Photographer Marc Riboud
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Photographer Marc Riboud






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    Photographer Marc Riboud Photographer Marc Riboud Presentation Transcript

    • USA. Washington DC. 1967. An American young girl, Jan Rose Kasmir, confronts the American National Guard outside the Pentagon during the 1967 anti-Vietnam march. This march helped to turn public opinion against the US war in Vietnam.
    • England. London, February 15TH, 2003. Anti-war protest through the streets. Jan Rose Kasmir was photographed by Marc Riboud in 1967 during the anti Vietnam demonstration at the Pentagon, Washington, USA. That demonstration helped turn the tide of public opinion against the war. She is seen here holding the photograph from 1967.
    • Photographer Marc Riboud
    • China. 1965. A street in Beijing as seen from inside an antique dealer's shop.
    • The queue at the Lenin’s Mausoleum in Red Square Moscow, 1960
    • Young Soviet officers having just reached Red Square to watch parade. First officer refused to have his picture taken. The second one said he was proud to have his picture taken.
    • China. Demonstration to protest against the US military intervention in North Vietnam. 1965.
    • Afghanistan. 1956. A tribal munitions factory near Kohat Pass on Afghanistan's lawless border with Pakistan.
    • Algeria. Veiled women going to the voting stations for the Independence referendum. July 1962.
    • Teheran. Women supporters of the Ayatollah Khomeini.
    • Beijing. Wang Fujing street. One of the last aristocrats.
    • France. Paris. 1953. Zazou, the Eiffel tower's painter.
    • North Vietnam. 1969. Children coming out of a small village school on the coast. As their astonished gazes well prove, they have rarely seen a Westerner.
    • USSR. Russia. Moscow. Education. 1960
    • China. Liaoning province. Town of Anshan. 1957.Large steel mill built by the Soviets near important iron deposits. In the factory canteen engineers have lunch whilst keeping their protective glasses on.As in the rest of China, it is hard to distinguish the engineers from the factory workers.
    • Spain. 1963. Spanish painter Salvador DALI at his home at port Lligat, near Cadaques, on the Costa Brava.
    • Mexico. State of Guerrero. Acapulco. 1959.
    • Shanxi Province. Taiyuan. Minors.
    • Iran. 4th of Feb. 1979. The Ayatollah Khomeini receives a crowd of women supporters. As the Shi'ite leader appears at the window hysterical women strech up their arms trying to touch him. Some of the women draped in the traditional black Chador, threw to him pieces of their clothing, rolled on the ground or fainted.
    • India. Kali puja (festival). 1956.
    • Japan, Tokyo. 1958.
    • In front of diptych Adam and Eve (1507) of Albrecht Durer | Museum of Prado, Madrid, 1988
    • Which of the two matrons will seduce the beautiful Apollo, Museum of Prado, Madrid, 1988
    • France. Paris. 1953.
    • China. Chou En-lai. 1965.
    • GB. England. Lancashire. Blackpool. Mr. Winston Churchill. 1954.
    • USA. New-York city. Queen Elizabeth. 1952.
    • Ghana. 1960.
    • Ghana. Port of Accra. Merchant in Bosun's chair. 1960.
    • "When I crossed this pass, I hesitated. As I like to travel slowly, the arrow of right attracted me" | Khyber Pass, Afghanistan, 1955
    • Kenya. 1963.
    • The British Museum, Greek dialogue between a horse came from the Parthenon and a very worthy subject of his majesty | London, 1954
    • England. Essex. Southend-on-Sea. "No soliciting". 1954.
    • Iran. Tehran. 1979.
    • Niger. Young Bororo girl. 1961.
    • GB. England. London. Greenwich. 1954
    • GB. England. London. 1955.
    • Prague.
    • Algeria. Algiers. Independence. July 1962
    • China. Beijing. 1965.
    • Italy. Naples. 1976.
    • Italy. Rome. Death of pope Pie XII. 1958.
    • Japan. Tokyo subway. 1982.
    • China. 1992.
    • Hubei province. Industrial centre, Wuhan, on the Yangtze. Mao Tse-tung. 1971.
    • Shanghaï. 1965
    • Italy. Rome. Pope Paul VI.
    • Young pioneers on the eve of the Cultural Revolution.
    • China. Beijing. The Forbidden City.
    • China. Beijing. Mao Tse-tung. 1957.
    • Fidel Castro interviewed by Jean Daniel, Cuba, 1963
    • Russian politician Mikhaïl Gorbachev.
    • General Moshe Dayan in his office in Tel Aviv, 15th May 1969
    • Japan. Tokyo. Women in traditional and westerners clothes. 1958
    • USSR. Russia. Moscow. Poster celebrating the cosmonaut Yuri GAGARIN, the first man to travel in space. 1st of May 1961.
    • Nepal. Return of Swiss expedition to Everest.
    • Paris, 1953
    • Moscow, 1960
    • Hard jobs are given of course also to the women | Moscow, 1961
    • Beijing, 1971
    • Dalai Lama, Calcutta, 1956.
    • Moscow, 1961
    • Moscow, 1960
    • Moscow, 1960.
    • Moscow, 1960
    • Prague, 1972
    • Near Chartres, 1953
    • Chine, 2001. City of Pingyao
    • Congo. Leopoldville airport. Selfportrait. 1961.
    • This famous photo of Marc Riboud, taken in Washington during a protest against the war in Vietnam, is etched in our memories in black and white. It took more than thirty years to discover color. It is by no means a colorization. Marc had forgotten that he had used another box loaded with color film. Now, we know that the flower in the picture is pink. As the name of the young woman: Jane Rose Kasmir. Washington, EUA, 1967
    • end cast Photographer Marc Riboud images credit www. Music Anouar Brahem created olga.e. thanks for watching