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Guide by Cell San Jose April 19 Guide by Cell San Jose April 19 Presentation Transcript

  • What can you do with Mobile Technology?
    Guide by Cell Inc.
    Dave Asheim, President
    April 2011
  • What is our experience?
    Largest provider of mobile services to cultural community in the world
    Sponsor of largest mobile study in the world with AAM (March, 2010)
    Recent partnerships with
    American Association of Museums
    American Public Gardens Association
    National Recreation and Parks Association
    2010 – American Library and Association of Zoos & Aquarium
    Thousands of mobile accounts
    Millions of interactions (calls, texts, mobile hits)
    Six years visiting thousands of museums
    20 + mobile conferences/luncheons a year
  • What are your goals?
    Great visitor experience
    Attract repeat visitors
    Make money/raise money
  • Where does mobile fit in with these goals?
  • First: What is “mobile”?
    Is it computing?
    …….or communicating?
    Mobile Computingcame first
    • A large 10 pound “portable” computer– no web
    • And finally a laptop connected to the web
  • What is “mobile”?
    Next came communicating
    And our definition of mobile changed………
    • A BlackBerry that could send e-mails only (no calling)
    • Then phones – (no web, no email)
    • And finally, in 2007, the iPhone combined the two
  • How mobile is your audience?
    We don’t leave home without it
    Socially accepted, if not expected
    Cost is not an issue
    More powerful every day
    We take it for granted
    For Smartphone owners, it’s a web connected computer
  • Mobile trends
    Cell phone use
    • 85% of Americans & 96% of 18-29 year-olds don’t leave home without their phone
    • American teens send an average of 3,000 monthly texts, and cite texting as the #1 reason to buy a phone
    • Texting by adults has increased to 72%
    • In 2011, Smartphone ownership is expected to exceed 50% of the total U.S. mobile market
  • Five museum mobile trends
    Museums plan to use more mobile
    Shift from downloads to mobile web
    Texting growing rapidly
    Social media growing
    Internal resistance to mobile decreasing
  • Every visitor carries this powerful mobile computer with themHow might they use it at your venue?
    Gather info
    Have fun
    Spend (and save) money
  • 1. Gather info
  • 1. Gather info
    Central Park Celebrity Audio Tour
  • 1. Gather info
    Audio Tour: The Florida Aquarium
  • Try it!Central Park:Call (646) 862-0997Press1 #Florida Aquarium:Call (813) 217-8489Press10 #
  • 1. Gather info through texting
  • Try it!TextDEMO BB to 56512!
  • 1. Gather info through asking questions
  • Try it!Text DEMO ASK to56512, Then type any question.
  • 1. Gather info via mobile web or app
  • Try it!Text DEMO ART to56512To access art museum mobile web
  • 1. Gather info – access using QR Code
  • 2. Have Fun
  • 2. Have fun and learn at same time
  • Try it!Abe LincolnText DEMO ABE to 56512Garden Text DEMO FUN to 56512
  • 2. Have fun
  • 2. Have fun
  • Watch the Lego DemoText DEMOAR to 56512
  • 2. Have fun
  • 2. Have fun
    Ghosts of a Chance and Pheon, two alternate reality games at Smithsonian American Art Museum
  • Read about “Ghost of a Chance”Text DEMO Ghost to 56512
  • 3. Share the experience
  • Age Gap is Narrowing
  • 3. Share the experience
  • 4. Spend Money
  • 4. Spend money
  • 4. Spend money
  • Try it!Text DEMO FIELD to56512Watch Auburn Video
  • 4. Spend money
  • 4. Spend money
  • Try it!TextDEMO ZOO to56512
  • How monitor activity – instant results
    User activity report
  • How monitor activity
    Activity report
  • How monitor activity
    Call in location report
  • What is coming?
    Google tours – on a mobile device like iPad
  • Near term
    Augmented reality
    Phones replacing credit cards
    More QR
    More GPS
    Social media used more for search
    Voice commands
    More movement-controlled interactivity (XBOX Kinect)
    Continuing trends: faster, cheaper, different devices, SIM-card memory slot implant for humans
  • But wait – you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.
    MIT and other lab work
  • How to get started?
    …take the first step!
  • In summary
    A phone is a computer, an internet device and a phone – we’ll connect to the cloud
    There are 20 different things your visitors can do with their mobile phone during their visit
    Pick one or two and experiment
    Very low cost, nothing to install and instant statistics available
    Your visitors are using their phone during their visit – don’t be left out of their conversations!
  • For follow-up questions
    Dave Asheim
    (415) 615-0150
    Follow Guide by Cell on -