GuideStar Webinar (02/23/12) - Focusing on Impact and Encouraging Transparency: GuideStar's New Nonprofit Report Pages


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GuideStar webinar on 02/23/12.

Presenters: Bernard Palin, Product Manager, Marketing; Suzanne Coffman, Editorial Director; José Fernández, Director, GuideStar Exchange; Erinn Andrews, Director of Data, Research, and Partner Relationships, GuideStar

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GuideStar Webinar (02/23/12) - Focusing on Impact and Encouraging Transparency: GuideStar's New Nonprofit Report Pages

  1. 1. Focusing on Impact and Encouraging Transparency: GuideStars New Nonprofit Report Pages February 23, 2012#quickview
  2. 2. Your GuideStar Speakers Bernard Palin, Suzanne Coffman, Product Manager Editorial Director José Fernández, Erinn Andrews, Director, GuideStar Director of Data, Exchange; Research, and Partner Relationships#quickview
  3. 3. Agenda1. Introduction2. Overview of Money For Good I & II3. Money For Good II Findings4. Market Test Findings & Conclusions5. New Nonprofit Report Pages6. Legitimacy, Financials and 990s7. GuideStar Exchange8. Charting Impact9. Expert and Individual Nonprofit Reviews10. Questions & Comments #quickview
  4. 4. Money For Good#quickview
  5. 5. Money For Good I: Goal – to seek the ‘voice of the customer’ behindcharitable giving; understand the demand for charitable gifts andidentify how we can meet their needsWhat we learned…Most donors say they care, but few actually research.85% state performance is “very important”, but only 35% do any researchFor the 35% that do research, it is often to validate their gift, not to choose between nonprofits.63% - To determine whether they would make a gift to the organization24% - To help decide how much to give12% - To help choose between multiple orgsThere is a huge gap between those that say they care, and those who are trying to find the bestnonprofit.What we concluded… 9 out of 10 donors say that nonprofit performance is important But only 3 out of 100 research to find the “most effective” nonprofit #quickview
  6. 6. Purpose of Money for Good II: Build upon initial MFGI findings, furtherour understanding of charitable giving, and look at ways we couldinfluence giving behaviors Goal: Dive deeper and determine what can get individual donors, advisors, and foundation grantmakers to drive more dollars to high-performing nonprofits (HPNP’s)Execution Plan – Five Phases: 1. Existing Research Over 25 Studies 2. Qualitative Research 7 focus groups, n=67 3. Quantitative Research 5,075 Indiv. Donors, HH in>50k | 875 advisors to donors 725 foundation grantmakers 4. Market Testing 6 tests with 4 partners 5. Dissemination Articles, interviews, webinars #quickview
  7. 7. What we learned from MFG II: Individual donors rarely research,whereas advisors & foundations research almost every grant andorganization ACTION RESEARCH COMPARE Self described as Researched to Went to any source of doing ‘research’ compare nonprofits information before before donating donating Individual 69% 33% 6% Donors Advisors 97% 80% 27% Foundations 98% 89% 38%Note: Individual donor behavior varies significantly based on (1)their familiarity with thenonprofit, (2)what sector the nonprofit is in, and (3)the type of donor #quickview
  8. 8. More findings: Despite different motivations and research behaviors, each group wants similar information on nonprofits Individual Donors Advisors Foundations 0% 25% 50% 75% 100% 0% 25% 50% 75% 100% 0% 25% 50% 75% 100% Expected Impact 90% Financials 74% Financials 80% Orgs Past 73% Performance Effectiveness 71% Effectiveness 68% Financials 71% Legal status and Basic org info 71% 64% Cause 70% legitimacy (mission, leaders) Legal status and Basic org info Cause 66% 62% 69% legitimacy (mission, leaders) Legal status and 67% Basic org info legitimacy 65% Cause 49% (mission, leaders) Info on Program 32% Funders Reviews or Reviews or 35% 42% Endorsements Endorsements Info to compare orgs 30% Info to compare Endorsements orInfo to compare orgs 34% 41% 29% orgs opinions #quickview
  9. 9. Money For Good Market Testing#quickview
  10. 10. Old Report Page #quickview
  11. 11. MFG II Market Test: Goal – To test MFG findings in live environmentsfor additional insight into ‘donation behavior’ and the ‘propensity todonate’ GuideStar tested four treatments of the report page, utilizing a five question pop-up survey to measure the ‘propensity to donate’ and a website optimizer tool to track engagementThese four treatments consisted of: A control in the original GuideStar layout (d) An abbreviated detailed view in which additional info is available, but not all was shown (b) A more comprehensive detailed view in which all info about the nonprofit is shown (a) A ‘charity facts’ style view, which contains a detailed graphical summary (c) #quickview
  12. 12. What We Learned: Users prefer a comprehensive detailed view inwhich all information is shown – treatment (a)  Treatment (a) is most likely to indicate the level of performance of the nonprofit, which is a key indicator for driving the shift of money to the highest nonprofits – a key objective of GuideStar  When asked if the treatment viewed helped them determine the performance of the nonprofit, Donors and Advisors answered ‘Yes’ most for (a) while Foundation said ‘Yes’ for (c) then (d)  Looking at engagement (triggers when visitor click on any link on the page), treatment (a) generate the most activity from visitors to the report pages, followed by (c).Recommendation:  GuideStar public report pages should feature a derivation of treatment (a) going forwardNote: Test resulted in 3,689 survey responses from the various segments #quickview
  13. 13. Final Conclusion: Donors, advisors, and foundations are mostinterested in information on financials, legitimacy, & effectiveness data –in a comprehensive detailed format Lead to More 1. Better information, focused on impact The Right Giving to High- 2. In a format that provides enough detail Actions Performing 3. Available through appropriate channels Nonprofits +  More awareness of current solutions The Right 4. Focused on key causes  More research on 5. And target audiences causes and charities Focus  More demand for + information, creating a positive cycle  Changed giving The Right 6. Adapting constantly, by being Agile behaviors Process #quickview 13
  14. 14. New Nonprofit Report Pages#quickview
  15. 15. New Nonprofit Report Page: Provides users what they want, howthey want it, with the types of information they desire most Types of Information Information Now Available Individual Donors Want Most on the Public Report Page 0% 25% 50% 75% 100% − Form 990’s Financials 74% − Annual Revenue & Expenses − IRS Registration Status (Revoked, FTF, No Legal status and legitimacy 71% longer in BMF) − OFAC Watch List Effectiveness 71% − GuideStar Seal for Transparency − TakeAction Expert Review Data on Impact Cause 66% − Impact Statement Basic info on org 65% − Mission (e.g., mission, leadership) − Program Descriptions Endorsements or opinions 35% − Physical Address/Contact Info − GreatNonprofit User ReviewsInfo that enables comparisons between orgs 34% − Leadership, etc. #quickview
  16. 16. Features a comprehensive detailed format, updated user interface,graphical elements, and improved scalability – enabling betterdecision making and advanced transparency Where we were… Where we are now… #quickview 16
  17. 17. Legitimacy, Financials, and 990s#quickview
  18. 18. Legitimacy#quickview
  19. 19. Legitimacy#quickview
  20. 20. Legitimacy Help > Nonprofits Not on BMF Reinstated orgs: • Upload new letter of determination via the GuideStar Exchange • E-mail to let us know#quickview
  21. 21. GuideStar Exchange member FinancialsNot a GuideStar Exchange member #quickview
  22. 22. Forms 990#quickview
  23. 23. GuideStar Exchange#quickview
  24. 24. What is the GuideStar Exchange?• Comprehensive database of nonprofit information• Designed to connect nonprofits with current and potential supporters – Millions of people come to GuideStar to learn more about nonprofits each year• Allows nonprofits to share a wealth of up-to-date information with grantmakers and potential donors #quickview
  25. 25. GuideStar Exchange Membership• Exchange members are nonprofits that have updated their nonprofit reports to the fullest— sharing: • Program information, annual reports, and audited financials with GuideStar’s vast audience of potential supporters• In exchange for the information they provide, Exchange Members receive • The GuideStar Seal on their report page • Ability to post the GuideStar Seal on your website • Up-to-date information automatically distributed to partner network • Access to new fundraising tools #quickview
  26. 26. Claim Your GuideStar Exchange Form
  27. 27. Charting Impact#quickview
  28. 28. 1. What is your organization aiming to accomplish? 2. What are your strategies for making this happen? 3. What are your organization’s capabilities for doing this? 4. How will your organization know if you are making progress? 5. What have and haven’t you accomplished so far? A framework for advancing strategic thinking. A standardized method for sharing concise information with key stakeholders and the public.#chartingimpact #quickview
  29. 29. Nearly 200 nonprofit and foundation leaders have helped to develop, test, and refine Charting Impact since 2009.#chartingimpact #quickview
  30. 30. #quickview
  31. 31. Reviewing Your Completed Report CEO Review Board Chair Review Stakeholder Review#chartingimpact #quickview
  32. 32. Expert and Individual Nonprofit Reviews #quickview
  33. 33. Nonprofit Reviews at GuideStar• Reviews give an important different perspective about a nonprofit• Nonprofit reviews are becoming increasingly important to donors• Donors especially want to learn about a nonprofit’s impact and effectiveness—reviews can help with that• Integrating with GreatNonprofits, acquiring Philanthropedia #quickview
  34. 34. Expert Reviews• What are expert reviews? Expert reviews are assessments about nonprofits made by sector experts and/or third party research groups that focus on the proven impact an organization is having.• Which organizations generate expert reviews? #quickview
  35. 35. Expert Reviews: What is Philanthropedia? Philanthropedia developed a unique crowd- sourcing methodology where hundreds of independent experts (funders, nonprofit leaders, researchers, etc.) are asked to recommend and assess high impact nonprofits in their sector. More information about the methodology can be found at nk. Number of causes researched: 27 Number of nonprofits reviewed: 1,397 Number of reviews collected: 9,528 Number of experts participating: 2,199 Number of top nonprofits: 404 #quickview
  36. 36. Individual Reviews: What are individual reviews? Individual reviews are Yelp-like reviews written by individuals in the community: volunteers, beneficiaries, board members, donors, etc. What is GreatNonprofits? GreatNonprofits collects individual reviews and provides a 1-5 star rating for each Number of nonprofits reviewed: 11,904 organization. Number of reviews collected: 96,526 #quickview
  37. 37. Expert and Individual Reviews• Benefits to nonprofits – Promotes transparency and confidence – Helps individuals make donation decisions• How to leverage reviews – Share the recognition with your stakeholders via press releases, marketing materials, social media campaigns, annual reports, board presentations, and giving campaigns #quickview
  38. 38. Expert and Individual Reviews• How to get involved – Expert Reviews: • Participate in Philanthropedia research: contact Jasmine Marrow to be invited to future research. • If you’re an international nonprofit, request to be assessed by GiveWell: • Start documenting your own impact through Charting Impact. – Individual Reviews: • Contact your stakeholders and encourage them to write a review—after receiving benefits from your organization, after fundraising events, after volunteer experiences, etc. #quickview
  39. 39. QUESTIONS?#quickview
  40. 40. Join the Conversation•• Twitter: @GuideStarUSA; @Philanthropedia #guidestarexchange• Google +: +GuideStar•• GX Connects:• Contact – Bernard Palin – Suzanne Coffman – Jose Fernandez – Erinn Andrews #quickview
  41. 41. THANK YOU!#quickview