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Emirati social media gyro july 2013
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Emirati social media gyro july 2013


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 2. Introducing an independent strategist Outdoor – Direct and Not Invasive • The most prominent form of marketing communication to Emiratis that is also the most underestimated. • For many years, Emiratis in focus groups have reiterated time and again that they love to see outdoor advertising, the bigger the better, the more the merrier – It says the company who's advertising cares and invests in their products or services. – It tells them company has nothing to hide. – It tells them what's the latest. – Its non invasive unlike some social media or direct marketing.
  • 3. Introducing an independent strategist Emirati Social Media (National Males, 20s) • They’re very private – their social media use is much like the way they live as a community – little information or conversation with the outside world and they make it tough for the outside world to come in. • They like to use nicknames and not use their own names. • Use it mainly to just chat, waste time. • Guys like to cuss at each other, look at girls photos and comment on them. • They like Facebook to create an identity and make themselves seem “high, high” i.e. sophisticated (older guys, see Teens later). • They come up with a persona where they are the the cool guy, the top dog.
  • 4. Introducing an independent strategist • They like to make fun of each other. • They like to post pics of what they see in public or in their environment that are outrageous or funny. • They like to keep their personal life private. • They use Vclip. • They use Kik – the latest hot thing. • They also use Keek – personal files, funny things people do…probably became popular via Saudi Arabia. • They like to put down others and feel great about it. Emirati Social Media (National Males, 20s)
  • 5. Introducing an independent strategist • They don’t use any one type of social media for long and are not loyal to any one form. • They can change platforms entirely within a year. • They don’t talk politics via social media. • Always aware that they might be watched. • Kik though is used for more serious chatting as well as WhatsApp. • For videos its Keek, Vclip, Youtube and Facebook. Emirati Social Media (National Males, 20s)
  • 6. Introducing an independent strategist • They like to see break dance videos but also the funny stuff like Harlem Shake. • They like to watch TV series like Game of Thrones and anything from How I met Your Mother to Arabic Anime – modern ones not like kids cartoons. • They like anime series like Naruto or Bleach. • Twitter is also used by many (at least they have an account). Emirati Social Media (National Males, 20s)
  • 7. Introducing an independent strategist • Younger guys are less into Facebook (teens) but use WhatsApp and Kik. • Some teens don’t even have a Facebook account. • Social Games are very hot like World of Warcraft, League of Legends, and Amal al Shuoob (there’s an Arabic version of it). – A lot of older guys are into it. • Younger guys are closing their World of Warcraft accounts for Amal Al Shuoob because mainly its totally free. • That said, it’s taboo to ask or talk about if its affordable or not. Emirati Social Media (National Males, TEENS)
  • 8. Introducing an independent strategist Emirati Social Media
  • 9. Introducing an independent strategist • Says it all ;) Emirati Social Media (National Females)
  • 10. Introducing an independent strategist Emirati Social Media (National Females) • Have a different sense of privacy then males. • Are much more paranoid about being watched or letting information out including pics. • Horror stories of veiled girls that spread like a forest fire in the digital world make many keen on what they share. • However, they do like to use Instagram and carefully choose the pics they post, mostly without showing family faces but scenic views of places they visit. • Most groups are closed, Facebook especially.
  • 11. Introducing an independent strategist Emirati Social Media (National Females) • Public profiles are few and far between. • However, their usage of WhatsApp and Kik is massive – almost to the point where it has replaced phone conversation because it allows to them to chat anytime and anywhere with whomever they like. • Conversations are not saved. • They love to share fashion, funny jokes, photos of places they visited, Poetry, Islamic prayers and Hadeeths. • They also use Twitter but not as much (similar to male usage).
  • 12. Introducing an independent strategist Emirati Social Media • In summary, there is no real public social media for Emiratis as compared to other communities. • Some seem to open accounts just for the status of having an account. • A very closed knit virtual community where it is very difficult to know who is who because of the false information that is used during registration. • The commercial application of social media seems to be more for females than it is for males (i.e. fashion). • Guys do not take social media seriously, i.e. it is just a fun activity and has not replaced anything in the real world (i.e. human f2f interaction as with other communities). • For females, it seems to have opened more “practical” doors since they are relatively less mobile than their male counterparts and use it as a form of continuous communication with their friends and family.
  • 13. Ammar & Associates Company Introduction And Offered Services THANK YOU