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Scenes from Kandahar
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Scenes from Kandahar



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  • El dolor de la guerra... pareciera el mismo pero es ... distinto.. y bien distinto...!
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  • Me impresiona esta terrible realidad

    Muy buena seleccion de fotos para mostrarla!!
    Eszperemos que se termine pronto, promesa de Obama
    Lets hope it ended soon as Obama said before being elected!
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  • Hoy escuché la noticia dando cuenta que el presidente Obama había anunciado el retiro de las tropas norteamericanas en el término de un mes. Seguramente lo hizo luego de ver esta presentación y enterarse por tu intermedio de cuál era la verdad de lo que estaba sucediendo allí. ¡Excelente documental!
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  • Many people in America feel that what is happening in that part of the world is not worth the lives of one american soldier. This is Vietnam all over again not knowing who is our friends, corrupt politicians, and a government that lies about what is really going on. In Afganistan, we don't know what side is our friends and which side is our enemies. Politicians and warlords extend the war to siphon off money and sell drugs. Government troops are more concerned with bribes and protecting the drug trade. When this happens then all of them are suspect , including Pakestan. Because they are suspect we should leave because no good will come of it, just the deaths of good men needlessly wasted. If Pakestan was not a nuclear country, American politicians wouldn't care what the hell happened to that country. A pox on Muslim extremists, Politicians, the Talaban, and on every person in that region that turn away from what is happening and refuse to stop extremists on both sides. All of these people deserve each other, but we average american deserve none of them.
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  • We have no reason to be in Afganastan. If the Taleban were to gain control again we should bomb them to hell. I weap at the pictures because I know from first hand experience what these guys are going thru. We are there for bogus reasons. God Dam George Bush for both wars.
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