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Become a talent plus person - lesson 1
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Become a talent plus person - lesson 1


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  • 1. Become a Talent-Plus Person
    Lesson One – Talent is Never Enough
  • 2. 1, Everyone has talent. All of us have something that we can do well.
    2. Develop the talent you have, not the one you want. Focus on building your strengths.
    3. Make choices that add value to talent. Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is not a thing to be waited for . It is a thing to be achieved.
  • 3. 13 Key Choices that can maximize any person’s talent:
    Belief lifts your talent.
    Passion energizes your talent.
    Initiative activates your talent
    Focus directs your talent.
    Preparation positions your talent.
  • 4. 13 Key Choices that can maximize any person’s talent:
    6. Practice sharpens your talent.
    7. Perseverance sustains your talent.
    8. Courage tests your talent.
    9. Teachability expands your talent.
    10. Character protects your talent.
  • 5. 13 Key Choices that can maximize any person’s talent:
    11. Relationships influence your talent.
    12. Responsibility strengthens your talent.
    13. Teamwork multiplies your talent.
  • 6. If you make these choices, you can become a talent-plus person . A talent-plus person can become an outstanding leader
  • 7. Belief Lifts Your Talent
  • 8. When people figure out their strengths , what often hinders them is not the lack of talent but a lack of belief in themselves. When people believe in themselves , they unleash power in themselves that almost immediately takes them to a higher level .
  • 9. You need to…
    Believe in your potential
    To reach your potential , you must first believe in your potential and determine to love way beyond average.
    2. Believe in yourself
    Sooner or later , the man who wins is the man who thinks he can.
  • 10. You need to…
    3. Believe in your mission.
    Belief in your mission will
  • Understanding the three principles is crucial to becoming a talent-plus person:
    Belief determines expectations.
    A belief is more than an idea that a person possesses . It is an idea that possesses a person.
    2. Expectations determine actions.
    More than anything else , your expectations will determine whether or not you take bold action to reach your dreams
  • 13. Understanding the three principles is crucial to becoming a talent-plus person:
    3. Actions determine results.
    Many people simply hope for good results in life. Hope is not a strategy. Good results come from good actions.
    Remember : If you want good results, you need to perform good actions. If you want to perform good actions, you must have positive expectations. To have positive expectations, you must first believe.
  • 14. Discussion
    Do you truly believe in your talents? What is one way you can more effectively use your talents to accomplish your God-given mission?
  • 15. Biblical Case Study : Paul ( Philippians 4:4-13)
    Paul challenged the Philippian believers to rejoice because of their relationship with Jesus Christ.
    Paul could challenge the believers to put their beliefs into actions .
    Paul demonstrated belief, expectations and results.
  • 16. Passion Energizes your talent
  • 17. What makes people take risks , go the extra mile and do whatever it takes to achieve their goals? It isn’t talent. It’s passion.
    Passion is like burning fire within us.
    A passionate person never lacks energy.
    Passionate people refuse to quit.
  • 18. What passion can do for you…
    Passion is the first step to achievement.
    Passion increases your determination.
    Passion produces energy.
    Passion is the foundation for excellence.
    Passion is the key for success.
    Passion inspires others.
  • 19. What is your passion in life?
    What do you laugh about?
    What do you cry about?
    What do you dream about?
  • 20. Fire up your passion by:
    Prioritize your life according to your passion.
    Pursue your passion with everything you possess.
    Protect your passion.
  • 21. 2 Keys to protect your passion
    Avoid negative people who throw cold water on the fire of your passion. Don’t listen to them when they make statements like these:
    • That is not practical
    • 22. We tried that once and it failed.
    • 23. We have never done that before.
    • 24. That idea will not work here
  • 2 Keys to protect your passion
    • It will never work.
    • 25. Who will do the extra work?
    • 26. Who do you think you are?
    2. Spend time with people who encourage your dreams and ignite your passion.
  • 27. Biblical Case Study : John the Baptist ( Luke 3:2-22)
    The best word to describe John the Baptist just might be “passion”
  • 28. What gave John his passion?
    He spent time alone with God.
    He was consumed with his mission in life.
    He possessed a radical desire to make a difference.
    He was dissatisfied with anything but results.