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Ppt articale 03

  1. 1. Blogging SEO SEM Twitter / FacebookThe study compared blogging frequency The more content you create, the more The businesses’ social media reach had aagainst traffic & leads. The results showed traffic and leads your business will see. strong correlation with traffic and leads.staggering correlations.
  2. 2. 22OUR VALUE PROPOSITIONOur client based in India & US that look to us to provide innovative strategies and solutions. IDEA SOLUTION INNOVATION Continued Idea Generation Shaping Ideas Innovation in for Marketing Blogging into feasible SEO SEM Twitter / Facebook Customer your Brand The study compared blogging frequency against traffic & leads. The results showed staggering correlations. solutions The more content you create, the more traffic and leads your business will see. The businesses’ social media reach had a strong correlation with traffic and leads. Interaction Management
  3. 3. START YOUR OWN BUSINESS WITHOUT TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE• If you want to become a business owner, without technical knowledge or capital but you need to be brave ready to take risks and move towards limits. For starting a business, you need to be knowledgeable about many aspects of business and having different skills, or research need to be done to find and hire the people who have the skills you lack.• Post an ad for job vacancy: Here you can start your own business by starting language class or tutoring business. By giving ads you can offer job for tutors. Then pickup a tutor and make a proposal with them and submit towards bank to get a business loan for starting business. Hence it will be signature loan so that can establish and keep a good credit rating to make such things possible.
  4. 4. • Invite business owners: For this business you are the forum owner, so that can ask to receive letters, by their “letters/emails” for approval or recommendation.• Creating a site: High class sites called acution sites which may be visited by rich people. With this site you can charge for brokerage costs, and commission paid were the items sold in the sites.• Creating domain names: create domain names with almost value for the person or company with this you can create short domain and premium domains names and sell them.• Creating specific business group: you can create a group, like agriculture business owners. So that you can send a weekly message and getting comments and staying in touch with business partners. With this later you can found business opportunity based on expressed needs of the group and their
  5. 5. • preferences that you have learned directly from them, and they will appreciate availability of really needed products and services.• Another one is you can start your online store and sell video tutorial and without any technical knowledge.
  6. 6. • About Us:-• E-Branding India Technologies is the group company headed by Mr.Prakash Bhosale (e-Marketing Consultant) involved in providing Marketing & Management Consultancy & services to small & medium companies start -up companies, entrepreneurs.• Our Team:-• We are team of marketing Consultants, commercial designers, web technologist, engineers, software developers, Brand consultants, Advocates, Charted Accountants spread across Mumbai, Pune, Thane, USA & we provide consulting services online across India & world.• Qualification & Experience of Team Members: - Average experience of each team member is more than 9 years in respective field ,With qualifications like MBA,MCA,BCA,B.Tech,LLB,CA,Qualified Google Adwords Professionals by Google Inc, Commercial Artist from JJ School of Art.
  7. 7. • Services we offer:-• Consulting: - We help you to select, start, manage & develop your business. We listen your concept / idea about your dreamed business & help you to develop, plan, execute the things so you can see your dream of entrepreneurship in reality. Services includes e-marketing , e-branding ,e-advertising , sales & general management consultancy , sales policy, designing marketing strategy, business consultancy services, Brand/company registration for Indian as well as NRI & Foreign nationals , research & Business feasibility report preparation , agents / dealership /franchise development , lead generation for product/services. Suggestion of new business Ideas based on your budget, your interest, opportunity, suitable to your area etc.
  8. 8. • Online Marketing: - We help you to grow your business online. SEO(Search Engine Optimization),SMO(Social Media Optimization) SMO/PPC (Pay per click -Search Engine Marketing ),Video marketing ,Digital Media buying & Planning, Online PR/reputation management ,Viral Marketing ,Online Market Research, Web Banner advertising, Email Mass/bulk Marketing, Content/copy Writing, Prospective Customer Generation Marketing(CPL-cost per lead ),Database Sourcing Consultancy , online marketing Outsourcing to India.• Creative & visualization; - We help you to visualize your business/brand in your customers mind. Right from business name suggestion, your visiting card to TV commercial ad Web & logo Designing, E-Mailers, Corporate Presentation, PPT Presentation, Corporate & Ad Films, Product Demos,3d walkthrough /Animation,.
  9. 9. Corporate stationary designing, Packaging Designing, Broachers & leaflets, Flash Presentation, Creative services Outsourcing for US,UK & Oversees client , Mobile apps interface Designing& many more whichever is required for business communication• Technology: - We help you to leverage & develop technology to run & develop your business. Software Development & IT Support, PHP, HTML,.Net, JAVA, Ajax Development ,Mass emailing software ,E-CRM, Online Business Process Software ,E-commerce Solutions/Portals, Hosting & C-panel Setup, Flash & Animation Integration, CMS Setup, Blog Setup & Updates, Domain Name Registration & Hosting, Updating Existing Websites, Custom Web Development, Web & software development outsourcing ,Mobile Application Development, I phone Apps, Android Apps, I pad Apps, software development outsourcing to India.
  10. 10. • Thanks & Regards Prakash Bhosale E-Marketing & Business Consultant E-Branding India Technologies• About Me:- After completion of MBA in marketing & Finance started career as professor of marketing for few months and moved to Mumbai passion to do something in online marketing & educational entrepreneurship. First started working with leading B2B portal and helped hundreds of SME’s to rake their website on Google with 1000’s of keywords, after that kept working with few other web portals and with Google ad words for three years but ambition of starting on own could not allowed me to keep working with Google as well, finally after leaving Google, e- Branding India Technologies has took birth in 2009. Apart from leading e-Branding India,
  11. 11. I also work as project & PhD guide for MBA students ofIGNOU, Mumbai, Pune, UK, US etc Universities with team ofprofessors & writers. I am also a Certified Google Ad wordsProfessional by Google Inc.I live & my office is in Mumbai city of Republic of India. I alsovisit Pune 2 times a month. I can meet clients at my officefor e-marketing, SEO, SEM, SMO & business consultancyfrom Monday to Friday form Mon to Fri (10 am to 7 pm). Allmeetings will prior to appointment only. For US & UK clients& students and clients I am available on Skype ( ID-ebrandingindia)
  12. 12. • Contact Us at• Phone: - 08097027355, 09224335234, 022- 64468587, 09222086563• Email: - info@ebrandingindia.com, ebrandingindia@gmail.com• Gtalk :- ebrandingindia@gmail.com• Skype: - ebrandingINDIA• Office hours- 10 A.M to 7 P.M MON to FRI• http://ebrandingindia.blogspot.in/2013/01/consultancy.html www.ebrandingindia.com/consultancy• http://guide2entrepreneurs.blogspot.in/• http://in.linkedin.com/pub/prakash-bhosale/7/754/a9a
  13. 13. • Suggested Business of this month Start own business with investment of Rs.3.5 Lacks. One can make monthly profit of Rs.35000 and above. Any technical knowledge not required. We provide complete basic training & guidance.• For more information visit• www.tshirtprintingmachine.in
  14. 14. THANK YOU… Prakash Bhosale +91 9222086563 Quality Satisfaction Join UsIt is a long established fact that a reader will It is a long established fact that a reader will It is a long established fact that a reader willbe distracted by the readable content of a be distracted by the readable content of a be distracted by the readable content of apage when looking at its layout. page when looking at its layout. page when looking at its layout.