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Super Detective (Murder at the Coffee Shop)

Super Detective (Murder at the Coffee Shop)



Harold, the dumbest detective ever is hired to capture an obvious criminal

Harold, the dumbest detective ever is hired to capture an obvious criminal



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    Super Detective (Murder at the Coffee Shop) Super Detective (Murder at the Coffee Shop) Presentation Transcript

    • One night, an extremely FAT man named Bill Was working late at his coffee shop. A customer walked in wearing a brown trench Coat. The customer slit Bill’s throat and Quickly ran off will a box of a dozen Jelly donuts…..
    • 3:30 DAY- 1 Witness- “James Thorne” “ Hot Dog Stand around the corner from the crime seen”
    • Where were you the Night Bill was killed?
    • I was selling hot dogs at the base ball Game.
    • You… You sick fucking Fiend!
    • I knew it was you…
    • What?
    • At that game! You put relish on my damn hot dog!
    • Oh… Sorry
    • Hate fucking relish…
    • Where you planning On asking any more questions?
    • Did you know this guy?
    • What guy now?
    • Da dead sonfa bitch.
    • Not personally, saw him around
    • That it?
    • I think I sold him a hotdog once..
    • Probably killed him with that fucking hotdog..
    • What?
    • I think I’m done here, thanks for your time…
    • Sure thing detective.
    • Please, that’s super detective sir.
    • 12:15- Day 2 Crime Scene “ With detective Simon”
    • I think maybe, he was hit with a blunt object.
    • Harold, We already know how he was killed
    • Fucking suicide..
    • Harold, He was cut.
    • Damn scissors..
    • We need to find more evidence..
    • It was fucking hot dog man wasn’t it?
    • No, I don’t think so..
    • I’ma go get a fucking hotdog.
    • Just can’t figure it out..
    • 3:30- Day 2 “ Hot Dog Stand” “ James Thorne”
    • Figure out the crime yet?
    • Extra mustard please..
    • Okay, so… did you figure anything out yet?
    • Don’t put any fucking relish on it..
    • I wont, hows the crime going?
    • Do you sell chips?
    • OH, I almost forgot to tell you! I saw a man in a brown trench coat.
    • He drove to an old warehouse in a white van.. It looked suspicious.
    • We’ll check it out immediately, but first make my damn hotdog.
    • 7:30- Day 2 “ Outside the old warehouse” “ With Detective Simon”
    • Think he’s in there?
    • Yeah..
    • Whats that? Theres a man in there!
    • Holy shit! He’s wearing a brown trench coat!
    • Damn bitch doesn’t change his clothes..
    • Hey you in there!!!!!!!
    • What?
    • Knew it was you! You thought you could get away with murder and blame the hotdog man!
    • What?
    • And stealing those fucking jelly donuts was just a distraction to keep me guessing!
    • Harold, I don’t think…
    • That’s exactly it! I didn’t think there was a good enough detective! Damn!
    • The man was sentenced to life In prison for murder. Also a 5$ fee for stolen property The donuts CASE SOLVED!
    • There you have it, no Criminal slips by my ass Without a fight! I’ma go get a fucking hotdog
    • THE END