Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013: Sneak preview


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  • Fantasticas imagenes y expectaculares. La 6 y 7, una dura de ver y otra simpatica del rey de la selva, con su flequillo y todo. Salu22
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  • Impresionantes disparos y bellísimas fotos!!.Voy con bastante retraso llegue ayer de mis vacaciones y he estado practicamente desconectada.Muchas gracias y un abrazo.
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  • Hi! Olga,The winners in the British Wildlife Photography Awards 2013
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  • @mireille 30100, hi, hi...
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  • Jaja !! Je vais avoir la même chance qu'eux !!
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Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013: Sneak preview

  1. 1. Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013: Sneak preview Stunning photos of gorillas, dugongs and mushrooms were among the 43,000 entries from 96 countries to the 2013 wildlife photographer of the year competition. The Natural History Museum will announce the overall winners in October.
  2. 2. Last look by Vladimir Medvedev, Russia.
  3. 3. Alejandro Prieto, Mexico: Corcovado national park, on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, is accessible only by boat or aircraft. ‘With a fast movement, the crocodile held the turtle by its flipper and then, with a flick of its jaws, grabbed the still-living reptile by its head. I willed the crocodile to be still for a moment while I struggled to keep the camera steady’
  4. 4. Michael Nichols, US: C-Boy, a black-maned male lion, and his coalition partner, Hildur, once controlled a superior territory in Tanzania’s Serengeti national park, but they were deposed by a squad of four males known to researchers as the Killers. Nick came across C-boy and Hildur hunkered down in the rain: ‘I had never before seen these two senior coalition males together’
  5. 5. Diana Rebman, US: ‘What made all the physical effort worth it was to see the mother with her two babies.’ This is only the fifth set of mountain gorilla twins ever to be reported in Rwanda’s Volcanoes national park
  6. 6. Łukasz Bożycki, Poland: On this March day, Łukasz shared the pond with them for an evening, sitting in the icy water in his chest-high waders, keeping as still as possible: ‘I wanted to find a fresh way of portraying the amphibians at water level’
  7. 7. Valter Bernardeschi, Italy: Each year between July and September, millions of sockeye salmon migrate from the Pacific back up rivers to the fresh waters of Lake Kuril, in Russia, to spawn in the waters where they were born
  8. 8. Solvin Zankl, Germany: Breeding ponds in Solling, western Germany. ‘To me the toadspawn looks like threaded black pearls neatly arranged in the scenery’
  9. 9. Agorastos Papatsanis, Greece: The taller of these two parasol mushrooms is just 30cm. That is tall for a parasol, but their prominence against the tree trunks behind is a slight optical illusion
  10. 10. Death rays by Thomas Peschak, Germany/South Africa.
  11. 11. Etienne Francey, Switzerland: Near Cousset, in Switzerland
  12. 12. Storm panic by Gregoire Bouguereau, France.
  13. 13. Marcos Sobral, Portugal: Varanasi in northern India where rhesus macaques have adapted to living alongside people, even inhabiting temples, where locals feed them as a form of worship. ‘I waited for more than an hour at this spot holding heavy camera gear, being bitten to bits by mosquitoes'
  14. 14. Douglas Seifert, US: A dugong feeding in the bay of Marsa Alam, Egypt, while snorkellers flock to see it. Only seven dugongs are known to live along the 100km coastline
  15. 15. Badger dream scene by Marc Steichen, Luxembourg.
  16. 16. Life in the balance by Pål Hermansen, Norway.
  17. 17. True love by Steve Race, UK.
  18. 18. Race for life by Zig Koch, Brazil.
  19. 19. The golden hour by Lou Coetzer, South Africa.
  20. 20. Battle colours by Gergely Bíró, Hungary.
  21. 21. The shy crocodile by Jordi Chias Pujol, Spain.
  22. 22. The great gape by Bence Máté, Hungary.
  23. 23. The encirclement by Thomas Haider, Austria.
  24. 24. Travelling companions by Douglas Seifert, USA.
  25. 25. Wolf moment by Lasse Kurkela, Finland.
  26. 26. The stalker by Lasse Kurkela, Finland.
  27. 27. end cast Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013: Sneak preview images credit www. Music Yanni With An Orchid. created o.e. thanks for watching