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GuideStar Webinar (04/03/13) - Taming Your Communications Calendar Six Months at a Time
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GuideStar Webinar (04/03/13) - Taming Your Communications Calendar Six Months at a Time


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  • 1. Taming YourCommunications Calendar Six Months at a Time #TamingComms @kivilm @guidestarusa
  • 2. SpeakersKivi Leroux Miller, PresidentNonprofit Marketing Guide.comLindsay J.K. Nichols,Communications Director,GuideStar USA, Inc. (moderator) #TamingComms, @GuideStarUSA, @kivilm
  • 3. Get the shorter“My Communications Plan at a Glance” Handout
  • 4. Nonprofits Have Always Had Many Buckets to Fill with Content Flickr: Tracy Hunter
  • 5. were the good old“print” days (circa 1995).
  • 6. came website updatesand email newsletters.
  • 7. now there’s social media and mobile.You have so many ways to deliver yourmessage, your head’s about to explode.
  • 8. You Have Waaaay to Much to Do Flickr: sashaW
  • 9. And Never Enough Time to Do It! Flickr: laffy4k
  • 10. Think Like the Media Mogul You Are is a publisherand broadcaster, andtherefore a media mogul.Your nonprofit included.
  • 11. Here’s how to get a grip.
  • 12. Impose Some Limits
  • 13. How Many Slots in Six Months?Monthly E-Newsletter with Three Articles:6 editions x 3 articles per edition = 18 SlotsWeekly One-Off Email Alerts:26 weeks x 1 topic = 26 slotsFacebook Updates1 per day x 5 days week x 26 weeks = 130 slots 18 + 26 + 130 = 174 Slots to Fill
  • 14. First, YouMap Original Contentinto 1/3 of Your Slots
  • 15. Next, You Repurpose that Original Contentinto another 1/3 of Your Slots
  • 16. Then You Merge What Comes Up intothe Remaining 1/3
  • 17. Create – and Live By – These Three Documents 1. Big Picture Communications Timeline 2. Core Topics List 3. Editorial Calendar
  • 18. 1.The Big PictureCommunicationsTimeline
  • 19. Big Picture Communications Timeline Core Topics Annual Evergreen: Color: Perennial:Topics CoreStoryArcsMain Callsto Action January February March April May June July August September October November DecemberEvents or Milestones Within Our ControlEvents or Milestones Out of Our Control
  • 20. What things happen every year?What’s the seasonal to-do list? MAP
  • 21. There’s Kitten Season . . . And When Congress is in Session . . .
  • 22. What events, programs, or servicesalso need to be mapped (these arelargely within your control)? MAP
  • 23. MAPWhat are your primary calls to action throughout the year?
  • 24. What story arcs can they participateMAP in with you? Are we there yet?
  • 25. Communications Arcs• Think Must-See TV, Except Now It’s Your Content!• Story Threads Over Weeks or Months• Think Beginning, Middle, End
  • 26. Today Filing Deadline (Feb)Primary Election (May) DNC Convention in CLT (early Sept) The Story of a Political Change Election Day (Nov)
  • 27. The Story of Stopping Something Bad
  • 28. The Story of Getting Ready for the Future
  • 29. 2.Core Topics List
  • 30. Adding in Content on Core Topics• Evergreens stay fresh from season to season. Much of basic website content will be evergreen content.• Perennials come back year after year, but do require regular maintenance especially when they are growing and in bloom. Much of your newsletter and blog content will be perennials.• Annual color is short lived, but full of that extra oomph! Much of what you do in social media will be annual color.
  • 31. Core Topic Evergreen Perennial Annual Color
  • 32. Core Topics List for Tabby Cat Rescuers Core Topic Evergreen Perennial Annual ColorWhere to adopt a tabby Directory - only updated as Share Facebook updates needed from our key adoption partnersHow to help tabbies Top Ten Ways to Help Regular features in Stories about star newsletter and blog volunteers, etc.What tabbies are Weekly newsletter feature Featuring individualavailable for adoption tabbies on Facebook andright now TwitterThe history of tabbies Single web page – update Trivia questions on tabby only as new research history becomes available
  • 33. Now What Do I Dowith All of ThisInformation?
  • 34. 3.Editorial Calendar
  • 35. Several Ways to Organize Calendar• By Channel• By Audience• By Program• By Format (e.g. Standing Heads) Flickr: ifindkarma
  • 36. Got Spreadsheet Brain?
  • 37. Got Spreadsheet Brain?
  • 38. Got Calendar Brain?
  • 39. What does your editorial calendar look like now?
  • 40. Pick a Realistic Time Frame• Quarterly• Monthly• Weekly Flickr: tanakawho
  • 41. How far out do you plan?
  • 42. Don’t Fill It All the Way Up!Start with 33% original content,33% repurposed, andmerge in other 33% later.
  • 43. That’s What YouCan Plan.Then the WorldComes Along.Make Room.
  • 44. Make little bets; be fine with failure. MERGE
  • 45. social media conversationkeep other content fresh. MERGE
  • 46. Always make room for serendipity. Be open to surprises.
  • 47. MERGE Prepare to newsjack.
  • 48. howyou’ll respondto a crisis.MERGE
  • 49. Deal with other people’sMERGE high priorities.
  • 50. Where You Actually Decide: The Editorial Meeting• Daily, Weekly, or Every Other Week• Program, Communications, and Fundraising Staff• Nimble Decisionmaking and Prioritizing on the Fly
  • 51. Any Sticky Situations?
  • 52. Kivi Leroux
  • 53. Connect with GuideStarFacebook: @GuideStarUSATumblr: http://guidestarusa.tumblr.comGoogle + Blog: #TamingComms
  • 54. QUESTIONS?