GuideStar Webinar (10/25/12) – Finding Funding with Foundation Center


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Presenters: George Ford, Product Manager, Foundation Center; Leeanne G-Bowley, Manager of National Training, Foundation Center; Diana Hand, Senior Marketing Manager, GuideStar USA (moderator)

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GuideStar Webinar (10/25/12) – Finding Funding with Foundation Center

  1. 1. Finding Funding with Foundation Center November 6, 2012
  2. 2. Speakers• George Ford, Product Manager, Foundation Center• Leanne G-Bowley, Manager of National Training, Foundation Center• Diana Hand, Sr. Marketing Manager, GuideStar (Moderator)
  3. 3. What is the GuideStar Exchange?• Comprehensive database of nonprofit information• Designed to connect nonprofits with current and potential supporters – Millions of people come to GuideStar to learn more about nonprofits each year• Allows nonprofits to share a wealth of up-to-date information with grantmakers and potential donors#foundationgrants
  4. 4. GuideStar Exchange Membership• Exchange members are nonprofits that have updated their nonprofit reports to the fullest—sharing: • Program information, annual reports, and audited financials with GuideStar’s vast audience of potential supporters• In exchange for the information they provide, Exchange Members receive • The GuideStar Seal on their report page • Ability to post the GuideStar Seal on your website • Up-to-date information automatically distributed to partner network • Access to new fundraising tools#foundationgrants
  5. 5. Why Is the GuideStar Exchange Important? • Analyzed by foundations, some of whom require an updated GuideStar Exchange form • Powers donor advised funds and online donation services • Share your GuideStar Exchange profile in • Grant applications • Fundraising messages • Email updates to current and potential supporters • Collateral materials#foundationgrants
  6. 6. Seal-Holder Benefits• Add the GuideStar Exchange Seal to your Web site and print materials• Use our promotional tool kit, which includes a sample press release, e-mail, and social media posts• Share an embeddable toolbar with your supporters that will allow them to donate $0.01 to you every time they do a search online• Get a special 20% discount on online development training• Have first access to registration for GuideStar Webinars
  7. 7. Seal-Holder Benefits with Foundation Center• NEW! Save 20% on Grantseeker Training with the Foundation Center’s in-person classes• NEW! Save 10% on Foundation Directory Online, the leading online database for grants research#foundationgrants
  8. 8. Get Started!
  9. 9. Using the Foundation Center’s Foundation Directory Online
  10. 10. Who We AreThe Foundation Center Mission: To strengthen the social sector by advancing knowledge about philanthropy in the U.S. and around the world. The leading source of information about philanthropy worldwide, established 1956. Locations in New York, Atlanta, Cleveland, San Francisco, Washington, DC, plus over 450 Cooperating Collections #foundationgrants
  11. 11. What We’ll CoverFoundation Directory Online Professional • Over 108,000 U.S. grantmakers – private, corporate, and community foundations; corporate giving programs; public charities • Over 3 million grants back to 2003 • Company and 990 databases • Power Search – nine databases in one • Interactive maps & charts • Most thorough, accurate, up-to-date foundation information available #foundationgrants
  12. 12. What We’ll CoverLooking for a match • Who funds in my area of interest? • Who funds in my geographic region? • Who will provide the type of support I need? • Has the grantmaker funded organizations like mine?Using search tools • MyFDO – Saving searches • Grant maps and charts #foundationgrants
  13. 13. Grantseeker Training with the Foundation Center
  14. 14. Why train with us?The Foundation Center was established in 1956 and we are the leading source of information on philanthropy world wide. Because of our reputation in the field, we’re able to attract the best instructors, deliver better networking opportunities, and provide our attendees with valuable knowledge that increases their chance of securing funding.We offer classes throughout the country in a variety of topics— focusing on institutional fundraising. #foundationgrants
  15. 15. Multi-Day TrainingsProposal Writer’s Bootcamp • Day One: Proposal Writing Seminar • Day Two: Proposal Budgeting Workshop • Day Three: Cultivating Grantmaker RelationshipsFoundation Funding Research • This one-and-a-half-day course gives you the tools to focus on and effectively evaluate funding sources by leveraging our leading grantseeking tool, Foundation Directory Online Professional. #foundationgrants
  16. 16. What We OfferClassroom Training Foundation Fundraising • Proposal Writing Seminar • Outcome Thinking and • Cultivating Grantmaker Management Relationships • Foundation • Proposal Budgeting Fundraising: An Workshop Introductory Class • After the Grant
  17. 17. What We OfferClassroom Training Diversify Your Funding Career Development • Developing a • Starting A Career in Fundraising Plan Nonprofit Fundraising • Securing Corporate Partnerships #foundationgrants
  18. 18. Online Training and WebinarsSelf Directed E-Learning • Proposal Writing: The Comprehensive Course • Grantseeking for Individuals • Grantseeking for Nonprofit OrganizationsWebinars • Building Your Nonprofit’s Sustainability: A Series of Three Webinars #foundationgrants
  19. 19. The World of Grantmakers Who Supports Nonprofits?
  20. 20. The World of GrantmakersInstitutional Grantmakers• Private Foundations• Direct Corporate Giving Programs• Grantmaking Public Charities #foundationgrants
  21. 21. The World of GrantmakersWhat Is a Private Foundation?• Nongovernmental, nonprofit organization• Has its own funds or endowment• Managed by its own trustees or directors• Established to aid educational, social, religious, scientific, or other charitable activities through the making of grants #foundationgrants
  22. 22. The World of GrantmakersTypes of Private Foundations• Independent• Company-sponsored• Operating~ 5% payout requirement~ Must disclose total giving and grants through Form 990-PF #foundationgrants
  23. 23. The World of GrantmakersOther Types of Grantmakers• Direct Corporate Giving Programs – Research through sponsoring companies• Grantmaking Public Charities – Disclose activities through Form 990 – Includes: • Community foundations • Population or issue-oriented funds • Company-sponsored #foundationgrants
  24. 24. Q&A For More Information Foundation Directory Online: Contact: gef@foundationcenter.orgTraining at the Foundation Contact:
  25. 25. Connect with GuideStar Twitter: @GuideStarUSA Facebook: Google + : +GuideStar Instagram: guidestarusa Pinterest: YouTube: