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Give presentation january_2011_jvdk


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. The World of Mobile Giving
  • 2. About Give by Cell
    • Give by Cell is the largest provider of mobile giving under the Mobile Giving Foundation
    • 3. It is a division of Guide by Cell Inc.
    • 4. Largest provider of mobile solutions to cultural organizations around the world
    • 5. Provide: text message, smart phone, and audio marketing solutions
  • 3 mobile ways to donate on a phone
    1. Mobile Giving - $5 and $10 charged to phone bill
    2. Text to pledge –a text message followed up by a call
    3. Follow a link to a web page and complete credit card info.
  • 6. General Statistics
    • 2.0%-30% participation.
    • 7. Most appealing to 18-35 year olds
    • 8. Live events are the most successful
    • 9. Especially when hosted by a celebrity
  • Why Consider Text Donations?
    Reach a completely new donor base
    Raise $
    Connect via mobile in the future
  • 10. How Does Mobile Giving Compare?
    Will not likely replace traditional form of giving
    As with online donations, It will only be a matter of time until mobile giving will be widely used and trusted
    Environmentally friendly
  • 11. How Text Donation Works
    Step 1:
    Design a marketing campaign encouraging the donor to text your keyword to a short code.
  • 12. How Text Donation Works
    Step 2:
    Donor texts the keyword to the short code. 
  • 13. How Text Donation Works
    Step 3:
    Your donor receives a text asking
    them to confirm their donation.
  • 14. How Text Donation Works
    Step 4:
    Donor texts back 'YES'. 
  • 15. How Text Donation Works
    Step 5:
    Donor receives a text thanking them for their donation.
  • 16. How Text Donation Works
    Step 6:
    The $5 or $10 pledge is added to donor's phone bill.
  • 17. Money Flow
    Step 1:
    Donor pays cell phone bill.
    Step 2:
    Mobile carriers remit 100% of donation to the Mobile Giving Foundation.
    Step 3:
    The Mobile Giving Foundation remits 100% to you.
  • 18. Donation Amounts
    $5 or $10
    Donor may pledge about $30 a month
    Each keyword is linked to either a $5 or a $10 amount
    Larger donation amounts -- $25 – piloting now
  • 19. Getting Started
    • Give by Cell agreement
    • 20. Mobile Giving Foundation set of documents
    • 21. Choose keyword(s) and $ campaign amount
    • 22. Takes about 2 to 4 weeks to get approved
  • Reporting
    Donor information collected
    • Cell number
    • 23. Time and date of the donation
    • 24. Carrier used
    • 25. Content of the text messages
    You will have 24/7 access to a reporting site
    You do not receive donor name or address unless you ask for it
  • 26.
  • 27.
  • 28. Email Collection
  • 29. Secondary Keywords
    Use secondary keywords to track multiple divisions, campaigns, individuals, etc.
    BGC NJ
    BGC CA
    BGC NY
    UCSF James
    UCSF Sarah
    UCSF Mr. Jones
    GIVE Water
    GIVE Food
    GIVE Shelter
  • 30. Case Studies
    826 National raised $3,250 in a week
    Cooperative for Education -- mentioned on the “Stuff you Should Know” podcast- they raised $8,000 in 3 weeks.
    Muscular Dystrophy Association raised $60,000 in two days, $10 donations.
    Lehigh University and Lafayette College Held a fundraising competition and raised around $4,000 for each school during one football game. Both used email and name/alumni year collection.
  • 31. Marketing is everything!
    Mobile Giving works…
    ….but only if you get the
    word out.
  • 32. The most successful campaigns are…
  • How to Market Mobile Giving?
    • Live events
    • 35. Social networking sites
    • 36. Website
    • 37. Newsletters
    • 38. In reception areas
    • 39. On business cards or programs
    • 40. On radio, television or podcast
  • 41. Sample Speech for a live event
    [Introduce yourself, share information about your organization, emphasize the good work you do and try find that emotional connection or simulate a sense of urgency with your audience]
    Thank you all for listening! Now before I go, I’d like to show you an exciting way you can help our organization. It’s a well known fact that about 85% of Americans own at least one cell phone, and I’m sure the majority of you have yours within arms reach right now. I'd like you all to get out your cell phones and switch them...ON. That's right, turn them on, hold them up and show them to me! Ready? Now, text <Keyword> to <Shortcode>. …
  • 42. Give Donors a Tangible Reminder
  • 43. Red Sox FoundationWebsite Example
  • 44. Alvin Ailey American Dance TheatreSocial Media (Facebook)
  • 45. Auburn University
  • 46. Pathways to Housing
  • 47. Metropolitan Ministries
  • 48.
  • 49. DesertAids Project
  • 50. MASBIA Vehicle Wrap
  • 51. Saving Promise
    St John Fisher College
  • 52. Field Museum in Chicago
  • 53. Think Outside the Box!
  • 54. How Much Does it Cost?
    Introductory Package- 6 Month Trial
    $79/month and $0.48/donation
    Standard Package
    $159/mo  and $0.46/donation - 2 keywords
    Premium Package
    $229/month and $0.44/donation – 4 keywords included
    $500 in set up fees to Mobile Giving Foundation
  • 55. Text2Pledge
    • Donors can pledge any amount without the $5 or $10 limit
    • 56. Our system captures donor’s pledge and phone number
    • 57. Either your staff or our GivingCallCenter operators can contact donors to process all pledge transactions
    • 58. Give by Cell provides in-depth reporting statistics to track all pledges
  • Pledge2Screen
    • Visualize donors’ pledges real-time
    • 59. Everyone can track how close you are to reaching your fundraising goal
    • 60. Once donors have sent a text, their name will appear next to their pledge
  • Pledge2Screen Interface
  • 61. Integrate with other Mobile Services
    • Audio
    • 62. Text messaging
    • 63. Smartphone applications and mobile websites
  • Integrate with other Mobile Services
    • Integrate Mobile Giving within an audio tour
    • 64. Collect and share feedback
    • 65. Create a “campaign hotline”
    • 66. Request other types of donations
  • Audio Example
    Kids in Crisis
  • 67. Integrate with other Mobile Services
    Text Messaging
    • Send out campaign updates and alerts
    • 68. Create an ongoing dialog with your audience and potential
    • Integrate Mobile Giving in a text message game
    • 69. Integrate with Smartphone apps or mobile web
    • 70. Get your audience in “Mobile Mode” before asking for text
  • 71. Integrate with other Mobile Services
  • 72. Integrate with other Mobile Services
    MOBI (Mobile Web)
    • Create a web site that fits to a Mobile Screen
    • 73. Share information, images, audio and video
    • 74. Unlike an app, it works on every Smartphone
    • 75. Share links using text messages or QR codes.
  • Integrate with other Mobile Services
  • 76. Contact Information
    Dave Asheim, President
    (415) 297-6677