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  • 1. 12 Ways to Guarantee Success in 2012
  • 2. 1. Put God FirstSeek Him, ReadHisWord, Pray, Serve, Give, Listen toGod’s Whispers…
  • 3. 2. Make Family a Top Priority Thisshould be a “No Brainer”; unfortunately, it’s often neglected. Involve your family, make time for your family, have a family night…Be the Family! Gather together and set individual and family goals for 2012.
  • 4. 3. Set SMART GoalsSpecific, Measurab le, Attainable, Rele vant, and Time- Based
  • 5. 4. SimplifyStop makingthings so difficult;do what’sright, and dowhat’s necessary.
  • 6. 5. Don’t Talk About It… Be About It. If you say that you’re going to do something, do it!
  • 7. 6. Get Accountability  Share your goals, visions, and desires with someone and ask them to hold you accountable. Don’t just ask them for accountability; let them truly hold you
  • 8. 7. AssessmentRe-evaluate and assess the status of the various aspects of your life. Evaluate monthly and make necessary adjustments at least quarterly.
  • 9. 8. Try Something New Get out of your comfort zone and try something, do something, and fail at something. Life is change, and failure is inevitable.
  • 10. 9. Just Say NoNot only should you say “No” to drugs, but there are also plenty of things that you have said “Yes” to in the past that you need to say “No” to in the future.
  • 11. 10. Dream BIG. Think BIGGER. My blog and overall life tagline is “dream BIG. think BIGGER.” Thinking is the next step after dreaming and is the action of making your dreams reality.
  • 12. 11. No Excuses“NoExcuses!” wasmy motto for 2011;maybe you shouldmake it yours for2012.
  • 13. 12. Help Others Win Ifyou want to guarantee a successful 2012, it should be a year that’s not focused on self but rather focused on others. If you help others win, it’s a win-win situation. Ask yourself this question: What am I doing to help