Space Tourism Presentation Brackley Seniors


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Presentation on space tourism made to Brackley Senior Club.

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Space Tourism Presentation Brackley Seniors

  1. 1. Space…the final frontier…… ..for tourists
  2. 2. Space travel – a quick history
  3. 3. 1986 2004 1961 1957 1981 1969 2001
  4. 4. Why go to space? The view Zero gravity The experience
  5. 9. I don’t know what you could say about a day in which you have seen sixteen beautiful sunsets Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit. From 150 miles up all the problems of the world look small From space you can’t see any borders
  6. 10. Space travel <ul><li>In 45 years only 400 people have been into space </li></ul><ul><li>In 45 years aviation has grown to a $1 trillion per year business & at any time there are 1 million people flying in commercial aircraft </li></ul><ul><li>Why the difference? </li></ul>
  7. 11. Space – the myths It is a long way away It is expensive to get to To fly in space you have to be a “superhero”
  8. 12. Space myths- it is a long way away It is 100 miles from anywhere You can be there in 8 minutes
  9. 13. Space myths- expense It is expensive because: It was developed along military lines as a “battle ground” of the Cold War The technology is not commercial – it is bespoke and thrown away after each use Government space agencies, particular NASA, are self serving bureacracies which have a vested interest in spending more tax money and convincing everyone that space is “hard to do”
  10. 14. Space myths- you have to be a super hero to fly in space The “astronaut myth” - astronauts are not super human Passengers don’t have to be pilots! You don’t have to be super-fit Max g-load is 3.5g but could be lower with different vehicles After 8 minutes you are in zero-g
  11. 15. John Glenn 1 st American in orbit – 1962 Flew on Space Shuttle – 1998 - aged 77
  12. 16. Denis Tito 1 st space tourist Flew on Soyuz & ISS – 2001 – aged 60
  13. 17. Space – the myths refuted It is a long way away IT IS ONLY A HUNDRED MILES FROM ANYWHERE It is expensive to get to IT IS EXPENSIVE WHEN IT IS DONE BY GOVERNMENTS To fly in space you have to be a “superhero” ORDINARY PEOPLE CAN GO AS PASSENGERS
  14. 18. Who wants to go? Market research shows a large proportion of the population want to go Why? Growth in “experience” travel People have seen much of the world – now want experiences NB 40 years ago going abroad was unusual (except military) 20 years ago going long haul was unusual
  15. 19. The development of space tourism Stage 1 – space related tourism Stage 2 – sub-orbital Stage 3 – orbital Stage 4 – beyond orbit Here now Within 3 to 5 years Here now – mass market 15 years 25 to 50 years
  16. 20. Space related tourism Zero g flights Flights to the edge of space in Mig 25 Space training
  17. 21. Zero Gravity experience flight
  18. 23. Mig-25 flight; 80,000 feet, 1,560 mph
  19. 25. Sub-orbital space flight Flight into space – above 62 miles high Five minutes of zero gravity Great view Coming to an airport near you soon!
  20. 26. SpaceShipOne – first private space flight 21 st June 2004 Winner of the X-Prize SpaceShipTwo to be flying within 3 years with passengers – funded by Richard Branson
  21. 27. Space hotels All the facilities of cruise ships with zero-g and the view! Go & stay 2 weeks in orbit
  22. 29. Space tourism Is possible for ordinary people Has a market – people want to go Will be a major industry of the 21 st century Is nearer than you think! Thank you for listening!