse Fitness Center Golf Course Playground/Park Spa/Jacuzzi Sports Complex Tennis Courts Air Conditioning Alarm Balcony Cable/Satellite TV Microwave
  17. 17.  EDC plus IDC-354 sqft Car Parking-Rs.-3.5 lacs (1 mandatory for 2bhkand 3 for Penthouse) IBMS- 100 Per sqft PLC- Tower A&B-Rs. 50/sqft -Rs 50 per sq ftrevise on every floor (e.g. : 1st floor Rs 50 persq ft, 2nd floor 100 per sq ft, 3rd 150 per sq ft) Tower C and Low Rise /Mid Rise - PLC - Rs300 per sq ft.
  18. 18. 02000400060008000100001200020 10 20 11 20 12 20 1355006100700010500Avg.price /sqft- YoYprice /sqft in
  19. 19. 010203040506070809020 10 20 11 20 12 20 13010.9090909127.2727272781.81818182Average % Growth per year from 2010Approx % Growth per year from 2010
  20. 20. 0510152025303540455020 10 20 11 20 12 20 13010.9090909114.7540983650Y-0-Y % Growth Of Price / sqftY-0-Y % Growth
  21. 21. Areas Walls Floor Ceiling Doors Window/Glazing OtherLivingroom/Dinning/Family LoungeFair face concrete withacrylic emulsionpaint/pop punning withacrylic emulsion paintImportedmarvel/kashmiri whiteAcrylic emulsionpaintEntrance DoorTimber VeneeredFlush doorUPVC powdercoatedAluminumWindow frameand louvers withclear/frosted/tinted glassVRV/VRF AcUNIT WITHCOOLING ANDHEATINGMaster Bedroom Fair face concrete withacrylic emulsionPaint/pop punning withacrylic emulsion paintHighGradeLaminateFlooringAcrylic emulsionPaintInternal Doors :Flush Doors.ExternalDoor:UPVCPowder coatedaluminum doorsUPVC powdercoatedAluminumWindow frameand louvers withclear/frosted/tinted glassVRV/VRF AcUNIT WITHCOOLING ANDHEATINGOther Bedrooms Fair face concrete withacrylic emulsionPaint/pop punning withacrylic emulsion paintHighGradeLaminateFlooringAcrylic emulsionPaintInternal Doors :Flush Doors.External Door:UPVC Powdercoated aluminumdoorsUPVC powdercoatedAluminumWindow frameand louvers withclear/frosted/tinted glassVRV/VRF AcUNIT WITHCOOLING ANDHEATING- - - - - - -- - - - - - -
  22. 22. Area Walls Floor Ceiling Doors Window/GlazingOthersKitchen Combination oftiles up to 2 feetabove thecounter andacrylic emulsionin the balanceareasPorcelain/Vitrified tilesAcrylic emulsionpaintInternal Doors :Flush Doors.External Door:UPVC Powdercoated aluminumdoorsUPVC powdercoatedAluminumWindow frameand louvers withclear/frosted/tinted glassModular kitchenbelow thecounter withchimney hobgranite countertopStainless steelsink with doublebowl anddrainage, CPfittingBalconies/TerracesM.S. Railing withhandrailAnti –skid tiles Weather proofpaintUPVC Powdercoated aluminumdoorsUPVC powdercoatedAluminumWindow frameand louvers withclear/frosted/tinted glassMaster Toilet Porcelain/Vitrified tilesPorcelain/Vitrified tilesAcrylic emulsionpaintInternal door:flush doorshutterUPVC powdercoatedAluminumWindow frameand louvers withclear/frosted/tinted glassChinaware cpfitting naturalstone counterbathtub, washbasin
  23. 23. Areas Walls Floor Ceiling Doors Window/Glazing0thersOther Toilets Porcelain/Vitrified tilesPorcelain/Vitrified tilesAcrylicemulsion paintInternal door:flush doorshuttersUPVC powdercoatedAluminumWindowframe andlouvers withclear/frosted/tinted glassChinaware cpfitting naturalstone counterwash basinSr.Room Oil -bounddistemperpaintCeramic Tiles Oil -bounddistemperpaintInternal door:flush doorshuttersUPVC powdercoatedAluminumWindowframe andlouvers withclear/frosted/tinted glass
  24. 24.  Garbage disposal on each floor, 24/7 Water Supply, Swimming Pool, Gymnasium, Game Room(Carom/TT),Badminton/Tennis Court, Community Party Area,Kids Play Area(swing & slide) , Garden/Park,Reserved parking for each unit, Additional assigned Parking, Available Parking Types: Open, Covered, Basement, Visitor parking inside,Grocery Store, ATM within campus, RainwaterHarvesting/Water Treatment, Sewage Treatment
  25. 25.  CCTV recording of key entry areas Live close circuit TV monitoring Security staff at main gate withregister Security staff at apartment tower,Intercom confirmation before accessto visitor Earthquake resistant
  26. 26.  Lobby Area : Lobby Type : Two Floor , Size = 15 x 15 , SeatingAvailable , Granite/Marble/Wood/Glass , Access card based entryto entrance lobby , Access card based entry/exit from parking lotAir conditioned Lift Lobby: Size : = 8 x 8 , Granite/Marble/Wood/Glass , Airconditioned Building Exterior: Building Name/ Signage clearly visible , Nochanges in standard look , Hidden AC Unit/ducts provided ThemedExterior Community Centre : Air conditioned Gym , Automated & premiumgym equipments , Lighted 23m or larger pool Open Area : Manicured Garden , Lighted roads with walk trails ,Benches & night lighting , Fountain with lights , Basement Parking Brand Recognition : Top 5 developers of the city, Well advertizedcommunity
  27. 27.  Websites- News Papers- Times of India Gurgaon Property Hindustan Times Property Page The Economic Times Realty Report Property Magazines.
  28. 28. Thank You.