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Queen Elizabeth II Coronation in 1953
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Queen Elizabeth II Coronation in 1953

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  • Un verdadero ejemplo de constancia flema británica. Capaz de sortear cualquier adversidad y salir airosa de cualquier problema. Un gran trabajo sobre esta monarca que lleva en el cargo sesenta años..., por Dios, mira tu que si llega a ser eterna!!!, jajaja

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  • 1. At the gates of BuckinghamPalace
  • 2. Women in Walter street, Manchester getting ready for their street party to celebrate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth.The coronation prompted celebrations and parties all over Britain.
  • 3. A Royal Air Force man stoops as he gives his shoes a quick clean
  • 4. Women huddle together draped in blankets waiting for the procession to come past at Apsley House, Hyde Park
  • 5. A young girl is carried away for treatment after being injured in the crowds of well-wishers
  • 6. Ras "Prince" Monolulu, Londonstreet character, walking in paradeduring celebration of QueenElizabeth IIs coronation.
  • 7. Queen Salote Tubou of Tonga and Ibrahim, Sultan of Kelantan, leaving Westminster Abbey following coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.
  • 8. Jawaharlal Nehru (CL) and daughter Indira Gandhi (CR) of India arriving at Westminster Abbey for coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.
  • 9. Sir Winston Churchill (C) arriving at Westminster Abbey for coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.
  • 10. Some were quite impromptu.
  • 11. A girl blowing a paper whistle in Morpeth Street, in the East End of London
  • 12. Pilots with the first newsreel of the coronation set off for North America
  • 13. A woman and her son who camped out overnight to watch the procession
  • 14. People on the street straining to catch glimpse of Queen Elizabeth II during coronation parade
  • 15. Page boy Jeremy Clyde
  • 16. Queen Elizabeth II Coronation carriage and procession coming through Admiralty Arch on the way from Westminster Abbey to BuckinghamPalace.
  • 17. The State Coach, seen here at Admiralty Arch, was drawn by eight grey geldings. On its guilded roof sat three cherubs representingEngland, Scotland and Ireland.
  • 18. The royal carriage of Queen Elizabeth II passes Buckingham Palace on its way to Westminster Abbey
  • 19. The royal carriage of Queen Elizabeth II passes along Victoria Embankment on its way to Westminster Abbey on Coronation Day
  • 20. The Royal Coach carrying the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh as it approached Admiralty Arch on the way to the Abbey on Coronation day
  • 21. A Royal Signal Corpsofficer directs the marchersduring the CoronationParade on Piccaddilly
  • 22. Soldiers march down The Mall, during the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.
  • 23. Massed troops in the procession make their way to through Admiralty Arch
  • 24. From their vantage point the royals could look out on some of the three million people who turned out in London and view an RAF flypastdown the Mall.
  • 25. The crowd at Marble Arch, some are using periscopes to get a better view
  • 26. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip are seen through the window of the royal carriage as they arrive in Trafalgar Square.
  • 27. Queen Elizabeth II being helped out of the Coach, byMaids of Honour as she arrives at WestminsterAbbey.
  • 28. Queen Elizabeth II, surrounded by the bishop of Durham Lord Michael Ramsay (L) and the bishop of Bath and Wells Lord Harold Bradfield, asshe walks to the altar during her coronation ceremony in Westminster Abbey. Her maids of honour carry her train
  • 29. The Queen Mother and Prince Charles with Princess Margaret in the royal box at Westminster Abbey watching the coronation ceremony
  • 30. Royal affair ... the Queens familywatch the Coronation
  • 31. Queen Elizabeth II seated in the chair Of state as she takes the oath during the coronation ceremony
  • 32. Pomp and ceremony ... Coronation at Westminster Abbey
  • 33. Queen Elizabeth II seated in King Edwards chair.
  • 34. Queen Elizabeth is crowned in 1953 at a ceremony in Westminster Abbey
  • 35. At the ceremony in Westminster Abbey the Queen was handed symbols of authority – the orb, the sceptre, which represents temporal power,the rod of mercy, representing her spiritual role and the royal ring of sapphire and rubies. She was also given the armills – gold braceletssymbolising wisdom and authority. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Geoffrey Fisher, then placed St Edwards Crown on her head. The crownconsists of 444 stones and dates back to 1661 when it was created to replace one destroyed by Oliver Cromwell.
  • 36. Crowning glory ... the Queen on thethrone at Westminster Abbey at herCoronation
  • 37. Six aristocratic beauties including Winston Churchills niece were chosen to carry the Queens 18ft velvet train, which one recalls, was as heavyas a carpet. The occasion meant new Norman Hartnell dresses, which was a real treat since clothes were still on coupons. Afterwards, the Maidsof Honour received beautiful brooches of the monarchs initials in her handwriting in diamonds.
  • 38. The Queen and her retinue walking down theknave of Westminster Abbey.
  • 39. Queen Elizabeth II, surrounded by thebishop of Durham Lord Michael Ramsay(L) and the bishop of Bath and Wells LordHarold Bradfield, walks to the altar duringher coronation ceremony
  • 40. Queen Elizabeth II, wearing the Imperial State crown and carrying the Orb and Sceptre, returns to Buckingham Palace from Westminster Abbey,London, following her Coronation.
  • 41. Earlier in the day throngs had lined the streets to glimpse their brave young Princess, wearing the George IV State Diadem, on her way to beinstalled as Queen Elizabeth II. She was conveyed in the Gold State Coach, which was built in 1762 and has starred in every coronation sinceGeorge IVs in 1821.
  • 42. Queen Elizabeth II is seen through thewindow of the royal carriage, after beingcrowned at Westminter Abbey in London
  • 43. Coronation portrait ofQueen Elizabeth II
  • 44. Queen Elizabeth II with her maids of honour after the coronation (left to right) Lady Moyra Hamilton; Lady Rosemary Spencer-Churchill; Lady AnneCoke; Lady Jane Heathcote-Drummond-Willoughby; Lady Jane Vane-Tempest-Stewart; Lady Mary Baillie-Hamilton; and the mistress of the robes,the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire
  • 45. One of the official photographs of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953, with Prince Philip, Duke Of Edinburgh, Queen Elizabeth TheQueen Mother (right) and Princess Margaret
  • 46. Queen Elizabeth II in Coronation robeswith the Duke of Edinburgh.
  • 47. A group photograph with the extended family including the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret. The Queen now wears the Imperial StateCrown, featuring 2,868 diamonds, and traditionally used by monarchs for their departure from the Abbey.
  • 48. Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 - portrait with Prince Charles and Princess Anne
  • 49. The newly-crowned Queen Elizabeth II waving from the balcony of Buckingham Palace.
  • 50. Queen Elizabeth II poses with the royalsceptre 02 June 1953 after being crownedsolemnly at Westminter Abbey in London
  • 51. endcast Queen Elizabeth II coronation in 1953images credit www.Music Vangelis Titanscreated o.e.thanks for watching