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Published in Education , Technology
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  • 1. in the Classroom Presented by: Dr. Julia VanderMolen [email_address] Davenport University
  • 2.
    • Skype is a software application that allows users to make telephone calls over the Internet. Calls to other users of the service, and in some countries to free-of-charge numbers are free, while calls to other landlines and mobile phones can be made for a fee (about 2 cents a minute). Additional features include instant messaging, file transfer and video conferencing.
  • 3. Getting Skype
    • Skype is a free download (Windows or Mac) @ http://www.skype.com/
    • Most newer computers will have a built in Microphone and speakers and camera
    • You may choose to connect an external mic or a web camera
  • 4. Why use Skype?
    • Imagine the possibilities. No really, IMAGINE the possibilities!
    • Globalize your classroom.
    • Expand your teaching repertoire.
    • Enhance student learning.
    • And of course, students love it!
  • 5. Mini Tutorial Skype for Teachers in 3 Minutes from TeacherTube
  • 6. Tips for Privacy
    • Allow calls only from people on your contact list
    • Allow chats only from people on my contact list
    • Receive calls to your online number only from people on my contact list
    Click on the Globe to view Chatdanger.com
  • 7. Skype Uses
    • Video Calls
    • Conference Calls
    • Instant Messaging
    • File Transfer
    • The Skype help page is very HELPFUL!
  • 8. Ways to use Skype in the Classroom
    • Connecting with an expert
    • Connecting with another teacher or classroom
    • Connecting with a student who can’t be in class
    • Connecting with parents
    • Connecting with authors of favorite books
    • Video conferencing for meetings
  • 9. Sample Lesson Plan-Elementary
    • Cultural Awareness Lesson
    • Let’s Meet the Author http://skypeanauthor.wetpaint.com/
    • Want more ideas http://elementarytechteachers.ning.com/group/skype
  • 10. Sample Lesson Plan-Secondary
    • History Exploration
    • Math Exploration’
    • Be a Rock Star
    • Career Exploration
  • 11. Sample Lesson Plan-Higher Ed
    • Office Hours
    • Group Work
    • File Sharing
  • 12. Connect with other Classrooms
    • http://theedublogger.edublogs.org/want-to-connect-with-other-classrooms/
    • http://nebraskaeducatorsnetwork.ning.com
  • 13. Helpful Tips for Using Skype in the Classroom
    • Seek assistance. (Instructional Technology Services or another tech savvy teacher)
    • Conduct a “test run” if possible.
    • Be flexible.
    • Try it again.
    • Practice using the technology for personal use.
  • 14. Voice Over Technology
    • Explored
    • Skype (free!) www.skype.com
    • Face to Face Meeting Software http://www.facetofacemeeting.com/
  • 15. Voice Over Technology
    • Other Resources
    • See Me, Hear Me: Skype in the Classroom School Library Journal article http://www.schoollibraryjournal.com/article/CA6515247.html
    • Using Skype in the Classroom Cool Cat Teacher blog post http://coolcatteacher.blogspot.com/2006/10/using-skype-in-classroom-or-just.html
    • How to Set Up Skype and Use it in the Classroom Google Video http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7610864481757219171&hl=en
  • 16. Skype Extra
    • SkypeCap
    • Talk 'n' Write
    • CallGraph
  • 17. What Else is Out There?
    • Digsby
    • GoogleTalk
    • Meebo
    • Wimba Pronto*
  • 18. Meebo
  • 19. 30 Websites in 60 Minutes
    • Maryland Libraries Learning 2.0 (aka the 23 Things): http://marylandlibrarieslearning2.blogspot.com/
    • Go2Web2.0: http://www.go2web20.net/
  • 20. References
    • Katherine V. (Feb 24 2008). Skype sees surge in activity. Broadbandreport.com. Retrieved 24 Feb 2008 from http://www.broadbandreports.com/shownews/Skype-Sees-Surge-in-Activity-92125 .
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