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On August 11, 2014, at 2 p.m. EDT, GuideStar held our third ever Impact Call. Loosely based on the quarterly earnings calls held by publicly owned companies, the Impact Call is open to everyone and …

On August 11, 2014, at 2 p.m. EDT, GuideStar held our third ever Impact Call. Loosely based on the quarterly earnings calls held by publicly owned companies, the Impact Call is open to everyone and gives people an opportunity to learn about GuideStar's results in a more timely, interactive, inclusive, and comprehensive manner.

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  • Lindsay intro – context setting, housekeeping, ask for feedback

    Without further ado, I’m happy to introduce Jacob Harold, GuideStar’s president and CEO, who will detail GuideStar’s shifting vision and strategy, and highlight its 2013 operational and programmatic outcomes
  • Keep focus on long-term view – GS 2020
    Slide 8 may be tweaked
  • Add slide after this – basic principles of plan
    Gather info from multiple sources
    Common profile, dominant in sector
  • Add slide after this – basic principles of plan
    Gather info from multiple sources
    Common profile, dominant in sector
  • Jacob will tweak – example – anecdote of job training program
  • We have 14 APIs total=6 subscription APIs, 6 free Sandbox APIs, 2 free QuickStart APIs. Sandbox APIs=you can try a subscription API out for free (*free demo versions draw from old data). QuickStart APIs=current data allowing up to 250 hits per month. Next up: making APIs able to be purchased in e-commerce.
  • Email to board – need comments beforehand
    This strategic plan was made in partnership with field
    Feedback for mechanism
    Proactively seek constant feedback
  • We’ve chosen not to include the organizational dashboard in the Impact call anymore as the metrics it contains are directed at internal stakeholders (Board, Leadership Team).  Instead we are showing the Evaluation dashboard, which contains metrics directed at external stakeholders or other interested parties.  The evaluation dashboard aims to measure how GuideStar is influencing the sector as well as how we are progressing towards the goals set forth in the strategic plan.

    NPOs Sharing Data with 3rd Party Portals – This is the number of NPOs regularly sharing any data with 3rd party portals and will be determined by a stakeholder survey.  We have not yet administered the survey and therefore data is unavailable.  This will be measured on an annual basis.
    Exchange Participants are measured on a monthly basis

    Talking point about #3: We are only counting updates to GX forms that have a Gold, Silver, or Bronze level.  And the update ratio itself only counts Gold, Silver, and Bronze levels. The number of updates is in that current month, not cumulative and if an organization publishes their form 5x/month, is currently counted as a single “update.”

  • These are metrics from the strategic plan (page 7) that we have committed to grow.  Some of these things weren’t tracked on a regular basis in the past, making growth comparisons difficult and, in some cases, not possible.  All of these metrics are measured on a monthly basis.

    For the above Reach metrics, here is an explanation of why the numbers went down for Q2:
    Unique users – this is cyclical in that we always have higher numbers just after the holiday season and it starts to tail off as we approach the end of Q1 and continues through Q2.
    # New Registered Users – same as unique users
    Number of API hits – Near the end of Q1, one of our old API clients had a software programming error that resulted in an increase of nearly 1.5 million hits.  This issue was fixed in Q2, resulting in their usage level dropping back to normal.  This skewed the Q1 numbers higher.
  • Closing thought


  • 1. Impact Call GuideStar Second Quarter 2014 Results Reporting Live Tweeting: #GSImpactCall
  • 2. A few notes about Impact Calls More than 650 participants Robust conversation on GuideStar Blog: http://npo.gs/icye2013 GuideStar’s impact page: http://npo.gs/impactpage Submit feedback here: http://npo.gs/guidestar2020 Next Impact Call: Monday, November 10, 2 pm ET http://npo.gs/impactcall4
  • 3. AGENDA GuideStar’s work • GuideStar 2020 strategic plan • Review of quarterly operational and programmatic results Jacob Harold President & CEO GuideStar’s finances • Review of quarterly financial results • Lessons learned James Lum CFO Question & answer session Audience questions #GSImpactCall
  • 4. Please suggest questions throughout the conversation We’ll answer as many as we can. #GSImpactCall
  • 5. Q2 2014 GuideStar 2020 Programmatic results Financial results #GSImpactCall
  • 6. #GSImpactCall
  • 7. #GSImpactCall
  • 8. …innovation …collection …distribution Data…
  • 12. #GSImpactCall GuideStar 2020: Programmatic Data Tools Programmatic Data Organization Data Quantitative Data Platinum Silver Qualitative Data Gold Bronze
  • 13. http://npo.gs/6apis GuideStar 2020: APIs # of fields description GuideStar Charity Check API 70 The only pre-grant due-diligence tool that is 100% compliant with IRS GuideStar Exchange API 51 Nonprofit-supplied data GuideStar Search API 14 Our most common sets of data (Free QuickStart Search API also available) GuideStar Advanced Search API 40 Narrow in on a specific set of organizations GuideStar Detail API 44 Combines nonprofit-supplied data with other sources (Free QuickStart Detail API also available) Simplify API 26 Nonprofit-supplied data tailored for grant management systems and grantseekers
  • 14. Your feedback matters http://npo.gs/guidestar2020 GuideStar 2020 #GSImpactCall
  • 15. Q2 2014 GuideStar 2020 Programmatic results Financial results #GSImpactCall
  • 16. Select “Engagement” Metrics: 1. Number of NPOs regularly sharing any data with any third party portal. Measured annually via a stakeholder survey. 2. ‘In progress’ represents organizations that have provided data via the GuideStar Exchange but not enough to reach the Bronze, Silver, or Gold level. 3. Any time a NPO re-publishes (or publishes for the first time) their GuideStar Exchange form. ENGAGEMENT HISTORIC HISTORIC CURRENT GROWTH GROWTH Description Q2 2013A Q1 2014A Q2 2014A QoQ YoY NPOs Sharing Data with Third Party Portals1 Total GuideStar Exchange Participants 63,168 96,363 100,148 3.9% 58.5% Gold 1,032 2,857 3,759 31.6% 264.2% Silver 6,565 22,959 22,407 -2.4% 241.3% Bronze 374 12,018 12,601 4.9% 3269.3% In Progress2 55,197 58,529 61,381 4.9% 11.2% Profile Update Ratio3 NA 17.1% 19.7% 15.0% NA
  • 17. 1. ‘Unique users’ refers to the ‘new users’ definition from Google Analytics, which is “the number of first- time users during the selected date range" REACH HISTORIC HISTORIC CURRENT GROWTH GROWTH Description Q2 2013A Q1 2014A Q2 2014A QoQ YoY GuideStar Data Partners NA NA 116 NA NA Unique Users1 1,632,068 1,788,466 1,725,971 -3.5% 5.8% # New Registered Users 43,960 51,323 48,133 -6.2% 9.5% Pieces of Data NA NA 2,449,225,999 NA NA Number of API Hits 5,256,901 10,879,302 8,982,442 -17.4% 70.9% Select “Reach” Metrics:
  • 18. Q2 2014 GuideStar 2020 Programmatic results Financial results #GSImpactCall
  • 19. Disclaimers • Numbers are preliminary and unaudited • Safe Harbor disclosure: Historical results are not necessarily indicative of future results. All forward looking statements contain known and unknown risks that may result in future results that are materially different from historical results. 20#GSImpactCall
  • 20. Q2 2014 Top-Line Performance 21 $2,648k $2,439k $2,814k $2,766k $2,200k $2,300k $2,400k $2,500k $2,600k $2,700k $2,800k $2,900k Revenue Expenses 2013 2014 total unrestricted revenue and total expenses
  • 21. Q2 Bottom-Line Performance $273k $209k $381k $48k $0k $50k $100k $150k $200k $250k $300k $350k $400k $450k Cash Flow GAAP Oper Income 2013 2014
  • 22. Financing Update • Last 12 months of Packard PRI • 2 years of interest only • Frees up $450k per year • Considering releveraging • First Transformational Capital expected Q4 23
  • 23. Full Year Outlook Revenue • Product sales weak in 2nd Half seasonally • Organic revenue growth opportunities – Sales audit, e-commerce, redesigned Membership • Grants – first Transformational Capital in Q4 Expenses • Run-rates leveling off • Discrete investments in G/L replacement, disaster recovery, 20th anniversary, and rebranding • Year-over-year comparisons will narrow when we compare on like basis, accounting for staff investments Cash Flow and Operating Income • Expected to be negative, reflecting investment mindset
  • 24. Discussion #GSImpactCall
  • 25. Additional Information Next Impact Call: November 10, 2 pm ET: http://npo.gs/impactcall4 Our impact: GuideStar’s impact page: http://npo.gs/impactpage February 24 and May 12 Impact Calls: Q&A and archive: http://npo.gs/webinararchivesgs Please give us your feedback: GuideStar Blog: http://npo.gs/guidestar2020